August 9, 2010 Group!

  • 10 weeks in the books, hope everyone left finishes strong!

  • OK, gang this is it!  Two weeks to go.

    I for one am incredibly excited, still on board, ready to finish this round.  Getting compliments, wearing clothes I haven't fit into for years, literally.   Body For Life works, and what they say is true -- it is a total transformation, from the inside out.  Incredible....

    Anyway, how are you doing, Emma and tmgdreamsm ?  And everyone else?  Good luck to all!


  • hi everyone. well i have had a bad week. missed the gym cheated on the food. but started a fresh today and feel good again. ive upped my gym sessions for the last 2 weeks however after the 2 weeks i am gonna continue the challange ragime up until christmas. then i can have as much alcohol and christmas food as i like lol. hope everyone else is doing well. 2 weeks to push x x (WOO HOO) thats for you pam x

  • Hi I'm hangin in too. The pounds are staying but I cannot believe how much healthier I feel durring hiit. Wow! I can actually jog for several minutes. I feel great. Life is so busy but my energy level is enough that I can keep up. It's unbelievable.  I have 50 or so pounds yet to lose. I have momentum though, there is no comparison to what I felt like when I started 10 weeks ago. It is a little overwhelming to think about 50 more pounds at least 2 more challenges.

    When I started walking 3.3 mph was moderate with 3.9mph was my high. I had to jog at 4mph (I couldn't walk that fast.) very soon 4mph will be my low- moderate. 5mph is my high point with 3.5 incline. I think I need to up that a little I wasn't feeling like I was going to keel-over when I finished this morning.

    I know sometimes the scale doesn't cooperate with  progress so I need to see it in other places, like fittness and inches.

    I need to drink a lot more water. Good luck to you all. Can you see the light?(notice the pun?)

  • TMGdreamsm -- Great job!  Sounds like all your hard work is paying off, if energy levels are high, and fitness is increasing.... I wouldn't worry about having to confront more challenges ahead to lose the weight you want, we all have to face that.... I think if this is to be a LIFE change, we have to take on challenge after challenge until it is really second nature.

    Woo Hoo Emma!  I am with you, have to stay strong through Christmas season!

    These past two weeks I have let up a bit, body really tired and achy, perhaps overtraining?  Anyway, I am still fitter than ever, run faster and further and lighter on me feet that ever (4 miles on the treadmill this morning), so that is really encouraging.

    Have lost weight, down three sizes, GREAT.  Would love to lose 10 more pounds, so fully intend to stay with this for at least another Challenge.  BODY FOR LIFE, right?  

    Good luck to all these last few days.  I've already ordered another BFL Journal through Amazon (I love it), so looking ahead already!

    Woo Hoo!  Pam L.

  • I am starting my next challenge on the 6th. I guess it is recommended to take an active rest for one week.

    BFL journal? I'll have to check that out.