working mom of 4 joining the challenge. Sound like anyone else?

  • My husband and I both work full time.  When we're home, it's a blur of activity, none of it healthy.  There's no time for BFL meal planning.  Not to mention exercise.  We can't afford equipment and going to the gym with small children in tow is a bit hard.  When we do have quality time together it obviously means they'll be food involved.

    So "challenge" is definately the right word when I decided to lose weight!  I need encouragement if I'm going to shrink from a size 12 to an 8.

    Any other busy, crazy, sleep-deprived-overweight moms out there?

  • I am not, but I have met plenty of them to know that the one thing they all have in common is a strong determination and the ability to get up early.  Most of the moms I know workout at like 5 in the morning every morning.  They run, bike, or lift weights long before anyone else is awake.  I really admire them.  Not only do they have their families to care for, but they have to get up at the crack of dawn to care for themselves.  But I will tell you the same thing I tell them, you are not just doing this for yourself.  You are doing this to set the example for those little ones sound asleep while you are out there working out and planning the menus to be healthy and set the example of a healthy life to a future generation.  This is why it is so amazing to be a mom and to be doing this.  Your example will be so powerful.  Good luck.

  • Hi Nicole, I am a working mom of 2 and just joined. Im very excited to see my transformation in 12 wks. good luck to you!

  • I sure can relate! I'm a full time working mom with a 3 hour daily commute... one of my motivations to do this challenge was to have some energy left at the end of the day. I'm in week two and so far with a bit of planning and getting up early, it seems to be working. I too want to get down to a size 8. I have never been able to stick with an exercise program before - I was a master of excuses! Not this time - I really liked the part in the book where he described making promises to ourselves and keeping them. It really hit home for me.

    Count on me to send any encouragement your way that I can.

    Definitely sleep deprived and crazy!


  • @ DMYK,

     A 3 hour commute?  Yikes.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

  • Yep, that's me. Working mom of four, don't even need to say that I'm sleep deprived, it's a given LOL!!! I've completed one 12 week challenge and I'm halfway through my second! You can do this, my main piece of advise would be to be flexible and no matter what just get it done!!! Started at a tight size 12, in a lose 10 now and I'm sure I'll be in an 8 before this challenge is over! If I can do it so can you! Congratulations and welcome!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thanks Tisha!  It's been HARD so far and it's only been a few!  Congratualtions to you too!  

  • I hear ya - I am a mother of four and go to school an hour away fulltime, work three days a week at a youth homeless shelter and am a workstudy student one day a week. My husband and I work totally weird hours and have a hard time organizing anything. But I just kept remembering if I don't do  this - I am not going to be around for my kids for much longer.......I weight 270lb. and just want to get healthy. I want to be able to walk a flight of stairs without getting out of breathe. You can do this - you jusst have to find what makes you want it.....

  • I have 3 kids and work part time, but still have a flurry of activities.  I will say the advice in the book that helps me the most was the quote 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail'.  I make sure I know what I am having for everymeal the day before and if its going to be crazy at dinner time, I make sure i have lots of veggies cut up so everyone can munch on those will the main meal is can do it - you just need to be planful!

  • Crazy.  3 weeks in and 4 pounds down.  After work has been the best time for me to work out.  Come home from work, have dinner with the family, settle down the kids and then it's off to the basement for excersize.  Eating has been pretty good.  We have hard-boiled eggs in the frige all the time and cans of tuna in the pantry as well as powdered protein for shakes-these are what I started calling "dash proteins" lol  for when I'm late for work and don't have time to cook up something healthy for meals.  We also have plenty of bananas, apples, and potatoes for carbs....I learned that a baked potato from last nights dinner is terrific reheated in the microwave with some salt and pepper and I can eat it with my hand when cut in half!

    I sometimes have perfect eating days and sometimes not-I will never turn down a bite of icecream from my sharing 4 year old and I refuse to give up 2% milk in my morning coffee.  Some things are not up for argument. LOL

  • You can do it! I am a mom of 3 and an executive manager which I spend the majority of my time pacing in my office with a headset on, then when I get home its a whirlwind of dinner, bathtime, bedtime and usually I am in bed with my laptop still working. LOL. Not much time for me.  I have done this challenge before and saw myself change into who and what I wanted to be.  I kinda got lost in my job, not that its a bad thing, but theres no physical activity in an office, unless i am doing squats by the copier. LOL. So now I started again, working out before I go to work.  I don't have the money to belong to a gym so I have free weights, a yoga ball and some tension bands.  I use some cardio videos for the rainy/cold days and run in my neighborhood and on a local trail.  I can only afford to use one EAS product per day. Its so worth it in the end. My best advice, Eat exactly what the program says, NEVER less. It really put a dent into my progress because I was afraid to gain weight.  Second word of advice, GET RID OF YOUR SCALE.  I weighed myself so much that each 1/2 a pound of fluctuating weight I had would either put me into a depression or get me pumped.  It was so up and down that I put the scale in my car and only pulled it out once a week. Made me really look forward to my "weigh in.  Kept me motivated more.  Keep up the positive thoughts and remember theres a million ladies out there just like us, but we are actually doing something about it. Take Care, One day at a time:)