Starting Aug 23

  • Thanks Dannie.  Now that i look at it, that makes the most sense.  Why I didnt see it before?  I was doing double duty, no wonder im sore as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.  Have a great week.

  • EmmasDad - glad I could help!  Great analogy, haha!

    Well, day 2 is almost complete, I did cardio this morning and it kick my butt.  I've been dragging a bit today afterthat.  But still feeling good and ready for LBWO tomorrow.  Taking just one day at a time.

    So how was everyone's 2nd day??

  • Pretty good 2nd day for me.  Completed my cardio and 10mins extra credit low intensity cardio.  Resisted the temptation of free food at work.  But, strayed from my 6th meal plan by having yogurt with dried berries.  Overall, not too bad.  Looking forward to LBWO tomorrow!  After see my rear in my before, I really want to get it moving! =)  

    I carry my weight in my middle and was thinking I should ad more abs exercises to the prescribed program.  Has anyone modified it to focus on abs?  Any advice to help shed belly fat?

  • My husband and I started on Monday. We are both over 50 and are prime examples of what happens if you have a corporate desk job and do not exercise. (It's ugly!) Needless to say, I'm frightened at what the prospects are if we continued on the same path. So here we are....desparate to make changes before it's too late. My motivation is to make sure there is an after picture...I certainly wouldn't want anyone see the before picture and there not be a much improved after picture!

  • Day 4 of the first week and I'm still going strong.  Some mornings that old little voice in my head has tried to impede my great intensions but, thankfully I've ignored it and kept trucking on the program.

    Chrissy, how are you doing this week?

    NC_Michelle, Congrats on starting BFL this week.  I feel the exact same way about the after picture.  I feel that if a before photo is taken there must be an after photo to contradict it and to be proud of.  It would be embarrassing not to accomplish the after photo to me too!

    freshbach,  good job on resisting the food at work!  I know that it takes a strong desire and willpower to do that.  I carry weight in the middle too.  Like an apple shape.... but doing extra ab workout won't help, you have to burn off the fat on top of your ab muscles with cardio.  No matter how much ab work you do if there are layers of fat over them, they won't be seen.  When I did this program before I stuck to the exact workouts and boy did it work on the abs too!   Especially if you use free weights for stregth training because you're using all muscles with these excersises.  Always tighten your tummy in when on all workouts.

    Hope everyone has a great day 4 and I look forward to chatting more about our great accomplisments that will be showing soon,  can't wait!!!!!!

  • Sounds like we're all off to a good start.  I have really enjoyed getting back into lifting weights.  I forgot how good it feels.  I'm a cardio junkie and it feels good to have balance again.  Eating has gone surprisingly well.  I knew that it was going to be the hardest for me, but so far I've been able to plan ahead and make good choices.  It's really hard to break bad habits...for me that is just grabbing handfuls of pretzels, goldfish, cold pizza...pretty much anything that's around and just eat all day.  It's great to know I get 6 small meals and the carb and protein keep me full between each mini meal.  Again though, its hard not to reach for that handful of something throughout the stress of the day.

    Hope everyone had a good day and got their workouts in!