Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • I finished C1 on August 9th.  I lost 16.4 pounds and went from 22.3% body fat to 18.8 percent.  I am starting C2 on August 23rd and would LOVE to have someone start with me.  I find I do MUCH better when I have a "Body for Life Buddy"!



  • Hi Heather

    My name is Sandra. I finished C1 on 7/16 and would love to join you Aug 23rd for C2!

    On C1, I lost 15 lbs and 13.5 inches overall. I have been working out since then, not too consistently, but just enough to maintain the weights I was pushing during the challenge. However, I find I need the discipline of the the daily logging and planning.

    Looking forward to joining you Monday a week!

    Good luck!


  • Hi Im Jason.

    Ok, Im on board. I will be finishing C1 at the end of this week. Im officially not taking an active rest between challenges. I had a business trip during weeks 9 and 10 and it was so busy and hectic I stopped working out and I didnt follow the diet. All restaurant eating. I didnt gain much but it took me all of week 11 to get back in the groove to start showing a loss again. That is three weeks lost )-:

    Point being Im not stopping after week 12 now that Im back in the saddle.

    Also I will be doing detailed journalism to include calorie summarization.

    At this point Ive lost 15 lbs and might loose another one or two by the end of this week.

    Oh, and Ive got another business trip planned for the week of Sept 13th. This time wont be as busy so I should be able to maintain some respectable level of BFL.  

    Im excited and looking forward to C2!

  • Hey Sandra, Congrats on completing the challenge. I just noticed that is today (-:

  • Hi Jason

    That's not me - that would be Heather - our other C2 buddy starting 7/23! But thanks anyway!


  • Hi Jason

    That's great news! I know how you feel - I had to fly to the UK for a week for my father-in-law's funeral - and it was really tough staying on track with airline food and staying with relatives....... I tried my best - I was just pleased to have not gained anything. Congratulations for getting back on track and mostly for starting off C2 right away - I ended 7/16 and have been on a slippery slope - I really need that discipline!

    Also, congrats on your great results!

    Looking forward to C2 - bring it on!


  • Hi Heather

    I tried answering your friend request - thanks very much! However, I just get error messages - not sure how I can fix that - but I'll keep trying.

    In the meantime - I did want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your great results!

    Looking forward to next week!


  • Woops, only two buddies to keep track of and Im already having trouble (-:

  • Hi Jason, Sandra & Heather

    I finished my first challenge on 8/15 and would/need to start another challenge.  I back slide almost all the way to the bottom the last 3 weeks of my last challenge so I am only taking one week of AR while i get my head screwed on straight and my brain in the right place - I have no idea how I did as far as results go because I haven't been on a scale or near a measuring tape - I am afraid to say if I have to go by clothes then I have most likely gained some of what I lost back BUT today and Monday will be a new day.

    PLEASE count me in as a dedicated 8/23er  =)   starting my second challenge.

    Life IS Good
    Not in BFL challenge currently

  • Hi Folks,

    I started on Monday, but that group is so big (33 people now) it's hard to keep track.  Mind if I join you?  I'll consider this week to be my test week!  Next Monday, the 23 is my birthday so that's a good start date too!  Setting intentions for a new year of health and fitness!  Congrats on finishing one round, it'll be nice to hear from you experts... especially when my motivation starts to lag.

    So are you morning work-out people or afternoon or evening?  I'm finding the mornings to be really a great way to start my day.  When I workout at night it's hard for me to get to sleep. Anyone else have that problem?  

  • Hi Cory

    Glad to have you onboard! Here's to Monday!


  • Hi there!


    I am a morning person just so I can get it done. I have more energy for the rest of the day that way. I also prefer to do the cardio before eating - that way one burns more fat.

    Happy birthday for Monday!


  • Good morning all August 23rders!

    It look like we have a nice little group here.  I am really looking forward to C2 (especially since I will be back to work in  a couple of starts).  Should we give ourselves a name and/or start a new thread once we officially start or would it be easier to just keeping posting here?

    Let me know what you all think!

    I am definitely a morning work-out person.  If I don't get it done then, then it probably won't get done at all.  But I really like starting out my day that gets me going!

    Heather :)

  • Morning Everyone =)

    I am a morning WO person also - get it done and out of the way, works at getting rid of the fat that I am trying to shrink, and if i get to the gym early, 5:00 a.m.  I am the only one there - LOVE THAT.  My husband WO's in the mornings also so if i am lagging he gives me a shove out of bed and out the door- love him for that =)

    I am good with whatever anyone else thinks about our name.

    I am just excited to get back to it, didn't do as well as I hoped on my first challenge although I did learn a lot about myself and what i need to succeed, now it's just a matter of "living it" day by day.

    Excited for us all.

    Have a great day 8/23ers!!!!  

    Monday will be here soon...................

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  • I almost forgot to mention - I post on the "BFL Coffee Crew" thread also, you might check it out from time to time they are a fabulous group of people going on there - TONS of support from some well seasoned BFLers.

    Have a great day.

    Life IS Good
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