Body for life a scam?!

  • I bought the book for $1.50 on So, if it is a scam, I didn't lose much. Scams are usually into cheating you out of money, thus the term, SCAM. My mom was an advocate of the program because she did it years ago and told me it was pretty good. I thought, what the hell, I have nothing to lose except $1.50. I read the book and thought the program made sense. I had been in and out of the gym all my life. I was mostly using a very old-school work out I learned in High School and I noticed in the gym, no one else was doing that stuff anymore except a couple of fat old guys. LOL. So, I gave it a try, and wow. I got great results. After my 12 weeks, I mentioned the program to a few people that work out, and they also said they remember that program and that it's good. A few people criticize some small details, such as saying, "Body For Life" while lifting. I think that's stupid corny crap that I wish he would have left out because that's all people remember and they laugh at the program. However, I agree with someone that said that your friend actually agrees with you. He does. All BFL is, is diet and excercise spelled out for you. It's not magic, it's just kind of what you need to get into shape. What BFL does for me is it has a program laid out that I can follow that makes sense. I can get my upper entire upper body worked out hard in 45 minutes. That's amazing. I could never figure out a way to do that before. So, it fits my life style.

    Now, what I use BFL for, is I do the weight part of it 3 days a weeks, and just skip the cardio part. I am pretty active so it's OK. I surf 2 or 3 days a week. I run 2 or 3 days a week. I go hiking on the weekends. I do all kinds of things, so while it's not the same thing as the BFL cardio, it's just about being active and healthy and it works really well.

    One thing that has made me very happy is that it was very difficult to get into shape. But, staying in shape is kind of easy. You have to work harder to get there than you do to stay there.

    Anyway, maybe don't mention BFL to people. Just do your thing and don't worry about it. I don't talk to people about it really because most people don't care. I just say I go to the gym.

  • HI Jessbarz, how is it a scam if you DONT have to buy the shakes, you can use generic if you want of don't use at all (i didnt use any for 1 month)  PLUS quoting what the person said, "All yoou need to is to eat healthy, work out really hard and don't eat processed foods."  OKKK thats what we are all doing :) eating healthy and working out :)))) RIGHT?  No magic pills for $99.99

    Regarding the 12 week thing, most people do multiple challenges then just take it as a way of life, BUT for starters who might feel overwhelmed with the whole, OMG this is forever, the 12 week thing is smart, THATS what PERSONALLY kept me on track, I know there is an end, but now im halfway through and im already planning on adopting it as a lifestyle. But in the beginning if it was an endless thing i probably wouldnt have made it past the first month.

    Thats just my opinion, i also used to take it to heart when someone says sth like that, but now it makes me want to work harder to prove them wrong :)))))

    You go on and we are here for the support you need.

    Im not an expert, just struggling like most of us and happy with all the support the forums have given!

  • Yikes I dont know why it amazes me to hear such negative comments from people.I didnt even buy the book I read my sisters. I didnt enter officially but I did just finish 12 weeks. I am down 15lbs and went from a size 12 to 6/8. You keep workin hard and eatin right and let all the changes happen. Oh'll be the one with the smokin hot body in the end!!!!!!

  • Jezz,

    There will be those who are really negative about it and will say anything.  It is their fear and jealousy that gets in the way of them being happy for others.  Whether it be a promotion, a new car, or losing weight, they cannot find it in themselves to be happy for others.  That is sad.

    That being said, yes there are other ways to lose weight.  I have done it in the past with just exercise and good nutrition and had decent results.  What this program did for me was get me to look at it as a lifestyle due to looking into my mindset and finding out why I am where I am.

    Funny, I had some of the negative people at work and after about 3 months of my first challenge, there were asking what I was doing.  They had forgot all about there crummy thoughts about it at first!  Here I am a year and a half later and I still have people at work asking me what I am doing.  Only now that they have seen results, they aren't as negative.

    Don't take it personally as it has nothing to do with you and will only derail your efforts if you let it.  Press on.