Scale Fluctuations

  • Hey Everyone!

            I'm on challenge one, week 8. I'm waiting for that "magic" everyone talks about. I am seeing alot more tone, but very little scale movement. However, last Saturday Morning, I woke up and weighed myself and was 154lbs. WOO HOO - I thought......I'm making progress.....I've lost 6lbs. Then, when I weighed myself again on Tuesday, I was 160lbs.

    6lbs?!?!? There is no way that I GAINED 6lbs in 3 days.

    I'm wondering if it's because of the heavy lifitng, blood volume, cell volume etc, that occurs during the week.

    Also - I wasn't feeling great that Friday before the weigh in - so I did have a BFL breakfast, but didn't eat again until 11pm, and had 2 peanut butter cookies. This is the first day in almost 2 months, I had treats that weren't on my "cheat" day - but I didn't eat all I figured calorie-wise it wouldn't hurt.

    So, I was very surprised to wake up LIGHTER - - And then very disappointed to see I am right back where I started 3 days later - - I enjoy my free day, but am extremely STRICT during the rest of the week.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, before I rip my hair out? :)

    Thanks! :)


  • Did you weigh yourself at the same time each day? Your weight will fluctuate through out the day, and you will be heaviest at the end of the day. You will also usually see a gain comparing a weight prior to free day and post free day if you eat some salty foods which will promote some water retention.

    To give you an example. I wanted to see what free day does to me and weighed in the morning of free day. I ate proper on free day until going out for dinner. After a big dinner and a movie I was almost 7 lbs heavier than that morning. The next morning I was still heavier than pre free day but two days later back to where I was and now another 2 days dropping again.

    Beyond that, stay off or ignore the scale if it causes you to worry.  Maybe only jump on it once every week or two. Some people stay off completely.

  • Did you take into consideration the following:

    How did you eat on Free day?

    Is it that time of the month?

    You are trading out fat for muscle?

    Are you using a tape measure?  If so, did your inches change (go up)?

    All sort of things can happen.  Bottom line is don't depend on the scale to tell you where you are in your progress.  Pay attention to how you feel, how your cloths fit.  I went up and down so much over the past 7 years that I know I weigh 10 lbs more wearing the same size cloths now that I also wore before I gained weight.  Don't worry too much about the scale.  You still have 4 more weeks to go.  If you've been doing everything correctly and have been honest with yourself, you will see the pay off between now and week 12 if you haven't already noticed, seen or felt it yet.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Yeah I agree with everyone else. Please ignore the scale! Two weeks ago I had went all out on my free day I was two pounds heavier when weighed myself two days later (thinking it would have gone away by then) The next weekend I was a little more controlled on free day... two days later even two MORE pounds heavier even though I spent the rest of the six days in both weeks eating clean and exercising! After the second weigh in I needed to pick up some black slacks I had to wear and I was terrified I was going to have to go up a size. When actually I went DOWN a size. So to recap in two weeks gained 4 pounds and went down a size! It could be due to me having that time of the month or taking a whole free day I don't know what, but the scale can be waaaayyyy off. So keep doing the right thing and you'll be fine!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thank you all for your support............I am having alot of trouble with this scale thing. :(

    I either need to tighten up my cheat day, or so a heck of alot more cardio. I'm reading posts where people have lose 15lbs by now - week 8. I've (maybe) lost 6lbs. :( :(

    I am starting to feel frustrated....I am working so HARD. If I don't consistently lose at least 2lbs per week, I will not make my goal by the end of the challenge.

    Sharon Wonder-Woman: It IS that time of the month. Maybe that played a part.

    I'm going to take 8 week pics tonight, and try to post to see if anyone notices any difference. I see a bit of increased muscle tone. THAT'S IT! And I can tell by the weight lifting that I am getting stronger.

    I am so PROUD of myself for sticking to the program for this long; (I've never found anything that's worked for me long enough for me to stick to)

    I want to succeed, I want to be a winner. I eat clean, I watch my portions AND count calories. Except freedays, (although I definitely do not binge, but I sure do enjoy!)

    The only slightly naughty thing, is that I have an iced mocha latte here and there: But' it's a SMALL AND NONFAT. Only 130C and 1g of Fat.......(I'm a student, and sometimes need that caffeine to get me through class!)

    Anyways, I'm going to keep pushing through, if it's the last thing I do.

    I notice a very small difference in my clothes being looser. Nothing major - Not what I would expect out of a program I've been religiously following for over 2 months.

    I don't want to give up, but I feel like I am losing faith in the program. I WON"T GIVE UP. Although I am not excited about it anymore........

    :_______  (

  • THROW THE SCALE OUT, AND GAUGE YOUR SUCCESS BY YOUR WORKOUTS, DIET, FIT OF YOUR CLOTHES, AND OVERALL MOOD.  I used to weigh daily.  I only plan to weigh on Sunday mornings, and will stop doing that if it starts to affect my overall mood.  I am not going to let a little box with numbers dictate how I feel the rest of the day!  Hang in there!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Don't put so much pressure on yourself, you say if you don't lose at least 2Ibs per week you will not make your goal, try not to think that way, too much pressure...some weeks you'll lose on the scale, others you won't for all the reasons mentioned above, it's only recently that I've had peace from the stupid scale!! If I didn't lose or was heavier it'd ruin my day, I would go over and over why...sent me nuts! could be muscle, that time of the month legs feel "heavier" after a good weight training workout and I'd weigh more, when I finally got it in to my head and started to think differently...and sensibly about it... me and the scale are now at peace:) !!! Honestly, you cannot go by it at all.

    A friend of mine lost no weight for almost 3 months...but she got smaller...then suddenly the the scale...started to come down... I totally understand this scale thing as so do many others, it can really undo you, make sure you're eating right and your really challenging yourself with the exercises, hit your 10's...and keep gooing, this is for life, not just a few months, you can do it.

    RIP...SCALE :)

  • My god, how many times did I say scale!! LOL

  • buffychick007 - Do not compare your results with someone else's.  You can use it for a gauge but everyone is different.  Also you may not reach your goal because starting out you have no idea how much fat your muscle will trade out for, so your goal weight may be off by the end of 12 weeks.  Usually by week 12, no one cares about the weight because they are happy with their overall results.  Only you know how much you weigh unless you tell someone.  I'd be willing to bet most peoople couldn't guess the weight of a BFLer. :-)  You could be one of those people who will see a huge difference in the last 4 weeks, even at week 12.  You are obviously making progress as your cloths are loose.  Don't lose sight of your goal which really should be to shrink and be healthy.  Do you know there are people who go a whole 12 weeks and only lose 3 lbs?!  It happens but looking at them you wouldn't know it was only 3 lbs.  Here's a link to a thread to one person who did just that and she chiimes in on that thread -

    You may also get some motivation to keep going and not worry about the scale from the Ladies Success Journal found at this link -

    Really do not let the scale over rule the obvious.  Changes are happening.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Ok, so my response was missing a few words and had a few misspelled.  I edited my response, sorry about that. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • UPDATE*** I was very happy - I weighed in on Monday and my weight is 152lbs. (I am now beginning week 9) Then, I weighed myself today and I'm back up to 158!!!!! ??????

    It's no longer that time of the month........I am really concerned about this large fluctuation. 6lbs??

    Now, I have no idea, if I've actually lost weight, or not. Again, I see a bit more muscle definition, and clothes are *slightly* looser, but nothing to write home about. (yet!)

    I guess I just need to throw the scale away until I am done my challenge. I will not give up now, even though I am so frustrated......This is when I should be giving 150%!!!!  And the scale is discouraging me - I look at other peoples pictures on Day 84, and I am so happy for them; yet wonder if that will ever be me!

    I am following BFL Guidelines 100% - - - And also counting calories, except on my "Free Day" which I am going to tighten up.      

    ONE MORE QUESTION! :) Has anyone worked their abs everyday? Would this inhibit progress?

    Thank you all again for your support!! You guys keep me going. :)

  • Buffy.....I would toss the scale in the garbage.  Do not let a piece of metal influence your thoughts, work outs or anything else for that matter.  If you keep doing the right things, exercising, eating your small meals through out the day, then you will absolutely reach your goals.  Be true to the diet aspect of this plan, focus on your workouts and believe in yourself, not some numbers on a scale.

    Trust the process, everyone has a different body, your weight will drop, you will see those great results, just keep moving forward and stay true to the plan.

  • Hide that scale!  :-)  It's doing it to you...discouraging you...making you ignore all the good that is happening and making you think of the negative instead of the positive.

    I'd be willing to bet all those photos you look at most of those folks felt as you do right now.  Three more weeks to go.  Keep working the program so it works for you.

    Abs need rest just like the rest of your muscles.  Doing more ab work is not the thing that will do the trick for you.  Relize that abs are the last to show.  What you put in your mouth is what really works for abs.  What you can do is add weights to your ab workouts, depending on what you do and be careful what you eat.

    I'm not sure where you started, but you should also consider your starting point and the realistic end point.  For instance, a 200 lbs female at week 1 is not going to weigh 140 by week 12.  I'll go out on a limb and say that on average (from the posts I've read), people lose up to 20lbs per challenge.  BUT remember your sizes will be the thing to go by and your measurements. :-)

    We can't rush this.  It happens in each persons own time.  We are not the same so you will not have the same results as everyone else, but I bet by day 84, you'll be very happy with what you see compared to day one.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • As already said the scale will make you crazy, I weighed 139 and now weigh 141...but...I know it's okay, I've been using heavier weights and my clothes fit better...get your mind around that scale, I honestly think it's best if you get rid of them for a while,  I know that's hard but keep doing everything right, eating and exercising and you will see results, that scale is going to send you mad and it's not a true guide.

  • The goal it to get stronger while losing FAT not Weight and getting smaller (how clothing fits). Unless you are concerned about how much pressure you put on the surface of the earth a scale will do nothing for you. I push harder if I scale doesn't move but I dont use it as a MEASURE OF PROGRESS.

    Abs are just like every other muscle and need 48-76 hours of rests between workouts.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”