September 13 Start Date Anyone?

  • Hello!I

    I finished my first challenge recently and although it went well overall (I lost 11 pounds!), I didn't finish as strong as I would have liked.  I'm going to start my second challenge tomorrow, Monday, September 13.  Anyone feel like joining me?  I am married with two kids, and I'll turn 46 this Friday.  

    I learned quite a few things though about what does and doesn't work for me.  I proved to myself that I'm a better person, wife, and mother when I live my life right, and I intend to see this challenge to the end with an even better finish.  Join me and let's keep each other motivated.  



  • Hi There,

    My daughter and I have started the BFL challenge this week also.  I would love to have and give support.  I think its a great way to push each other.  I did the BFL challenge a year and a half ago and lost 30 pounds.  I got hurt shortly thereafter (slipped and herniated discs) completely unrelated to the challenge and had to stop maintenance.  I am finally well enough to get back on board, and have sadly regained 20 of those 30 lbs by being immobile.  I have a hubby and 2 growing children, 16 and 18.  Here's to a great week!  Good Luck!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hi -

    I am new to BFL and am starting this week.  I am 35 and have a young toddler that I chase after (you'd think I'd be in better shape!).  I like the idea of having others starting at the same time to stay motivated.  My husband is also "sorta-kinda" doing this with me, but not sure how well he will follow it - particularly with the meals when he's on his own (breakfast, lunch, and snacks).    Go Week 1!


  • Hi All! I started on the 13th as well. I'm new to BFL and I would love the additional kick in the pants to make sure I finish my 12 weeks!

    I turned 30 this year and have an 11 year old step daughter and 22 month old son.

  • How's everyone doing today? the gym beat me up this morning but I am pushing through, today was cardio and tomorrow is upper.  getting up almost 2 hours earlier this week is really taking its toll, I hope my body gets use to this schedule soon.  

    Hope everyone has a great day :)

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Rolling out of bed at 4:45 was rough this morning, but I made it and had some fun with my cardio. I was waking up at 6:15 so I totally understand Peeps!

    I'm a little worried about tomorrows UBWO, my arms are still stinging from Monday!!!

    Peeps- glad you pushed through your Cardio!!

  • How's everyone doing with week 2? I am struggling to stay full this week.  I think I may be eating too little to maintain workouts, my hubby says its just that my metabolism is starting to work again.  But I am soooo hungry.  I definitely did a no no this morning, as I am out of shakes so I skipped my first meal after the gym and waited until I got into work to eat my egg whites.  So I woke up at 5:15, did UBWO, and didnt have my first meal until 9:15.  I am so nervous about gaining weight because I want to lose it that I think I am sabotaging myself :( any words of wisdom??

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • HI!!!

    I am STARVING! And it's usually right after I eat. Still going strong with week two. I also find that when I get tired at night it isn't gradual. I just crash.

    Did you skip your early morning meal because you're afraid you're eating too much or just didn't have the time? You don't want to miss that first meal! It's the most important one. It feeds your muscles after your workout. I'm no expert... but if you stick to the plan you will not gain FAT.

    Hang in there buddy! and don't forget to eat :)

  • You are right Bay! I shouldnt have skipped it, I need to go grab some shakes tonight.  I am so glad I am not the only one starving this week (not that I would wish it on my worst enemy), its just a relief to know that I am not alone.  I am also just plain exhausted by the end of the day.  I don't even care whats on TV anymore, I just want to go to bed and let my muscles heal.  It does feel good though to get the workouts in every day, makes me feel like I'm doing something right.  

    Booyah! to week 2 - and its already hump day.  :)

    Hope everyone has a great week!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Anyone else getting monster headaches? YIkes... it's hard to focus. Dosn't help the boss brought in Pizza today. ALL I smell is pizza. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza. :(

  • Eesh! not pizza, just focus - You can do this, we can do this!

    No monster headaches here, are you drinking enough water? my headaches are usually stress related, perhaps there is something weighing on your mind?

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"


    Who is still on board? Peeps... you still with me?

    I was totally able to fight off the pizza crazing on Friday... had some for my free meal on Saturday. So glad I did it. I swear it tasted better too.

  • Week 3, WOO HOO!!  I am here Bay.  I checked out your profile on Friday and realized we are almost identical in stats.  Yay!  

    Good for you to hold out on the pizza.  I had somewhat of a crazy weekend, and I was VERY nervous about it, but I did good.  Went to NYC (I'm from MA) for a birthday bash being thrown for 2 of my close friends, but I ate well, had probably too much wine but I'll be sure to work it off.  

    Here's to week 3.  I am searching for a good protein bar or protein bar recipe, I cant stand the way most taste and are dense.  Are you using any particular protein bars for any meals?

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • WOW... you went to NYC for a bash and stayed good? Great job! I would have been nervous too! Wine has been hard on me. I love wine.

    I hate protein bars. I really do. The only meal bar I have ever liked are Luna Bars. Issue is, with BFL, they have 27 carbs vs 10 protein. They make them in mini size too, so I usually pair that up with a serving of cottage cheese. I've tried just about everything out there as far as quick nutrition is concerned and most of it is just yuck. What I do like are protein pancakes... and they are really good cold. Not sure if you've tried them yet. Two servings is 1c egg beater, 1c oats, 1c cottage cheese (add cinnimon and vanilla) blend it together. They travel well too!  I haven't really been searching for a protein bar recipe. Hmm... now you've got me curious!

    Anyway Luna bars are wonderful. I love them. They just don't have the protein requirement BUT they do take care of my sweet tooth every once in a while!

  • Just wanted to share this recipe I found online, I am not a fan of peanut butter, but sometimes you just have to suck it up.  I am going to try these and see how they are.

    ABC Protein Bars


    10 tbsp. natural peanut butter

    5 egg whites

    5 scoops whey protein (I find that chocolate mint tastes the best in this recipe, however chocolate tastes good as well)

    2 cups oats (OPTIONAL: For flavor, I dry cook these on a frying pan until they are toasted)

    1/2 cup soy milk


    Mix the peanut butter and egg whites in a bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, and mix well (so that the mixture appears smooth). Repeat 4-5 times until all traces of egg whites have dissolved into the peanut butter, and your mixture is a smooth consistent one.

    Gradually add the protein (one scoop at a time) and stir into the mixture. Next, add the soy milk and follow with the oats. Continue mixing until a thick 'sticky' mixture is present.

    Smooth the thick mixture into a 13x9 tray and leave for 20-30 minutes. Cut into 10 equal size bars. Individually wrap each bar (I use aluminum foil) and store in the fridge.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Bar

    Calories: 220

    Protein: 20.1g

    Fat: 10.1g

    Carbohydrates: 15.1g

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"