wanting to get started

  • Hello all!

    What a great place!  There is just so much information and support.  For someone like me it is so very overwhelming. 

    For many years, now, I have been trying to loose weight.  Gone to gyms for months on end with absolutly no results other then painful ankles and sore feet.  I knew I was doing something wrong but no one would help me out other then to say "Your fat and just keep it up."  I changed my eating to what I though was a healthy one, just to find out that it really wasn't.  Always in search of a better way of living and eating, I came across "Eating for Life" and eventualy found my way here.  I have signed up for the challenge but now I am unsure as to where to go from here.  All the eating plans I have seen (both here and in my cookbook) talk about shakes and nutrition bars.  I live overseas (military spouse) and shipping takes at least two weekes to get to me, that is if they will even ship to an overseas location.  I am excited to try and succed in this new adventure but I am honestly lost.  If I am unable to get the shakes and the other nutrition items, can I substitute them for other things?  Are there other overseas military spouses out there that have found a way of doing this lifestyle change with ease?

    Thank you for helping out in this confusing time.  This looks so much fun and I think this is going to work for me.  Just scared becasue for me it is hard to put all this information into something workable and understandable. 


  • You don't have to use bars and or shakes unless you want to officially enter the challenge and then it's just as long as you use them at some point during your challenge.  So waiting a couple of weeks on shakes won't prevent you from getting started.

    This is a great program for long term success as well.  Congratulations on your decision!

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  • As Michelle said you don't have to already have the shakes and/bars to start, and don't have to have them through a whole challenge. I've used them through my challenges, but sparingly. The main thing to do would be to follow the eating plan in the original Body for Life book. The Eating for Life book is great for maintenance once you get to your ideal weight.

    Congrats and good luck with your challenge! :)

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