**Question on Silk "Light" Chocolate Soymilk**

  • Hi Folks,

     I couldn't resist buying this in Targe yesterday, because a) It was on sale b) I thought maybe I could drink that at night with a protein source as a meal, and c) I LOVE Chocolate Soy and it is very low in Calories and Fat.

    I don't want to inhibit any progress, but the yogurt I eat at night has pretty much the same Calories/Fat/Sugar/Carbs etc.......

    Do you think making this switch would be OK? I know it's not technically "authorized" like Fat Free Milk is, but It's still healthy for you.

  • There are plenty of foods that are "not technically "authorized" like Fat Free Milk is, but It's still healthy for you." Sticking to the list will give you good results. I stopped drinking soy because it can mess with estrogen levels can cause man boobs or lower testosterone (not sure how true this is but it was in the news.) Are you comparing it to yogurt (a carb) or GREEK yogurt? You need 20g of protein a meal.

    If you go here (http://bodyforlife.com/library/food-list) Fat-free yogurt and Fat-free milk are listed as carbs. Just because something has protein in it does not make it a proper food for protein portion.

    Here are the APPROVED protein sources as per the website (which is a little different from the book)


    Chicken ***
    Turkey ***
    Lean ground turkey
    Orange roughy
    Top round steak
    Top sirloin steak
    Lean ground beef
    Lean ham
    Egg whites or substitutes
    Low-fat cottage cheese
    Wild-game meat
    Turkey Bacon

    Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk

    1 cup (8oz) 120 cals 1.5g fat 22g carbs 5g protein

    That's a 73/16/11 carb/protein/fat ratio and BFL should be about 40/40/20


    Hope this helps,



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  • Bryan,

    I'm glad you posted what you did. I have severe thyroid disease and unfermented soy is absolutely HORRIBLE for thyroid function. So please people only drink soy milk if you want to slow down your metabolism.  If thats what you're after, go for it.

    RE unauthorized foods... I drink almond milk in my coffee and also mix it with my protein shakes. Its not authorized.  Its low fat low cal and the unsweetened is no carb. Its a rule that I bend. I even use the ORIGINAL almond breeze which is sweetened (10 carbs per serving) in my POST WORK OUT shake only.  This is a nutritional alteration that I have made.  

    Its sort of individual how strict you want to be. I don't think almond milk was around when BP wrote his book.

  • Bryan is right that the soy milk is "off-ratio", probably because most of them have so much sweetener to make them palatable. Soy yogurt appears to be similar. But other soy products are on the list: Tempeh



    Texturized vegetable protein

    Soy foods

    Veggie burgers

    - bodyforlife.com/.../food-list

    Can't speak to the thyroid issue, but if that's not a concern, the key is probably to read the label. Within any type of product, such as veggie burgers, there can be a big variation in protein.