Any others start their transformation today, August 30th?

  • Hi all,

    I started my "transformation" today, got up an hour early and did my first workout with weights.  It wasn't perfect but I completed it!  Worked up quite a sweat too.  It is good to already have my workout out of the way and be able to focus on my eating for the rest of the day.

    One day at a time...


  • Hi Dan

    I am also starting today after a few failed attempts this year. Sure that is not what you want to hear but I am not giving up this time.  Have a lot to gain and to prove to myself. My workout is tonight.

    Good luck with your first week. Yes, one day at a time....


  • Surika,

    Lets use this forum to support and encourage each other and together we can make it through these next twelve weeks.  Good luck with your workout tonight, let me know how it goes.


  • Will do and thanks. Good luck with your cardio tomorrow.


  • Hi Dan and Surika,

    I officially started on 8/24, but will consider last week a warm up and officially start today if you guys would like to make a little "group" to hold each other accountable?

    Let me know - would love to share food ideas, etc.

    I work with a trainer 2-3 days a week who is going to model my workouts around the BFL workouts, and I'll be in charge of my cardio and food.


  • Hi Jeanne,

    Absolutely, please join us.  The more of us there are the better are ability to support each other through the next 12 weeks.  What were your impressions of the first week?


  • Hi Dan,

    As long as I wasn't bad at all.  I've haven't been too creative with food simply because I want to follow it as closely as possible.  So meals have been things like LF cottage cheese and an apple, egg whites and  yogurt, etc.....basically just going off of the List of Authorized foods in the book.  

    I have started adding the EAS bars (Myoplex Lite Chocolate Chocolate Chip Crisp) and the shakes (Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge) usually one of each per day.

    I'm trying to stick with the eating times of 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 and 10 (but sometime can't eat anymore by 10pm)


  • Hello all

    Mind another person joining in, and Starting today as well? Did a home body fat % last night and yes I need to get going and not stop.

    Good work Dan on getting your workout in already. They do get smoother or more flowing. I will get my workout in this afternoon.

    Good luck all.


  • Jeremy -- absolutely!

    What did you use for the body fat % test?


  • Jeanne,

    Thanks for the tips, I am basically following the book as well.


  • Jeremy,


    I hope they get smoother... ;-)  

    I could hardly raise my arms to wash my hair!


  • HAHA LOL,  My likes to sew, and she has some sort of measureing device for that, that we used. It wasn't excact, but I know it is really close. She had 1st brought out a pair of tongs (for cooking), then wanted to measure the tongs with a tape measure. It took my 5 min to stop laughing when I saw that.

  • Hello all,

      I also started today.  I have been eating fairly clean and working out for a while now but wanted to join the challenge to pick it up a notch. I look forward to the encouragement to and to encourage.  Day 1 is the 1st step and we can all make it to the finish.  

  • Hi Walkn,

    That is exactly the way I looked at it, Goal 1 - Make through day 1, Goal 2 - Make through Week 1.


  • Do you guys know of anything I can print out to "track" each meal?  Or do you just make your own spreadsheets/logs?