Starting BFL tomorrow Aug. 2nd

  • Anybody out there?

    Busy with week 8. Still going strong! Not seeing the results I want, but I'm being patient. I know I'll get there eventually!

    Some tough weekends away coming up during the next 3 weeks, but I'm planning my workouts ahead and feel confident that the weekends will be good.  I want to really push myself this last 4 and a half weeks, as from what I've seen a lot of the progress happens then.

    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • I am still there. Trying to push hard the past few weeks especially since my week 7 was a disaster. I tried to eat right but I only got my first WO done and then nothing else. So I will push extra hard during my WO and actually feel more motivated now than I did a week or so ago.

    I also hope that more progress will be showing soon. I think almost nothing happened in the past 4 weeks. Will get my body fat measured on friday. I don't think anything changed. And I will post pictures again. I hope someone will see a change.

  • I had a great week 7 except that I introduced milk into my nutrition and I think I started having too many calories. So, backing off the milk this week.

    My pants today don't even fit, they're ridiculously big. I've run out of holes in my belt! Yay!

    I missed my cardio workout two days ago. I was exhausted, having done legs the day before, tanned and then took a muscle relaxer. Bad idea! The trifecta of fatigue for two days after!

    Had a great workout last night on upper body. Then, did my cardio this AM. Tonight I have soccer too. I also missed my cardio on Saturday though I was at a motorcycle class all day and burned a lot of calories I'm sure as I was beat when I got home.

    Looking forward to doing my 8-week photos this weekend! Will post them. I have to say, this 12-week program seems like 12 years, even though I enjoy it. Anyone else feel that way?

  • So glad to hear everyone is still IN this!  I do feel like the past 8 weeks have been like months.  I am in the same boat as everyone else and seeing only minimal changes. So hopefully this is encouraging- because it is encouraging me to hear about you guys still needing to be patient.   My hubby says  he notices a lot.  My clothes are a wee bit loose but I was hoping for them to be falling off me.  I am going to try to get my bodyfat checked on Friday.   Man- it is tough. The eating takes so much discipline.  This month is big bday month in our family and there are temptations everywhere.  So far- I have stayed to only one free day!  Have not missed ONE workout!  Tomorrow is my daughters 7th bday so I may have to skip so I can be home when she wakes up.  

    Manuela- way to keep going!  We are almost there.


  • I managed to finish with a great week 8. I've posted my before and 8-week photos below...





  • Great job!  I haven't taken any pics but hoping to get down to about 18% bodyfat.  So we will see!  Four more weeks to go.  Lets give it our all!  Still in this and going strong!


  • Just curious if everyone is still plugging along.  In the home stretch now!  After looking at my calendar- i realized I officially started on the 9th.  I realized that the week prior, I was just testing different BFL meals and not 100% on the eating.  Plus my friend, who is doing this with me wasn't able to start till the 9th.  Anyways- just saying I am a week behind ya'll.  Not that you really needed to know those details but thought I would share anyways.

    What changes have ya been  noticing?  I have lost about 8 pounds and definately getting leaner but really wanting to see some dramatic changes.  


  • I'm still plugging along. Keeping up with the diet and exercise very well. Had a great free day on Saturday though! I've upped my cardio to every day and plan to do it for the last two weeks to get off the little bit of fat left (5-10 pounds or so). I'm a little bit discouraged and starting to question whether those 12-week transformation pictures are legitimately after only 12 weeks. But regardless I feel great and my clothes fit extremely loose now. I'll definitely keep doing it after the 12 weeks. I figure after another 12 weeks I might finally have the body I've always wanted. We'll see! How's everyone else doing?