Week 1 Help.....???

  • So I just finished week one and though I feel a difference, I cannot see a difference yet.  This is always the point where I end up giving up.  I feel like I have done SO great that I should see some sort of drop on the scale.  The scale hasn't dropped at all.  Is this normal?  I keep telling myself that week 2 will be the week.......but I need some encouragement.  I know I could be drinking more water, but I am following the meal plan to a T  and I also did my workouts everymorning.   I have a lot to lose so I really just need to see some change on the scale so I can keep up my spirit........  Anyone else have this issue ??




  • My goodness, no one "see's" a difference in the first week.  In fact you won't "see" much for a few weeks.  This program works from the inside out.

    GET OFF THE SCALE!  With this program you are going to see your weight fluctuate.  You are replacing fat with muscle so it sort of trades out.  Not until the later weeks will you see the scale really move.  The best thing to do is to get on the scale every 4 weeks and hide it all the other weeks.  Measure your progress with a tape measure as you will see the inches go before the scale weight.  By the end of your challenge you won't even care what the scale says.  You'll be speaking in terms of what size you are in rather than how much you weigh.  By the way, no one knows what you weigh but you unless you tell them.  I weigh 10 lbs more than I did wearing the same size cloths before gaining weight.

    So, hang in there, BELIEVE what you feel and be very patient.  It's a process and it's not easy but it is simple. :-)

    If you do a search in the forum for the word "scale" you'll find plenty of other threads where this is discussed.  It is a very typical concern but really nothing for you to worry about as long as you continue to follow the program as you indicate you are doing, getting in enough water and enough sleep.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • You didn't put on all of your weight in a single week, so you have to give your body time to rid itself of the excess weight and build it with muscle.  Though this is my first "official" week of the challenge, my first week of losing weight, I only lost 1 pound.  However, here I am 4 months later, down 42 pounds.  All in time my friend.


  • Thank you so much....that is what I needed to hear.  When you said that this program works from the inside out  - I really understand what you mean.  I do feel and difference and am so excited to stick with it and see what I can do :)

    Sincerely thanks....

  • Awesome job on 42 lbs.  I know the key is patience.  I only hope I can be where you are in 4 months :)

    Thank you

  • @ Sharon.  WOW.... I just saw your transformation photos.....  That is incredible.  I just hope I have the patience to stick with it.  I am starting at right around the same weight you started at.  I cannot make to make the change.    Congrats on all your hard work....  :)