Preparing for the Q4 Body for Life Challenge! Care to join the journey?!?!?

  • Wow, you 2 are rocking this challenge! Congrats on all your hard work!

    I had a good day today. Got a LBWO in first thing this morning, prepped some food for the week, and stayed on plan. We had our last soccer game today. This week I'll celebrate my oldest and youngest children's birthdays. My oldest turns 26 tomorrow (daughter) and my youngest (son) turns 16 on Friday. You know we'll be at the DMV getting his license right after school on Friday! I can control the food during the celebrations by either cooking at home or making good choices if we go out. My biggest challenge this week is to get all my workouts in. I've missed one each week. I don't think the scale has moved more than a couple of pounds so far. Need to take measurements and be on 100%. Half a**ed isn't going to get me any results!

  • Hi Q4 BFLers!  I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in this forum.  I had a crazy busy week last week; I was out on a week long business trip.  With that, I did my weekly weigh in, and I was DOWN ANOTHER 5LBS!  That brings my total to -14 lbs after two weeks!  I had to get creative this week with the workouts, but I managed to stay on track with the program. 

    Thanks again to everyone for your support this week!

    I will check in more tomorrow.  Have a great Monday everyone!


  • Thanks for the post.

    Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.


  • I love the list idea!  I think I will have to do that as well...I just started week 3 and so far I have given into little temptations here and there.

  • Marcus~Wow, great job!  You are a motivation!

    I am still here, reading everyday.  My kiddos and DH have all been sick and that has derailed things a bit as I seem to go into survival mode at that point.  So, the first part of last week (like Monday to Thursday) I did everything 100%.  From then till Sunday....ehh... not so much.

    But, I am STILL HERE, and that is what I am proud about.  I am not happy with the shape my body is in now, I want to change and I am ready to do that.  

    I keep losing/gaining these 5 lbs the last few weeks.  I am ready to break thru this plateau.  

  • Start of week 3

    Training: haven't missed any of the workouts which is good.  I think I know which cardio machines work BETTER for me (so, I've learned something!).

    Nutrition:  This is where I need to do better.  Although I get a lot of my meals in and do pretty well in terms of portions and choices, it is the candy that knocks me down.  I finally got rid of the two bags of candy that were tempting me.  I need to hold off until the free day.  (I love jmsforlife's list idea!).

    Question for the group: I did pizza on Friday night and then did really well Saturday until the evening meal (which was intentional since Saturday was my Free Day).  Is it ok to treat it more like a free 24 hours and include that Friday meal if I hold back on the first 3 to 4 meals on Saturday?  Or is this just justification for cheating?!?

    Also, it's week 3 and I have YET to take measurements.  I know that I need to -- I just ALWAYS forget.  UGH. I am not going to get on the scale until the end.  I just want to focus on measurements and clothes fit for now.

    Speaking of clothes, my normal jeans were TIGHT on me yesterday.  Not sure if it was because they were just washed (perhaps with scalding hot water?!?) or if it's me....

    I am not giving up though!

  • Well I FINALLY got my LBWO done for today. I did it on my new (new to me) bowflex. I was worried that I would not get an effective workout but I think that I got a good workout today. There was some getting used to the machine going on but overall I think it was good. I will have to get a little creative sometimes but it is a good tradeoff for me being able to workout at home. I've always been a home workout-er. It just works better for me.

    UGH. My free day turned out to be a free-for-all yesterday. I am disappointed in myself for that but today is a new day! Technically i did nothing "wrong" because it was my designated free day but I know if I keep doing that I will shortchange myself on results. So I am taking a new approach to my free day next week. Normally I don't count calories during the week but I know I am generally coming in around 1200-1300 cals per day. So for the free day I am going to allow myself to eat around 2000-2200 max so I don't completely blow my deficit for the week. That ought to give me alot of room for some treats. I just need to count it so it doesn't get out of control. Anyways I have rambled long enough!

    Good evening all!

  • Way to drop the pounds Marcus! I have only lost around 2 lbs. in 2 weeks, BUT having done BFL in the past I know I don't lose pounds well on the program. As soon as I find my tape measure (which was in my hand Sat. morning....don't ask, old age or something) I'll do measurements. I did lose inches in the past so I know it works. I'm also going to have a week where I get all my workouts in and clean up the eating.

    I did great on nutrition today and stuck 100% to the plan even though I had the urge for a "reward" snack when I got home. I'm headed to the treadmill in a few to get my HIIT out of the way. I'm going to get some turkey burgers made tonight for lunches this week and I may make some protein bars and see how it goes. I found a recipe that's supposed to be great, we'll see.

    I'm so glad I found this group. You really get me motivated when I feel like throwing in the towel!

    Keep on keepin' on team!

  • @Tracy K - welcome to the group.  Let's hear about your successes and challenges, tips and trips!

    Glad to hear everyone is so focused this week!  I am impressed how we are using this as a confessional (don't judge me...) as well as a  support system.  I think that this program is becoming more of a lifestyle for me and your encouragement sure helps to keep me honest.  I cannot go more than a day without jonesing for a good workout.  I've only missed one day since we started - granted some are more casual than others.

    @JMS, as for the day off diet, I am still counting ALL of the calories.  I remove the guilt, but still want to track my aggregate intake vs output(garbage in, garbage out).  One day isn't as bad as one might think, because I still tend to eat a healthy breakfast and am really only breaking bad on two or three treats per week.

    Glad to hear that the bowflex (taking a bow-flogging?) is working out for you.  The lower body exercises are a little awkward, but surely it will help your secondary muscles to maintain balance.

    I planned to take my day off on Saturday to enjoy an annual Stone Crab weekend festival, but was unable to thoroughly enjoy it as much as I usually do, due to a change in venues.  It really sucked to think about a particular food, drizzled in butter, with a couple of cold beers, only to get cold crabs, no butter, and warm beer.  Probably for the better, as I only had two servings instead of my usual five!

    Oh, well, my deck is almost done, so I can't use that as an excuse to not exercise.  Going downstairs for a quick UBWO after tucking the kids in bed.

  • Wow gang! I need to make it in here daily!!! Had a crazy weekend and I’m WAY behind with y’all!

    CoCoa Guy, congrats on the first 5 LBs even if it wasn’t the best way to shed it! Glad you’re feeling better now!!!

    NuttyMe!!! Welcome to the fun! Q4 Crew, Nutty is a fellow BB.COM’er who lifts like a machine! Let’s give her a warm welcome so she’ll play along next challenge!!!

    1HDHawk, find that tape measure young lady! Unlike some of these folks, I’ve found WAY more motivation in the measures than I have in the scale!!! Congrats on the tight nutrition! That’s definitely my weakness in this journey! I’m really glad we’re helping you along the way but apparently we’ve still got a ways to go if you’ve still got that expression about the towel in your vocab LOL!

    Martuc, 14 LBs?!?!? That’s crazy man!!! Congrats on that creativity…it’s obviously working!

    TracyK, welcome to the party! Can’t wait to see how this journey works for ya!

    KellyW, watch those little temptations…they can turn into habits that’ll derail ya! See if you can identify what it is that trips you into giving in. Then you can beat it young lady!!! Congrats on the training success too!

    Utah, sorry to hear about the sickies but remember, this is “For Life” and that’s all part of it! Congrats on hanging in there with us! Let’s see how far we can take this thing!

    JMS, I’m glad you got the Bowflex! Home workouts are awesome! It’s always open & nobody takes your locker LOL!

    Frick, bummer on the crab fest but yep! You’re probably right…just as well LOL! Enjoy that deck man! You’ll have to have a BfL break in party grilling lean cuts while drinking LOTs of clean H2O!!!

    As for me, UBWO on Sunday yielded 96,800 LBs @ .97 tons / minute in the middle of 262 cardio calories on the dreadmill, climbing 188 ft @ an average ascension rate of 9.4 ft. min. Sunday I realized that my new routine is taking too long since had it been a work day I’d have been about 10 minutes late so I had to trim back out the extra core sets I’d added to keep the volume up. SO, this morning grinding out the revised LBWO still netted 94,380 LBs @ 1.21 tons / minute nestled in between my cardio bookends totaling 266 calories @ an average of 13.3 cal / min while climbing 200 vertical feet @ 10 ft / min average. I’m loving this new higher weight / lower rep routine! It’s just different enough to make my muscles happy about the change! Now I just hope that happy turns into results! Saturday night I kind derailed a bit myself. We had a crazy week and so I took the Mrs to our favorite Mexican place where they have awesome grilled fish dinners. The Mrs order strawberry MEGA-ritas then couldn’t / wouldn’t drink hers claiming it to be too strong. Well, I just couldn’t see $8 worth of strawberries going to waste…uhhhmm yeah that was it…so I would up finishing them both at a cost of prolly about a bazillion carbs so much of this week’s tonnage will go to offsetting that slide! But, as I keep saying, this is “For Life” and since life happens…let’s rock on pals!!!

  • Thanks Hawk!

    Roosed, I told you those bars were CRAZY good!!! Glad you are enjoying them.

    Marcus, another 5lbs is amazing!!! Way to plan ahead and stick to the plan!

    Utah, I sure hope everyone gets to feeling better soon; sickness can bring everything to a halt! Hang in there.

    Kelly, I think that is a good idea; just get rid of all the candy and then you want be tempted! I also am becoming a scale hater. I put back on 2 pounds, according to the scale, after free day!!!

    We took our progress picture though and you can see a MAJOR difference! Also our clothes fit WAY better…so I’m not going by that scale anymore : )

    Jmsforlife, way to go with the Bowflex workout! Being able to work out from home should really be a blessing for you!

    Keep working hard!!!


  • Jen and Rob...I finally had time to look at your progress pics today and may I say a big "WOW" to you both. I can't believe the change already. I'm excited to see where you land when the 12 weeks are over.

    I'm not seeing results like that which is probably due to too many nibbles here and there but I'm doing better this week.

    I got home after work and my DH said something that slightly "ticked" me off (not bad, just enough). I was headed to workout and it was perfect timing because I upped my weight on almost every exercise :). Must have been a little adrenaline pumping. Arms feel weak right now and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. In a good way of course.

    I may try to make those protein bars yet tonight. I made turkey burgers and salmon last night so didn't get them done. I'm set for meals for work this week.

    The BFL Challengers book came yesterday and I quickly glanced through it. I figure for a penny on Amazon it's worth looking over. Should give me some motivation!

    We've been ridiculously lucky (in the 70s) for several weeks with our weather. The big change rolled in today. 50 degrees, rainy, and over 50 mph wind gusts today. Brrrr.......Treadmill workouts until that improves.

    Hope you all had a kick butt kind of day!


  • Just checking in guys - some of you have done some incredible things!

    I've lost a few pounds, but still avoiding them scales and waiting for the big changes on the outside to become obvious- I see a little, and feel a little, but I just need to keep going.

    I'll check back tomorrow with more of an update, but just had to stop by and sa WOW!!!

  • I just had a great workout.  Glad to see you're all doing well.  I'm really enjoying the healthier food I started eating for the challenge.  In fact I was in a fast food place with someone at work today and didn't get anything.  Ate food I had in the truck and came home for a workout and a protein shake...

  • Hellooooo, where is everyone? Must have been a busy day. I was having a conversation in my head right before I left work as in "I should work out, don't really want to" and back and forth. I knew I needed to do my LBWO tonight instead of tomorrow. My son and I are going to see Willie Nelson tomorrow night(laugh if you want to). He's turning 16 Friday and actually wanted to go. It's just the 2 of us so that will be fun. I can get the 20 min. cardio in before or after work tomorrow, no problem. Well, I actually came home, changed and got it done. Woo hoo! I may actually get every workout in this week. I'm sure Friday will be my rest day since we're celebrating both my son and daughter's bdays.

    Still didn't get those protein bars made!