Sept. 3rd BFL-Start...Who's with me?

  • My name is Carl.
    I'm in the planning stage and getting my meals and workouts on track and looking to start the BFL challenge on September 3rd. I did a pretty good job with a trainer 6 years ago, but now I'm back up to the 30% fat region and need to start the transformation over. I'm looking forward to all the support on the forums. I'm into saltwater fish tanks and Breeding. This "Hobby" keeps me pretty busy along with work and a few Volunteer organizations I spend some time with. My Wife is due November 14th with our first child, a boy :), so I feel this is a good chance for me to get it done before the baby comes, then I wont have to feel guilty for missing a few workouts and hrs of sleep. :D I will post my starting pictures as soon as I take them this week.

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  • Hi Carl.  My name is Aaron and I'm with you!  I've been looking into the BFL challenge for about 10 years now, and even signed up once or twice, only to fizzle out within a week or two.  Now, however,  I am at a point in my life where I'm ready to commit 100%!  I turned 39 last month, and I'm determined not to enter into my 40's with the same overweight body and lifestyle that I've accumulated over the past decade or so.  My worry is that I travel about 3 days a week  for work, and trying to eat healthy while on the road has been a huge obstacle!  I know it can be done though, and I'm ready to make some changes for the better!

  • That is great Aaron! I know it can be hard on the road, for me it is hard to stick with my meal times on my days off work....the rutine changes so I have to set an alarm to make sure I eat when I am supposed to. I have been cooking two days a week, planning for three days each cooking session. It take me about 1 1/2 hrs to cook everything, but then I am done for three days....once this becomes rutine it really is easier. In your case you just need a bigger cooler and some ice. :) I know you can do it!...the nutrition is the most important part.

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  • I'm with you guys. I've started this program before, was seeing results, then quit for whatever reason. Now I'm eager to start again. I'm in the planning stages. Kmiec, could you explain to me your cooking sessions? How much do you cook, what do you cook, and then how do you store it, break it up. This would help me out a lot. This is my biggest problem, eating right, and sticking with it. And I believe that pre cooking would really help me,but have never done it before. Also, do you and Aaron plan on taking any supplements during this, and if so which?


  • I'm at the end of week 4 and feeling like a champ. Upper body day today. . I do my rest day during the week because work schedule is so hectic and varies. The weekends are my best workouts.

    I feel so good right now. More energy Enjoying my workouts instead of dragging myself in there like at the start.

  • I started a thread on the supplement question; previously I took a Multivitamin daily along with some aminos....then a shake after workouts. I thought I would try something else this time around, we will see.

    I use the Rubbermaid plastic containers. Not the glass ones. The two chamber for some meals and the sandwich size for the others….the deep sandwich size for salads.

    Start the rice and the chicken first, boneless skinless of course, as they take the longest. Then I separate three containers with ½ cup oatmeal and 1 cup water and microwave for 2 min. and start the eggs. 4 eggs-only one yoke gets fried with a little Pam and gets put in the oatmeal containers when they are done. Then I micro some potatoes and open and drain some cans of tuna. When the rice and chicken are done I measure out the rice and cut up the chicken and add some frozen mixed veggies in the second of the two part container. Then rip up some half heads of lettuce for some salads. The salads are usually toped with some chicken or tuna. That will get you set for at least four or five of the meals, and then my last meal is usually just some protein and a rice cake. One great tip I found on the site under the tips section is keep a couple 4pks for shakes around just in case. One in the office desk, one in the car, etc….if you’re running late of getting swamped you can just chug a shake and not risk missing a meal.

    It’s all about starting…that is the hardest part. Make sure you keep up on the grocery list so you don’t find out your out of something at 10pm…that is the worst. Try and know what you need the day before you run out of food and stop on the way home. I usually have some left over rice and chicken I keep in Tupperware as well…just in case I need a meal. Best of luck and keep it up….it sounds like a lot of work in the beginning, but you will find it is easier over when it becomes routine.

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  • Hi. My name is Loretta and I'm starting on 9/3 also!  I did this program 10 years ago and completed the program. Have a longer way to go than before, but I know it will work. I've already started "prepping" for the challenge by starting a light workout program so I won't die when I start on 9/3.

  • Are we supposed to start on a Monday, or does it not matter?

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  • Hey Everyone, My name is Brian and Im in with you all to start on the 3rd of Sept. I am new to this. I've been reading the book and am highly motivated to change. I am curious how do I start a thread kinda like an introductory thing?

    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.
  • Hi to all!!!  Excited to start on the 3rd of Sept with you all.  This is an important step - cant wait to see the transformation ;-)  I look forward to hearing your stories!


  • Im starting on Sunday the 5th and having saturdays as my day off, so Ill pretty much be starting with you, two days isn´t much difference, Ill keep in touch! Will everyone be writing on this thread or another one?

  • I'm in. A bit about me - I've tried this before but life kept getting in the way (I'm sticking to that story!). I'm 44, and I realize it's time for me to get healthy by eating right and exercising. I'm spoiled because I was a size two until my late 30s. I didn't really have to work at it. Now I'm older, on weight-causing meds for depression, and at home doing nothing because I'm on disability.

    I want to be healthy (which I'm not) and slim. I want to see if it's true that exercise and fitness will help combat depression. It won't be a cure because I'm actually bipolar so my mental illness isn't due to my life situation but brain chemistry. I am hoping that this challenge will be a turning point in my life.

    I'm now 5'0' and 142 pounds. I'm looking to get back down to my healthy weight of 98-101 pounds.

    Best wishes to all of you.


  • Hey everyone.  I am starting on August 29th.  I want to join this group because a guy I am working with is starting on sep 3rd.  I am ready to actually start the BFL challenge, which I have been procrastinating against for over a year now.  I will be posting my starting pictures soon.  Good luck everyone.

  • Hi everyone. My name is Desiree and I too am starting the program on 9/3. I am way excited and look forward to hearing about everyone's success and progress in the program. I too am new to this but am looking forward to seeing a BIG change in myself. I have let myself go for way too long and I am tired of not being able to handle seeing myself in all the "fat" pictures. I want to change, but this time I want to make this a change for a lifetime. Life is too short.  I just finished the book and am eager to get started with all of you!  Talk to you all soon and good luck!  

  • Howdy all! I'm in as well!! My name is Renita, and I'm really excited about this challenge, just to see what is possible and suprise myself. I've made some nice progress on my own, but I think this will definitely take me to the next level if I put my effort into. Look foward to getting to know you all!