HUNGRY....3:30pm carb cravings...time is 3:26

  • manuela~ that sounds good!!  i like tea...but i like it nice and sweet.  I tell you, I have a tendency to drink pepsi calorie....debating if i should be going down that road at all...there are so many articles on sodas...even though it's one calorie...any thoughts on diet sodas?

  • well I am not a big fan of sodas and also not if they are diet sodas. Because they contain artificial sugar. The body does not know the difference and will react with insulin anyway. Inuslin is used to process the sugar in our bodies. Since there is no sugar it will float in your blood stream and process any blood sugar it can find and then it will cause ravenous appetite signaling the body that it NEEDS to eat. I don't think that is a very comfortable situation to be in. I guess insulin just doesn't like to be bored and tries anything to keep itself busy :-) Personally I stay away from sodas of all kind but I guess it is easier for me since I don't like them that much anyway.

    One more remark about tea: a few years ago I used to drink tea only with sugar. Then I thought about all the extra calories I put in my system and just started to drink it without. I needed some time to get used to it but now I love it.