Starting on 30 August! Enyone?

  • I don't have a yahoo messenger

  • Another way to chat? Facebook? Or can you install yahoo messinger?

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • Hi Tony!

    Sorry, the official challenge is open to the US, Canada and Mexico right now.  But, as Manuela said, you can still do the challenge and get great results!  Good luck!


    The Body-for-LIFE Team

  • Hy Alygirl! How are you doing with the challange? I am starting only on Monday since I had to leave the country for a while.. I was at the gym today to see the machines...

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • Hy Manu! How is your challenge going?

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • I am end of week 8 but as you can see on my profile there is not much change. Will have to push even harder during the last 4 weeks.

    How are things going for you?

  • Hy! I am back! :P I see a difference just under the braw, your love handlles are lower, the left leg, right lower arm and both upper arms... Just look carefully... :) I was out of the country and I have start a little later then I have suspected... On 20 Sept... But, let me tell you: in 10 days I lost 3.5 kg (aprox 7 pounds) and on my waist I lost 7 cm (aprox 2 inch)! I am so happy! I will post pictures after week 3. Please considder counting the callories... Try to use cleaner foods and use extra cardio... Starting next week, I think I will count my calories also...

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!