September 13 Start Date Anyone?

  • there's alot that can happen in 26 days, and I hope its all good for all of us.  You are funny Bay, the gym shower is your peaceful place, how can you argue with that, you were meant to be there.  Travelgirl, I am addicted to podcasts now, love them.  They have some great interval music ones with hard techno music, OMG - heaven.

    I hope everyone's having a great week.  And for the record, I'm starving!!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Bay - I so feel ya on the shower at the gym thing.  I actually (now) rarely shower at home.   So,that is very true about that adding to my motivation because one thing that I know I have to do before work is shower and I really can't do that with my 19 month old!  So, the gym is my place too!  

    Peeps - are you staying more motivated?   This week has been difficult - not so much for motivation but just because it's a weird week and have  various things to get me off track - dinner at a friend's house tonight, wisdom teeth are out tomorrow (ick!).  And today is a holiday and my gym is only open a small window plus I am uber sore from LBWO yesterday and I am not even sure I could do any cardio!  I can barely walk - lol!  So, not a good week for me and next week I can't work-out at all, so we will see what happens.  I am kinda hoping that being "off" for the rest of this week and next with my exercise will get me really good and motivated when I start back regular week 11 - I may even go a couple extra weeks just because of this week and a half - we will see how my motivation is though.  

    Are you all going to start another challenge in January?  What are your plans to keep your weight off over the holidays?

  • Hi everyone!

    I am finally able to log on today and I'm still plugging away with the rest of you!!  I've been reading your posts and that has kept my motivation up when I can't post.  Thank you Bay for thinking about me in your post the other day, lol! Yes, I was reading!! :-)

    I've been afraid to weigh in though without having the support of you all ... I'm so afraid of getting addicted to the scales again that it's easier for me to just stay away from it altogether.  It works, but sounds wierd, I know.  I started my 12 weeks in tight size 16 stretchy Levi's and now I'm wearing sz.14 Levi's (no stretchy jeans).

    All of you are doing so well, I'm so proud to be a part of this group!

    Travelgirl ~ I hope your mouth is on the mend.  I've been thinking of you and how difficult it must be right now.  I'm definitely doing another challenge after this one and after taking an AR (active rest). When I made the decision to start BFL again, I decided I was in it for the long haul, this time I'm not quitting ever.  The holidays...for me, I will enjoy all the food I want at the gatherings and then get right backon the wagon.

    Peeps~ The Halloween parries where you live sound like alot of fun!! And I bet alot of work tooon those costumes, ha! So happy to hear you got over being sick. I will also look into the podcasts,that sounds amazingly good!

    Bat ~ I checked out your 6 week photos and OMG, you are getting slimmer and ALOT more toned! You are doing great!

    Thanks BFL admin. for the forum support.  Hope everyone has a a great week!!

  • BAY...that is supposed to say Bay above!  :-(  Sorry, was in a hurry...

  • Okay highbeams... I totally understand how frusterating it is to read and not be able to reply! I've had that problem for the past two days. I'm IN!!!  Glad to see you're still with US! Two sizes with Jeans is awesome! Way to go!!! I understand both wanting and not wanting to weigh yourself. At week sixI was totally depressed at not continuing the weekly loss I thought I should be so I just stopped weighing in.

    Travelgirl~ Glad someone gets me about the shower! It is the absolute most wonderful time of the day for me. HOT water, after a workout and *almost* complete silence. Ah.....

    My future plans with BFL... I think I'll be taking a week off of AR and go into another challenge. I knew it was going to take a couple of challenges to make my long term goal, and I'd kind of like to get there before summer. So... I'm kind of hoping March will be my big month! How about everyone else?

  • HEY YA'LL!!!

    Is anyone still here?! Only four HIITs and three lifts left? Monday will be our last week!!!!

  • Hey Bay & crew,

    I am here, it has been crazy busy for me, but still hitting the gym (not as much as I should be, but its a new week).  I feel like I kinda let myself down these last 2 weeks with making time for myself.  My eating is spot on, I wasnt even that bad on thanksgiving, it wasnt appealing at all to me to let it all go for all those weeks i've worked hard.  I am down a pant size and want to keep going in the down direction.  I plan to do the bfl for 3 more weeks, take off 2 and start up again after the New year.  In my head these next 3 weeks make up for my sick week and the last 2 that haven't seen a full week at the gym.  Here's to week 12, I do feel amazing, and see changes in the works.  

    Good luck everyone, hit those 10's!!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Good to hear from you Peeps and Bay!  

    I am here too.   Back on track after taking basically a week and a half off for my wisdom teeth.  I am also going to stick with the diet at least through the 11th of December.  That following week might be a bit hectic as we have a lot going on.   So, I will do the best I can that week, but won't be mad at myself if I am not able to follow it too well.  I am not sure of my weight loss at this point.  Some of my clothes fit looser, but I am not sure if I am down a full size yet.  Which I am ok with - when I lost a lot of weight before I typically had to lose 15 pounds for every size I went down.  I know 15 isn't a magic # especially with building muscle mass, but my guess is that I am down perhaps a half a size ;)

    Peeps - when will you start in the new year?   It would be nice to have some of the same folks again!  I plan to start again too, but not until the week of the 10th and my guess is that most people will start the 3rd.  I am just still traveling that week  so I know I won't be able to focus on diet and exercise like I can when I am at home.  

    I have been better about getting my work-outs in more than I have with my eating habits *blushes* but I do feel very motivated this week to stick to it and have a strong week this week and next!  

    Hope you are all doing well and for those of you who are not continuing on past this week - this is your last week!  Go you -- for sticking to it these past 12 weeks!!! :)

  • I'm still in the game too!!!  I didn't get my workouts in in week 10, but my eating was spot on. I missed ALL of my weight workouts that week and here lately I've been slacking on my cardio workouts. Thanksgiving turned into two free days and for me it was very hard to get back on track.  

    I know we're technically in week 12 right now but I'm planning on going strong until Christmas then taking a week or two off.

    I will be starting C2W2D1 sometime after the New Year.

    Finish strong everyone!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    It has been a while since I posted.  As usual life was crazy.  I hope everyone had a great Holiday.  I have enlisted my husband to join me in my next challenge.  I am starting January 3rd and posting on the January 3rd start date thread.  Hope everyone is well.  I miss you guys!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"