A Beginner's Introduction

  • I am currently 5'9" 185 lbs. Doesn't seem all that bad but my body is extremely out of shape. I am carrying a lot of that weight in my midsection. I am a former athlete and military veteran who was always in great shape and have really let myself slip in the past 4 yours. I am looking at starting body for life to get back into shape and feel better about myself. The only problem I foresee myself with this program is eating. I have looked at a lot of your food diaries and everything else to get an idea of how to eat and plan your meals. I think with my schedule I will be eating atleast two myoplex shakes or meal replacement bars a day. Meaning 4 food meals and 2 replacement meals daily. What would you reccomend for a myoplex shake and meal replacement bar? Also with whey protein I am looking at adding it to me cereal in the am and with a shake daily will that be enough? Thank you for the help.

  • "cereal" is not really an authorized food. if you're talking about OATMEAL you're good to go. Oatmeal plus whey protein = Proatmeal... and is a great BFL food.