on my third week

  • Hi to all,

    I just started my BFL workout this week. This is my second time doing this program. My first time I was so impressed on my results. I was in my thirties and I weighed lot less then I do now. Then I was 125lbs/ 5'4" with over 20percent body fat. When I finished I gained five pounds, but I went down to 12 percent body fat. I did it for over a year. Now I am 42 160lbs / 5'4", and I am some what discourage. I know your body changes when you past 40, and though I know what I am suppose to do, I am having a hard time thinking it's working. I haven't seen any inches lost at all.

    I don't care for the myloplex, but I did find a great protein drink that is to my liking. I don't eat cottage cheese, but I replace it with luna bars or peanut butter from new seasons( the kind you ground your self). I am keeping track of my two/three meal plan. I do feel better when I work out, but I feel as though my age has a lot to do with my results.

    Just so I don't get to discourage I stay away from the scale until the end of my twelve weeks..LOL


    P.S. what happen to the demo excerise graphics they use to display on the website. Those really help me to see if I was performing the work-out correctly.


  • Hi Catmatt! Congrats on coming back to BFL.

    AGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Effort and consistancy and perserverance IS ALL OF IT, I think you need to stop using that as an excuse right now, it will get you nowhere and it is just not factual.

    I'm a little concerned with some of your comments....  "You started THIS week" and haven't seen any inches lost? This is a 12 week program not 1/2 a week, some people don't see any scale changes until week 8 and beyond. Some people put on weight in the first few weeks, we are all different and what happened when you did this before is not necessarily going to happen at the same time this time.

    Please tell me what you mean my the two/three meal plan? This is a 6 meal plan, where does that come into it?

    Luna bars and peanut butter....  what is the ingredient breakdown on the label and what are the carb/protein/sugar/fibre numbers on the Luna bars?  Peanut Butter is not a good choice, whether you grind it yourself or not, it is a "fat", the amount of protein is minimal. Please find the thread on here for "Newbies - Quick Check List" to give you a summary of what you should an should not be doing and I hope you re-read the book, especially the food guidelines.

    I wish you all the best, but I think you need to rethink what you are "willing" to do to get the results you want - follow the book and you can't go wrong.

    Here are some more exercise links to help you:











    Thanks for you encouraging words. I am trying to stay focus on this. I am trying to be realistic. To answer some of your questions, I started actually three weeks ago. The title of my subject was an error. I meant to say I am eating every two/three hours which is six meals aday. The luna bars vary in protein/carbs, and very low in sugar intake. I though peanut butter would be a great source of protein, but I guess I made a bad choice in that. I made salmon patties with brown rice and organic green beans for dinner and later I will have my protein drink at 8pm which consist of 20grams of protein, 1gram of fat and 8grams of carbs. I do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and New Seasons. I want to be careful when it comes to what type of food I am eating. If I can't pronounce the ingredients then I don't buy it.

  • Hi Catmatt! Whew, I'm glad I didn't upset you, wasn't my intention.....

    So you started 3 weeks ago and no measurement changes? That is a little puzzling, but dont' give up heart. I think we need to look at your meal plans a little more...

    GOODO! You are eating  the 6, great! Please post two days worth of meals, how many are you using the Luna bars for and how many were you using PB for?  We recommend that people only use "bars" in an emergency and not to make them part of your "everyday plan", whole food or shakes are better choices.

    Your tea sounds yummy and spot on and you are good with the protein drink and the "lower carbs" for last meal.  


  • Aussie-Debs

    No, you didn't upset me at all. You were being honest, and I need that if I am going to make this work. Thank you.

    my meals consist of this:


    8am= protein shake w/ blueberries, nonfat milk<max muscle mix>, cup of coffee with half n half non fat

    10am= luna bar

    12 or 1pm= peanut butter on one slice wheat bread/ small tiny oranges 3

    3pm=luna bar

    530pm= grilled chicken on a bed of mixed salad greens (no dressing)

    8pm protein shake( european nonfat organic yogurt, banana, honey, blueberries


    8-9am= protein shake(max muscle) w/ blueberries, organic nonfat milk/ cup of coffee w/ halfnhalf

    10=luna bar

    1pm= 3 beef taquitos(trader joes brand with 100calories/ 7grams protein/3gm fat/ 10 carbs for one ) three tiny oranges/

    430pm= trader joe's salmon patties with panko bread crumbs/ green beans/ brown rice

    8pm= i will have my protein drink...homemade.

    How is this?

  • Catmatt:  

    At a first glance I think your Protein/carb balances are off.  You do understand the fist of carbs and palm minus fingers for protein don't you? Just to make it easier to work out, you need to be aiming for about 20-25grams or protein and the same of carbs per meal....  I think your "Luna bar" is way off as was your peanut butter, wholewheat bread and 3 oranges (albeit tiny ones).

    Please post the carb/prot/fat break up on the Luna bar.....

    Anything that is made in a shop, - salmon and beef patties are not the best choices (not home made), easy, but not the best - you need to be thinking chicken breasts (cook in bulk on weekend), turkey breasts, salmon fillets, brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, green beans, brocoli, salads with balsamic vineger as dressings etc.. (Big serving of veggies with at least 2 meals a day, more if you get hungry)

    With your shakes - what are the total grams of protein/carbs of all of what you are putting into it - normally protein should be mixed with water otherwise the ratio will be out, especially if you add fruit (carb). Depends on what protein you buy, there is "no carb", "low carb" and "balanced carb" - what does the label say?

    Coffee additives, I know it says FF, but what is the "carb' aka sugar content?  We had one lady that hurt her challenge by this alone (we call it the "Coffee Bomb").

    Beef Taquitos: 300 cal/9grm fat/ 30 carbs /27grm protein - your carbs are over already and none of it is "good complex carbs" - add your 3 oranges and you are way over - BTW, we don't really talk calories, but in the case of food not made in your home that you have control over, looking at the calories is a good idea..... 300 calories is as high as you want to go for a FULL BALANCED MEAL, and you have no "starchy carbs" for energy, oranges won't last as long energy wise as starchy carbs.....

    Salmon Pattie (thought they were home made) - what is the break up on those - I bet the carbs are high already, which means adding the rice is going to blow the ratio - beans are spot on.

    Your protein shake with the honey, yoghurt, banana and blueberries...... the carbs in this would be very high because of the honey and banana (high glycemic) - I hope you added some protein powder to raise the ratio of that as the yoghurt would be way too low.  

    SEnd me an email (on my bio page) and I will send you a good food chart that breaks up the ratios for you - all the best


    Ps/Sorry mate, It seems hard, but it isn't, please look at the original food list and and stick to it, start reading your labels and you will soon see why you haven't had much progress