Hungry all day

  • I don't know how wrong I am?


    Let us agree to disagree. I'm at work so I do not have my BFL book with me. I surely do remember the phrase "non-tropical" fruit... because I sat and pondered what would be considered "tropical". I actually came up with pineapple, mango, papaya, and banana. though apparently BP is okay with banana.

    I am not.

    I was giving the OP suggestions.  She says she is HUNGRY.

    And please don't tell me how wrong I am. Its condescending. You know nothing about me our my nutritional education/background/experience.

    Lets agree to disagree on this one because I have no interest in attempting to convince you of anything.

    Best regards.

  • It kinda of like how can I take BFL and make it more strict and better. You are both right. If you look at what some of the champions did you will see they did a modified BFL program tailored to their goals and body.


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  • Roadkatt - to answer your original question (minus all the banana drama) I agree with the people who suggest that you might want to get a little more protein in (or some protein at all) in those meals. I like to have an apple with either 1-2 Tbsp of peanut butter or 2 pieces of Laughing Cow cheese. Adds some protein and fat and makes it more filling than an apple alone. You can also mix protein powder into your oatmeal. As for the chocolate chips - yes, technically they are not authorized but if 10 chocolate chips keeps you sane for the day and keeps you on track, I don't think it's a big deal. If, on the other hand, you're eating a huge serving, or it's the beginning of a slippery slope into cheating, then you would need to cut them out, obviously. Everyone operates a little differently and has different goals. Will 10 chocolate chips a day slow your progress ? Possibly. In a measurable, significant amount ? I don't know. But really ... this is not only about a 12 week challange but also about learning habits that will work for you to keep you healthy for life.

    My favorite breakfast is a fried or poached egg in a piece of toast (I have great nonstick pans ... thought I better throw that in there before someone freaks out at the word "fried."

    And one more thing ... I THINK you said in the first post that you are a 5'5" female ? About 150 pounds ?  1400 calories can be pretty low, even as a woman - I am 5'5" and currently at about 170, but my BFL meals work out to about 1800 a day and I can lose steadily on that, at least at first. Maybe try to increase the protein portions in your meals, just at first, until you adjust to the new lifestyle. I inow that BFL is not a "calorie counting" plan, but knowing how many calories we are consuming is an easy reference point for most people, and I think you can go above 1400 and still lean out. That's just from my experience, and there's some trial and error involved there, as there is for everyone.


  • I would like to thank every one for thier responses. I would also like to apologize for starting a banana war. That was not my goal with this post. That being said I did add some protein (lean ham) to my breakfast and paid more attention to how much protein I had with each meal. I believe someone said a good guideline is to stay around 20g per meal. That helped immediately! I couldn't believe how not hungry I felt all day. There were a few times where I did start feeling hunger but this was due to timing. That's going to be an issue for me throughout the program. I work in a busy clinic and there are days when I literally can't stop long enough to eat much of a meal between breakfast and lunch. The shakes help as they are easy to put together and drink. Not much preparation. Someone asked which ones and they are the AdvantEdge shakes. I also have to stick with something easy in the morning as I don't have time to cook in the morning. I'm up by 5am to head to the gym or the track. By the time I get home I have just enough time to get ready for work and get out the door before my commute ends up being horrendous.  I grab breakfast in the cafeteria and the oatmeal is one of the healthiest things they serve in the mornings. Adding the ham helped me make it to lunch without to much trouble.

    Kristin, I am 5 foot 3 and a half inches tall and weigh 150 lbs. I have started paying more attention to protein/carb grams and trying to equalize them plus get 1g of each per pound of body weight. Talk about trying to figure out a whole new eating habit, (and trying to get a stubborn spouse to buy into this as well)! I used to eat around 250g carbs a day which explains why I can exercise and still have 'flubber' hanging around my middle! After reading these posts it also explains why I was hungry all the time.

    Someone had mentioned that I really need to be careful with the size of the banana I eat in the mornings. I do choose a smaller banana, maybe 5-6 inches long. If I can't get a smaller one then a large one will last 2 mornings. Truthfully, the only reason I use a banana is because I don't really like oatmeal without something in it. I could pair the oatmeal with something else, I just need to find something that tastes good with it.

    Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to  answer.


  • Lyn... so glad you're doing better. Have you tried cinnamon and splenda in your oatmeal? I really like it that way the cinnamon makes it NOM NOM NOMY.

    And don't worry about the "Banana War" LOL.  There's nothing like a semi-tropical fruit to get people's blood boiling.

  • I agree with the cinnamon as I already do that. I actually don't put any sweetener in my oatmeal. The cinnamon does fine and you're's yummy!

    One thing I forgot to mention above is the yogurt I listed on my original post is the Dannon greek yogurt that has 12g protein in it. Not sure how much difference that makes other than it boosts the protein a little.

  • Alot of us like to add some vanilla protein powder (whey) to our yogurt to get the protein grams up.  My whey protein has 24g of carbs per scoop so 12g in 1/2 a scoop... so I'd add a scant 1/2 scoop to that yogurt.

  • One more thing, if you crace chocs bad like I do, buy Cadbury Buttons or anything similar. They are extremely tiny flakes 0.5 gram each. You can have one when you crave it bad. Savour it. That will reduce choc craving.

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  • also when i add protein powder to yogurt, let it sit for awhile to softn up otherwise it feels gritty