Preparing for the Q4 Body for Life Challenge! Care to join the journey?!?!?

  • Roos - hang in there.  I know you have been trying to find the balance between "balls out iron moving" and recovery.  Santa 's almost here, so promise me you will take some time to let that shoulder heal before the next challenge.  Your numbers look great and are a testiment to your efforts and perseverance.

    As for the dreams, I found that amino acid supplements used to give me some pretty bizzare dreams...could be a relationship there as I am sure your system is in overdrive to repair  that new muscle mass you are putting on.

    ..and your gym, I wonder, what is an appropriately professional atmosphere where all patrons feel comfortable?  It's a gym not a library.  Do they tell Andy Roddick or Venus Williams to shush at Wimbledon?  

    Hot Darlin' - good luck with the final stretch.  Stay focused.  Looks like there are but a few of us Q4's dialing in during this hectic time of year.

    as for me, I survived schnapping in Chicago, but the only exercise I got was walking the Mag Mile carrying Lovey's bags and 23 oz bicep curls at the bar (lots of reps).  I am finishing up work for the year, so will be able to get back on track for the final week.

    Stay tuned for my 2011 pledge and maintenance program.

  • At least we're still hanging in there! I tried to make it through the last day of school before break, but came home with the flu. I slept all day and feel quite a bit better this morning. Not sure I'll get a workout in, but maybe I can get back on the nutrition wagon anyway. Hopefully one more day of taking it easy and I can get back to workouts tomorrow.

    I want to be close to goal by mid March so I really do need to get completely focused, especially where nutrition is concerned.

    Make it  a great weekend! Can't believe this challenge ends in a few days!

  • Frick, welcome back man! There will be about 10 days total downtime just chilling in the mountains before I even think about C3! I had FULL intentions of chartering my C3, just like this one, beginning January 2nd but I’m having second thoughts due to the attrition of our crew. I know drop offs happen but we had such an awesome motivational bunch that seem to have fizzled except for you few die hards that are hanging in there to the wonderful bitter end. I have to wonder if my BfL heavy approach may have led some off the path, leading to the high fall out rate. Regarding the dreams, I’ve had crazy dreams for years but some extra stress on the home front has been adding to the variety. C3 may just be the stress relief I need to make it through as it all sorts out over the next couple of months. Time will tell!

    1HDHawk, good luck with the creeping crud young lady! Don’t push it too hard on the return as that could make recovery take even longer.

    Happy Saturday Q4 crew! Really had nothing going on today other than hitting the gym so I decided to make it count! WARNING content below is totally NOT BfL compliant…again!

    I had already decided yesterday to hit another stair climbing marathon this AM & climbed / descended 30 total stories by climbing a floor, taking a lap of that floor, climbing again then when I hit the 6th floor (the top floor) lap it, descend to ground level & begin again. Pedometer & calculations regarding stair height matched almost perfectly so adding that in with my usual HIIT cardio dreadmill stompfests brought today’s cardio calorie total to 1071 at an average pace of 13.4 Calories per Minute.

    Now in between the gym dreadmill sessions I hit a full Nautilus core & UBWO circuit, then next a full dumbbell bicep, tricep & shoulder smoldering, then realizing I will miss Friday’s UBWO this coming week in transit I decided to pull Monday’s in on top of today’s & just kept on grinding, wash, rinse, repeat! The UBWO totaled 117,180 LBs albeit at a pitiful intensity pace since today was all about finding the hairy ragged edge once again utilizing slow, deliberate, full range of motion, max effort reps, ALL the way through.

    Climbed on the scale after all was said & done, didn’t believe my eyes…again! Stepped off, confirmed zero, tried again…357.8, 357.6!!! Tried it again after the shower, 357.8 so I’ll take the matching 2 out of 3!!! Now some of this extra loss this week comes from having donated a pint of blood Thursday, which is about a pound, & some of it is probably from backing down the UBWO weights because of the shoulder over the past couple of weeks so I haven’t been adding as much new muscle as usual but the rest of the credit I have to once again give whole heartedly to having recently regained my passion for life that had been lost these past many months & years!

    I’m now back up to 100% max pre shoulder blowout levels so the UBWO climb continues on Monday after tomorrow’s abuse of the entire lower body! My goal for 2010 overall was 50 LBs which I passed at 359 so we’ll just have to see what I can muster by this coming Thursday, as THAT will be my last official workout for the year since I’m heading off to the Great Smokey Mountains Friday morning & won’t return until the night of January 2nd. Planning on posting final weight & measures Thursday night so we shall see!

    Since I’m heading to the Smokey’s Friday I’m planning another attack on the stairwells prior to tomorrow’s lower body workout but there won’t be double LBWO action going on as the sticks will already be half toast from today but I still HAVE to work on my flatlander endurance LOL!

    Rock on crew! It’s ALL GOOD!!!

  • Roosed, don't for a minute think that your leadership had anything to do with people not checking in. I might have to come over there and kick your skinny butt if you do! People drop off, it's just the way it is. They may be back come Jan. 1 when the resolutions kick in.

    Your workouts put mine to shame. I can't believe you're still able to walk! Your trip sounds fantastic. I plan to spend the next few days finishing up Christmas stuff and getting all my workouts in. My day has consisted of lots of tv and moving from the couch to the bed. My stomach is still not being too cooperative, but the headache is gone at least. I feel like a bum.

    Frick, are you in for C2? Let us know for sure of the start up date so we can join in. I, for one, have to be much more dedicated the second time around.

    Let's do it!

  • Okay crew, the thread is out there!

    "Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?" is posted under Getting Started since I'll be out of pocket from Christmas Eve until January 3rd.

    Looking for some takers!!!

    Regarding today, I came back in this morning & since the workplace gym doesn’t open until Noon on Sundays, due to the weekly scrub down, I took to the stairwells & halls once again. Since I had a couple hours to kill I decided to just go ahead & work’em to death LOL! Wound up doubling yesterday’s climb-a-thon, climbing 30 stories & descending 30 stories for 60 total!

    Running the numbers, as you know I did, when combined with today’s shorter gym dreadmill stompfests the cardio ended up at 1069 calories @ 14.1 Calories per Minute on top of 77,280 LBs of LBWO, once the gym opened, at 1.27 Tons per Minute which was tough since the hips & thighs were pretty much already toast walking into the iron arena but hey! The work got done…again!

    Rock on pals! Santa is just DAYS away!!!

  • Hey Ya'll!  Remember me? I'm still alive and kickin here in snowy Utah!

    Roosed~Oh man, please don't blame yourself.  We all have to find our own will to eat right and exercise.  No one else can do it for us!  You are a fantastic leader with a charismatic personality and are a true inspiration to me!  I am way proud of how awesome you have done this cycle.

    1hdhawk and Frick~ Way to go guys!  You are also doing fantastic!

    I have been reading and following you guys all along thru email.  I kinda fell off the face of the planet the last few months due to several reasons.  4 kiddos under 7= catching every sickness bug out there, so we've had something for about the last 3 weeks.  But, things had been pretty intense for me the last year working on losing weight and I needed to take a break, physically and emotionally.  And I did.  And I'm ready to get going again.  I went thru a pretty big weight loss and plateaued for awhile.  

    Although I do want to lose more weight I want to change my mindset to be more focused on health and feeling great!  

    I'm in with you guys on the next cycle!  Here's to a great 2011!  

  • Utah, thanks for chiming in!  Keep at it and join us in 2011.  When life gives you lemons, squeeze them with some honey and tea and give your kids a nice toddy.

    Only days until Santa's here.   I think all of my temptations are behind me with just a few baked goodies from family and friends to lead me astray.  

    Roos, I am very proud of you for achieving your goal.  You lost the equvalent of 4 bowling balls this year.  That is freakin' awesome!  Looking forward to the continued saga of the amazing shrinking man next year...

    As I said before, I am at peace with my weight and feel I have accomplished my goal of being more healthy.  I could still probably stand to lose another 2%, if we're splitting hairs.  Also it would be interesting to see how my cholesteral levels have improved with the introduction of whole grain and green leafy veggies this year.  Anything under 144 would be a treat.  

    I am still working on my rules of engagement for maintaining in 2011.  Basically, my thoughts are around number of workouts, G.I./G.O. rules for eating, calorie targets for workout days (~2100) and non-workout days (~1700), controling my simplex carb intake and penalties for exceding weight limits (extra cardio).  I will post them in Roos' "Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along" forum.



  • Utah, good to hear from you and glad you've still been following along!

    I was able to keep food down today and get some things done. I'm really tired tonight, but feel like I'll be able to get a workout in tomorrow.

    I'm ready to get the holidays behind us and move on to the next challenge. This one was pretty much a bust so I need to get my head on straight for the next one!

    I'll only be able to do cardio (walking) for the first 2 weeks, but I can still keep nutrition tight and get the cardio in.

    Have a good night!


  • Q4 Crew, thanks for the support! I had some dark & crazy weeks this challenge but managed to keep grinding away. Actually the gym was one of the few things that kept me focussed and sane! Glad to hear so many of you are ready & willing to continue making this "For Life" in 2011!!! Let's make a plan & rock on!

    Personally, I’m in countdown mode already! By this time Friday I should be in the Great Smokey Mountains for a Holiday getaway & relaxathon! No work, no mind numbing corporate policy training, no cell phone, no computer, NOPE! Going to unplug from the world & recharge for over a week!

    I’m telling y’all…it’s going to be GOOD for the soul!

    Last night I tried to hit the sheets a little early and got 2 amazing hours sleep with an awesome dream and awoke at midnight feeling like I’d slept all night! Saw what time it was, enjoyed the contentment the dream had left behind for a bit then tried to head back to happy land but unfortunately spent the next 4 hours in and out of a usual night’s crappy sleep so by 3:57 when the alarm went off…it was business as usual…time to grind!

    Got around, grabbed my gear and hit the driveway at “0” Dark-Thirty, just like most days, and headed north. Got to the gym and cranked out 60,750 LBs in UBWO in between my 3 typical upper body day “short cardio” sets totaling 280 cardio calories @ 14.0 Calories per Minute toasted while climbing 125 vertical feet.

    The cardio pulse was unusually mellow today, maybe because of the beating I put everything through this weekend, ranging from a starting point of 52% up to a maximum of 89% so it was still acceptable…actually more where it should be LOL!

    Santa's laoding his sleigh folks! Let's all get ours as leaned out as possible before he slides his chubby butt down our chimneys!!!

  • Okay gang, it's offical!!! 300 cardio calories this morning wrapped around 67,500 LBs of UBWO for the last formal workout of this chalenge and this year! Down 25 LBs this challenge which is MUCH better than C1 so now I'm ready for 2011 and C3!!

    How'bout y'all?!?!?

  • Dave, way to go on C2! Have a great trip and relax some while you're gone. I didn't really lose any weight this challenge. I guess I made some progress as far as getting more consistent in working out again. I'll be ready to start the next one.

    I got 35 min. of cardio in this morning. Decided to walk outside since we're in for a storm. It was 27 degrees with no wind so warm enough to walk outside. The snow just started so we'll see where we end up. I think my son's flight should get here ok tonight. The heaviest snow is to come after midnight.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


  • Hey Everyone!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    I want to congratulate all of you on your journeys, and even if i was not of much help.

    Hope you all have a great year, and end next year lighter than this year :)

  • Hey guys - sorry to bump an old thread, but didn't really know where else to put this.

    Basically, some of you may remember me from the early days of this thread, but I kinda tailed off towards the end - my life just got into a routine, and though my participation here fell away, my diet and commitment to the challenge didn't. Made all the way to the (very nearly) end without cheating on the diet or missing a workout - only Christmas day, the last day, dropped off.

    I have to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with where I got to - like so many people, I saw the bodybuilder physiques of challenge winners, and didn't see the same thing when I looked in the mirror. THat said, it was far from all bad - I lost plenty of weight, gained a lot of muscle, and picked up a lot of good habits - and though I didn't have the six-pack I'd wanted at the start, I was a lot more lean and toned than I had been before.

    My plan was always to have a complete break over Christmas, which ended up being 2 weeks off between Christmas Eve and 4th Jan, when I went back to work. Then, I made a commitment to myself to get back to the gym, and sort out my eating habits again. THat said, I didn't set myself any firm goals - I wanted to relax a little bit, calm down, and enjoy life, but stay healthy and maintain. In  practice, this looked like good habits in the week, healthy eating, controlled diet, and basically two binge days at the weekend. I weighed myself the other day, and measured my waist - I'm down to a 30in waist (from 36), and I've lost about 30lbs since the start of this challenge - so I'm still very much on the rails.

    That said, I took a look in the mirror earlier this week, and I've realised that even despite the extra 'freebie' day, and the binge-Christmas, I'm still making progress from where I left off on Christmas eve. A good post-workout clench in front of the mirror even sees those abs peeking through on the stomach, and suddenly I feel like I've got something to aim at again.

    So my question to you guys is this - where now? I want to lose a little more fat, but don't have too much more to go. I know physically what I'm aiming for, but in terms of how to do it, I just have no idea. BFL got me this far, but now that I'm getting most of the way to where I want to be, should I be tweaking anything, first to burn a little bit more fat, but then to gain some real muscle mass? I've tweaked my weights regime a little - I'm now doing 6 reps of 10, going from an 8-9-10 on the BFL intensity scale, and I'm feeling like I'm getting a lot more out of my workouts since changing that. But what else should I be looking at doing?

    I'm debating going extra-low carb for the next 6 weeks to try to cut off those last few pounds of fat, and then try some kind of bulking cycle (though I have no idea what that really means???) So what do you guys suggest? Is it worth just doing BFL over? Or should I be tweaking anything for my personal goals?

  • Asaldo~Come over to our new thread!  A lot of the same Crew!  And Roosed!  Also, I went SUPER low carb for 4 weeks and lost 10 lbs.  I just followed the Paleo diet for 4 weeks as a cleanse, but I had super results.  I never intended it to be a long term thing and ready to start adding back in whole grains.  But my husband noticed a huge improvement in losing fat.

    GREAT job on all your progress!  That is amazing!

  • As Utah said, come join us at

    Sounds like you have done great.  I struggled with the next steps and the "For Life" aspect of BFL and can share my experience if you will allow.  I am on my 6th challenge now and have seen incremental improvements since my first couple.  One of my goals after losing the initial weight and building a little mass was to "get cut".  I focused more on the diet and maintained the workout intensity.  For C1, my carbs and protein intake were both targetted at over 200 grams per day.  For C2, I was able to keep carbs down under 120 /day.  That was the most dramatic challenge for me as I built 5 lbs of lean body mass and reduced body fat by 5%.  My last 3 challenges have been more or less of a maintenance as I try to find my rhythm, but it has put me back full circle to a strick carb intake of <140 and a reduction of simplex carbs of <15%.  This is working for me (see my next post on "kicking off 2011".  I am also targeting workouts of 5-6 per week instead of the 6 straight.  as I have said before, I am "at peace" with my results.  Hope this helps, I will look for you on the other post for your continuted challenge.

    BTW, stats for me went from 209 lbs to 185 lbs on friday with BFI down ffrom 29% to24%.