I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Well I did it!

    I followed the eating plan and did my weights workout, I forgot how sore one can be after lifting like that!

    I have been fighting the weight battle all my life and about 8 years ago I tried BFL and had great sucess. I (as usual) fell off the plan and gained it all back plus some. So here I am. If anyone wants to buddy up for support that would be great!

    Have a great day everyone!


  • I am starting over again as well. I did the 2006 challenge with great sucess. I loved the energy and drive I had. A injury happend and the weight came back. In 2006 this forum was not made yet, so I am excited to be able to get support!!

  • So we have tried it in the past, I know it works I have done it.. I just need to REALLY do it. When did you start again?

    Just starting yesterday my arms are so sore right now..but I love it!

    Have a great day and keep up the good work!

  • I started today with the cardio. The challenge date is the 3rd but, I wanted to get moving before the weekend.

    When I did this before I didn't read the BFL book and I think it is going to make a difference reading it this time. Especially since Bill talks about ups and downs of life. I have been taking it out on myself for not having kept this up. I know now I shouldn't do that. It's time to just look forward not back!

    So here we go!!! :)

    It is a good feeling being sore it means it's working!!!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

  • You have the right attitude, believe it or not I cannot even begin to count the times I have started weight watchers or anything else and have great sucess but then something in life gets me down and I gain it all back plus many more. I have every time gotten back up and doen it all over again, but I need to find out why I cannot maintain keeping it off.  See taking it out on yourself doesnt help, what you are doing now is what counts!!! And it sounds like you are doing great You can do this too!!!!

    I just did my cardio and think I might not be able to walk tomorrow which would go along with my not being able to do my hair or brush my teeth todya..LOL

    So what do you have in store today? upper body weights?

    Have fun!!!

    talk to you soon!

  • I too started today. I have been reading everyones posts and sounds like everyone is doing so well. That is certainly motiovating. And you, you had success before and have returned. Good for you!

    I have to say I am a little imtimadated by everyones good eating habits. I am wondering if indulging in a cocktail Saturday night would be considering as my cheat? Does anyone have any experience with that, does it just blow things out of the water? I am still ready the book and am excited.

    Thanks Lisa

  • This I can help with,

    On your cheat day, you can have as much of whatever you want. Now with that being said what I have found is that I am feeling so good I don't want to "blow it" but I don't think a cocktail will do any damage for your cheat day! I am a bit intimidated also with others but, that is them and you are you. It is not good to deprive yourself all the time thats why the cheat day is there. I say go for it! shoot I might have to have a drink too!

    Keep the excitement!

    Thank you!


  • Lisa,

    I thought I can have a big old ice cream and still lose weight?! Yes you can!!!

    I at first ate alot on my free day but as the weeks went by the cravings stopped being so bad. I even notice that I didn't feel so well the next day. My stomach was saying what did you do!

    The free day though is great for when holiday show up. You can enjoy the food with everyone else and not have to worry.:)

    I have a question, does anyone else have a issue with cottage cheese? I have and had a hard time eating it. I think it's a texture thing! lol!


    I am going to do lower body today. I need to workout my legs and BUTT!!! GO LUNGES!!!

    Yesterday, oh my goodness I was sweating doing the cardio!!

    I realized that my biggest hurtle is going to be the eating. I found myself searching for food yesterday because I didn't have anything planned out and I got to starvation mode. I ended up eating pretzels and hummis.

    I do wish i had kept a food journal as well as a workout journal from last time. I can't remember what I  ate and for some reason this time I am having a hard time coming up with food. I do have the BFL cookbook. I just want to find more recipes.

  • I started on Monday as well, and while I have previously used B4L's workout plan I have never participated in the challenge.

    For those of you who have trouble with yo-yo'ing on results try reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle it is a great ebook that goes in depth about making the changes permanent ones. The author also discusses proper dieting, cardio, and weight lifting as well as discussing free day meals and how to tweak the basics provided by B4L to keep you on track to your goals based upon you weekly results.


    I also gave had trouble before with cottage cheese but found this recipe to help. In a blender or food processor add your cottage cheese, splenda to taste, cinammon (which actually has been shown to help with fat loss) and a dash of extract, I personally use about a fourths tsp of vailla for a cup of cottage cheese. Blend this all togethe until smooth, which will help out the texture which I have trouble with as well. Hope this helps.

  • Petaltothemetal:

    I am not postive but I would think that the "Eat Clean" diet would apply here. I have been eating clean mostly for the past two years on and off, experimenting etc. The nice thing about eating clean and using some of Tosca Reno's Eat Clean reciepes is that you can incorporate protein in a lot of different forms. Today I had oatmeal, not the instant kind but the cooking kind, with a dash of flaxseed, wheat germ, rasiens and          protein powder mixed in. I dont think I am breaking any eating rules. It provides both a carb and a protein. Or perhaps you could mix your cottage cheese in with your protein shake. Using a blender of course. Why I have been blended fresh spinach in with my protein shakes and even coffee to make a kind of lattee. YOu can become very creative with vanilla protein powder, I use it to bake with. I bake my own protein bars and protein muffins. It saves money and they taste great. You can find Tasca Reno's books on Amazon. I hope that helps

    Have a great day everyone.


  • I think if you dont plan your food everyday I do that same as you do, I search for food in stravation mode. It sucks becasue all we have here are donuts! I kid you not! They are all over this place. I too have noticed when I do cheat it makes me feel badly so I am very selective in my cheats. Mentally feelings badly is a plus because it makes me want it less next time. I do my best when I bring my food to work with me. Then I dont become the "hungry hungry hippo" as I like to call it,. I try and leave some clean snacks in my desk as well. I like the Mycoplex ready made shakes for the office too. I dont have to go through the effort to make one, it can be messy. Its already done for me! I hope you dont have to do a "search" again. I know how you feel. Oh and watch out for those pretzels those are not good, White flour is the white devil! LOL  

  • Lisa,

    Just wanted to make sure if you are using whole flaxseeds that you know to to either grind them in a food processor or with a pestle before adding them to your food. Whole flaxseeds will simply pass straight through the body and you receive none of the benefits.


  • Hello:

    1) Should I change the leg exercises to avoid bulk?

    I started BFL in early Aug and notice that my legs are getting bulky! Help! I'm female 5.5ft and 135 lbs, pear shaped so gain weight (fat!) in bum & legs. My legs are too short to gain 'bulk'!

    2)  I'm addicted to sugar - Can I eat Body4Life Protein Bars every day??

    I can't seem to stop eating sugar. Unfortunately, I am only following diet 2 to 3 days a week, so cheating hard core the other 4-5 days/wk. (i.e. at least 1 choco bar a day).

    I like the Body4Life protein bars but they are very high in carbos.... Should I be replacing my snickers for Body4Life bars? If so, how many can I eat a day? ie. Can I eat them instead of the shakes?

  • Hello Lisa, Zack,  Lonna, and PetalToTheMetal

    I did this BFL thing maybe 6 years ago and thought I would never gain the weight back. Somehow that only lasted for 6 months. And sigh here I am determined not to fall off the wagon again. Last time I did it alone with no support. This time , I am admitting I need help.

    Mr. Bill's cottage cheese and yogurt thing has weirded me out for years. But I tried it in a shake and it was fine- if I forgot what is was. And I like cottage cheese.

    I am an online school teacher and I sit for wayyyyyy too many hours a day. I am a single mom with 2 crazy boys who are trying to help coach me. They are 7 and 9. So this is for them too.

    Smiles, Michelle

  • Hey Zack, I sure do. Thank you for the info! Sounds like you like to cook too! Hey a questions about this program....do you have to do free weights? or canyou do weight machines?