Starting Challenge September 13th - anyone else?

  • Hi Stacy and Jill -


    I, too, am a military wife and Mom.  Nice to meet others in similar situations.  I am 35 and have a 17 month old that I chase after.  I am almost as heavy now as I was when I gave birth :(  I lost most of the baby weight but then gained it back because we had moved shortly after having my daughter and I didn't have easy  access to a gym or childcare. So, now that I have childcare taken care of and can get to the gym, I am hoping to make the most of my time there. 


    To everyone -

    Does everyone work out at a gym?  Does anyone do (especially the weight training at home)?  I would be interested in hearing what are the essential pieces of equipment to have on-hand?  I have only 2 sets of dumbells and neither are particularly heavy (8 and 12.5#), and a make-do bench.   Knowing that we are supposed to work out on an empty stomach makes doing some of the work-outs at home more appealing.  Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on the basic equipment to have at home I would love to have a list!

  • Just checking in with all the folks who started on Sept 13......   I hope everyone is still hitting it hard.  I am still in the game -  currently at 178lbs and 19% BF.   My blood pressure is down as well as cholesterol.  Still on the meds... hopefully with continuing the lifestyle - I will be free!