Too many vitamins on BFL Program?

  • How do you avoid taking too many vitamins when taking a standard daily multivitamin PLUS using two (2) myoplex meal replacement bars per day?

    Are there meal replacement bars without the vitamins?

    I do not plan on eliminating my daily multivitamin.

  • Well why not eliminate the multivitamin? Why are you so resistent to stopping your multivitamin when you know your already covered by the myoplex, I dont get your logic?

  • Instead of using the meal replacement bars use just whey powder, I'm looking at my huge tub of EAS Whey  and it has no vitamins in it just 13% calcium and 3% iron.  I can't understand why anyone uses the meal replacement stuff - don't you want to eat fruit or oatmeal instead of it powdered?

    Also, I thought you couldn't over dose on vitamins what your body doesn't use just gets flushed out?

  • It is possible to overdose on vitamins!  Some of them, like vitamin E, are excreted in the urine when there is excess but others, like vitamin A, are stored in the body and will build up.  Side effects of overdosing includes internal bleeding or poisoning.  We learned about this from my husband's nephrologist (kidney specialist).  It is most unlikely that the average person will approach those limits, but definately not a good idea to double up or mega-dose.  If you are ever questioning your supplements/vitamins, don't hesitate to phone or email your doctor.

  • You could ingest as much water soluble vitimins as you like and these would be excreeted by the body , water soluble Vitimins are Vitamin B abd Vitamin C

    However its danderous to over consume fat soluble vitamins because any thats nots used is stored in the body which can build up a toxicity, these vitimins are Vitimin,A,D,E and K

    A simple solution is to have 2 meal replacements shakes and 4 wholefood meals and your  covered and drop the multivitimin because 2 meal replacements give 100% rda

  • My logic is that the Myoplex Bars are lacking in many of the vitaminsAND minerals included in my Daily Multivitamin.

    Moreover, you are incorrect in your statement that 2 meal replacements gives you 100% RDA (e.g., only 25% of RDA of Magnesium is found in a Myoplex Bar).

    Lastly, what are some meal replacement bars without vitamins or what are some quick substitutes for a meal replacement bar when you are in a hurry, at the office (no refrigerator), or traveling?