Frustrated already! Starting on Monday, need help with cardio, PLEASE!

  • Let me start  by saying that I have been doing cardio workouts, and every other workout known to man for the past 3 months. So, the BFL book suggests that high intensity cardio training is working at 75% of max heart rate. For me that's 132 bpm. For me that's not hard enough. I don't feel that I'm pushing myself yet my doctor tells me that working at 188bpm could be dangerous. How can I cross the abyss and reach a 10 if I should only work at 132 bpm and not feel like I'm pushing? At the moment I'm running on a treadmill for 20 mins maintaining a heart rate of about 145 - 150 doing intervall training. Could I get some claification on this, please? This program has to work for me. As I said, I've tried everything.

    Oh, one more thing, if there are any other Aussies out there doing this, could you let me know?



  • The max heart rate thing is kinda bunk from everything I have read about it. I asked my Doc as well and he told me as long as I am not pushing it over 180BPM for extended periods it should be fine and I'm a big guy.

    Basically what he told me to look for is to make sure after my high point intervals that in the "level 6" minute my BPM drops steadily back down before I start the next cycle.  He said make sure you take nice deep breaths during that time.

    When I am doing my cardio what I find is first set I get to about 145 after "level 9" then it drops back to about 130-135 then about 155 in set 2, back down to 140, 165 in set 3 back down to 145-150, 175-180 in min 19 when I am pushing for that "10" then when in the cool down minute its back down to 140-150 by the end of that cool down. He also said go by how I feel. Any sort of light headedness or dizzy feeling or seeing spots to cut it back immediately.

    Now I am not a Doc by any stretch and don;t know your current physical shape, but maybe explain to your Doc that its not extended 180+ BPM but cycles up and down. I am lucky, my Doc is very familiar with not only BFL but HIIT training in general.

  • Amanda - I know what you mean ... I am also not a doctor, but they are SO conservative in their estimates of what is "75%" of your heart rate. And that feels different to everyone, based on how fit you are (or aren't ) I can tell you a story though: I worked with a personal trainer for awhile, she was 55 years old at the time and super-fit, and she would routinely get her heart rate up into the high 170s for her HIIT. Now I'm not telling you to do that, I don't know your health concerns, etc and I do know that she was super healthy .... just know that it can be done. If 132 isn't enough, push for more !

    My Dad is in his 60s and when he goes in for his yearly physical he has to BEG them to let him run on the treadmill for his EKG at a pace that will really push his heart rate up. The doctors stand there nervously wringing their hands, but his thinking is, "Hey, if I'm gonna give myself a heart attack running. I may as well do it here !"

    By the way, how's the weather out there in beautiful Beverly Hills ?? [wink, wink] ;-)

  • Thanks BCBill, I'll give that a go!

  • Hey Kristin

    The Bev is great so I hear! I wish I was there. I've been to the US once and loved it! Didn't spent enough time there though. My husband and I are planning on spending a few months travelling around some day.

    Anyway, hows the program going? I'm just going to push it, after all it's only for one minute - it shouldn't kill me? I've just bought a great weight bench. Can't wait to get stuck into it!

  • Amanda - I am planning a trip to Australia next year with my mom !!

    That's actually part of motivation to lose this weight ! We will probably fly coach - first class from the States to down under would be fabulous, but it's several thousand dollars more ... and the comfort level of those seats is inversely proportional to one's body size !! If I'm gonna sit in a box for 14 hours, I'd much rather be small, fit & flexible ! And not spilling out over the waistband of my pants. Also, the trip itself is MAJOR motivation ! EVERYTHING will be easier and more fun when I'm fit & healthy & svelte. Don't you hate packing for a trip when your #1 priority is trying tp pick things that you still fit into and that don't make you look too fat ? I just want to throw easy traveling clothes into a suitcase and know that I can fit into anything and look and feel great. No extra rolls or straining seams. Or those unsightly creases across the crotch area because the pants are too tight ... ugh.

    The trip itself is going to be almost 2 weeks, and that can actually be pretty tiring ! Touring around, walking, traveling, sightseeing, flying to a new place ... being in great shape and having endurance will be a MUST !!

    There I go, babbling again. But I am glad you brought up travel, because along with wanting to buy an entire new wardrobe, that's one of the other things that I really am looking forward to experiencing in a whole new way when I am at my ideal weight. I don't want to ever again be just another "fat tourist."

    And I can't wait to throw out these old jeans !!

  • I completely agree with being more fit to travel. Everything will be so much better healthy. I gotta tell ya, this past couple of weeks, I have more pep in my step, feel lighter on my feet, more energy.  At the end of this thing, we will want to go hiking for miles!  And I'm definately going to look into a trip to  the down under. I hear it's beatiful.  Good luck with your new week! No worries, everything will be  great, and you will be in those old Jeans hoofin it all along Austraila with your mom.

    Good luck!


  • Gidday Kristin, let me know where you are going to travel to over here and I may be able to give you some inside travel tips. I've seen most of Australia. I was in the Army for 14 years so I got to see alot. The time of year will determine the best places to see. But be warned, don't expect to see kangaroos bouncing around the main streets - because they really don't! And there is no Denny's which is a same because I really loved having breakfast at Denny's.

    I know what you mean about the travel time. It's long. Don't worry though, you will look great. Buy a bikini and get ready to snorkel the great barrier reef.

    Where is the US do you live?


  • As a reference, I'm 38 and weight 165 and have exercised on and off for years. But when I do interval training, my heart rate can get up into high 170s for the highest interval, but it only stays there for about 45 seconds before I drop it back down by lowering the intensity. That's just me though. I'm no doctor ;) (there, I believe that sufficiently limits my liability).