weights versus only cardio ending 4th week, getting bigger not smaller. Need Advice.

  • I have read in numersous publications that to lose fat you have to do 60 min of cardio most days of the week. I am ending 4th week  and I havent seen any changes in scale weight or inches lost. Could only cardio help someone like me who has pre diabetes and hypothyrodism( which I tak medication for) or should I stick with this program? Pre body for life I have eaten 1400 calories pe day and was able to lose a pound a week most weeks with 40 min walking 6 days a week. Now I am doing very intense exercises weight training and cardio and I am eating around 1800 calories per day on body for life I kind of counted the calories just to see how much I am  eating. I am 5'4 and body fat is at $39% so I have  lot of weight to lose. I also added 45 min of circuit training class 3 times a week but I am getting bigger with the weights not smaller. What to do?

  • You really should follow the program as written.  No need to count calories or to do extra cardio.  As you build muscle it will help you burn fat.  Doing too much cardio can kill some of the muscle you've work to build so you sort of slow things down a bit.  Use the palm fist method for your food portions.  Be sure you are eating every 2-3 hours, drinking plenty of water and getting at least 8 hours of sleep.  It all works together to get the results you seek.  That is the general rule, unfortunately I'm not sure what to tell you with regard to your medical concern.  Perhaps your doctor can answer your question.  Hope I helped some.

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  • Fit,

    I agree with Sharon, go by the book. Right now you may not be seeing results on the outside, but things are happening on the inside first. In my first challenge I didn't see real noticable results until week 9 so hang in there, the outcome is worth the wait!!

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  • Hi Fit,

    I too have just finished week 4 and have not had any results. No weight loss, no inches lost. However, this is my take on it all. If changing our body was going to be a quick process it wouldn't take 9 months to make in the first place nor would childbirth be painless and women wouldn't get stretch marks - ok maybe I went too far with the stretch marks. Anyway my point is that it took time in the beginning, it will take time now. Keep going, stay strong and remember if someone doesn't have a smile, give them yours!

    Good luck, keep your chin up you are one third of the way through and in just 2 weeks you'll be half way!


  • Hi FIT,

    If you're getting bigger from the weights, you can be happy because it sounds like you're lucky and you can build muscle quickly.  I think it's important to follow BFL plan pretty closely and not give up weight training.  Once the fat weight melts away I'm sure you will see your new muscles underneath rather than just a smaller version of your body now.  AND, your body will be smaller, not bigger from the muscles... because then the fat will be gone.

    I am also accustomed to doing more cardio and have first hand experience in the past that I needed to do at least a hr of cardio 5-6 x week to see weight loss.  I am trying BFL high intensity intervals as the book describes... the 2 min warm up (mine is more like 5-10) and then pushing up to a 6 intensity, 7, 8, etc... I like to run so after I warm up, I increase the speed a bit, a little more until I can't really run anymore and then back down.  The ellipital is harder to judge for me.  Anyway,  I'm really trying to do an intense 20 min but I'm also going to probably do a little more cardio than 20 min, three times a week.  

    I agree with all the others to keep up with the weight training.  If you don't, you might lose weight but it'll come back on much faster afterwards.  Also, you need those calories for your muscle.

    Good luck and hang in there... today is only my Day 5!  :-)  Congrats on being 4 weeks into it!  BTW, from past experience with weight loss... sometimes the scale wouldn't move for weeks but if I persevered and kept faithful, it was like one day I was down 4-5 lbs... the body has a mind and intelligence of its own... I'm sure things will start moving for you soon!!  

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  • As long as you're doing an intense cardio, hitting your 10's, sweating, and getting your heart rate up, the 3 x20 min. workouts are sufficient.  I lost 22 lbs in my first challenge that way.  Weights are needed for the reasons listed above.  The energy balance will determine whether your weight goes up or down, but either way, the key is to exchange fat for muscle.  I ended up 11.8% body fat - starting slightly above 20%.  Suggest you work the plan exactly as outlined until you've completed your first challenge, then beyond that you can modify things.

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