August 1st Start

  • I am looking forward with nervous excitement at the prospect of getting back the energy and health I enjoyed before I had an office job.

    My end goal is to run a marathon, so most of my training will involve cardio and trimming down my 5'8" frame from 210 lbs to about 170.



  • Hey, I'd say goodluck Tim, but we both know luck has nothin to do with it, A?  I'm officially beginning on Aug. 2 and I'm really excited!  I completed the challenge ten years ago and had fantastic results, but it's time to do it again...okay, past  

  • Wow!  You two sound just like me!!!

    I am also starting Aug 2nd, my goal is also to run a marathon (I ran one a few years ago) and I also completed the challenge nine years ago-right after having my fourth baby.  I got down to 125 lbs and felt great, I maintained close to that for several years but then I changed my job, went back to grad school and I have MANY more pounds to show for all of that.  I will be graduating from grad school this week and I'm ready to do this again!!!!!

  • Yay, more August 2nd starters/marathoners.

    I've been sort of training for a marathon on 10-10-10 (I like the look of the date), but I'm lacking motivation for those 2+ hr runs, and no one knows if I run anyways! I wanted to incorporate some weights work, and I like how efficient BFL programs look. In what ways do you modify the program for marathon training? BFL seems all about short and intense. Most marathon programs emphasize endurance, with a sprinkling of intensity... Do you stick primarily to a marathon plan and add in some BFL-type workouts, or visa versa?



  • I, too, am starting August 2nd - Monday! I started a challenge last spring and made it through week 9 before all kinds of weird medical things hit me all at once (nasty tick bite, lymphoma, thyroid tumor) - totally unrelated, but definitely knocked me off my feet. SO, here I am, knowing the benefits I felt those 9 weeks and ready to make it the full 12!

    I'm also training for a mere 5K in October - I had never run more than a mile at a time in my life until this summer! Hopefully I'll be able to work up to a 1/2 marathon eventually.

    What I'm going to do is the Plan on my UB & LB Workout days, and probably alternate interval training with long distance running on my cardio days, maybe running Tues/Sat and intervals on Thursday. I may end up having to save long distance for Saturdays and Sundays, because I have three boys and two in football this fall!! The week will be busy, and I want to be realistic!

    For me, motivation for the workouts are easy because I know I'm so much better off physically and mentally with them. I'll have to focus hard on my calorie intake, however. I know the plan says not to worry about that, but I've got a weird metabolism, and for the sake of data, I think I'll be better off this time if I do and adjust my intake accordingly.

    I look forward to seeing you all in for forums!!

    Kimmie from Missouri

    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • I will be starting the challenge Aug 1.  I am up to running 3 miles, but will work on the intensitly during the days in between weights and hopefully keep up my endurance (and increase) during the week as well. My plan is to do BFL workouts in the morning - that way anything I do in the afternoon/evening is extra.  Please let me know if you have an opinion on this...I may be way off base with my thinking.  

  • I'm starting the challenge aug  2 also can't  wait so ready to be completely healthy

  • It sounds like there are quite a few of us who are starting the challenge either Aug 1 or 2.  I just got back from a week long vacation and plan on starting Monday the 2nd as well.  I am like some of you who have completed a challenge before with great success.  My sister and I did the full 12 weeks about 9 years ago and we both did well.  But then we both took a few weeks off, which led to a few months off, which led to a few years get the picture!!  I now have gained all that weight back plus more.  I am one of those who has 100+ lbs to lose and would love to be a part of a group of people who can support each other along the way.  While I don't have running a marathon on my "to do" list, my brother and I do have a very serious goal of climbing Mt. Rainier next summer so that gives me a year to complete 3-4 challenges and lose the weight and get in tip-top shape.  If anyone wants to be an e-mail buddy, let me know!  Best of luck to everyone!!

  • Hi Kimmie - I am a Kim too  :)   I am also starting on Aug 2nd.  I have an office job and do not currently excercise so this should be an adventure for me.   Need to lose at least 40 lbs and several inches of body fat.  

    See you in the forum!!

  • Yup, Aug 2nd for me too!!  

    I have a coworker that did the BFL 7 years ago and swears by it.  I have put off starting the challange for about a month now cause I want to "Look into it"  and be "Prepared".    I think I am going to have to just start it and figure it out as I go.  I read the book but have found the Challage kit to be more help than anything.  So here it goes.  My before pics are depressing but motivating. Can't wait to compare my after pics.

    Good luck all!

  • hi there, I can so relate to your challenge. I also completed the challenge 8 years ago, I lost 70 lbs in three months and kept it off for several years. I know have 80 lbs to lose to reach my goal. The good news is we know that we are capable of doing this, we just need to stay motivated. Best of luck, feel free to email me anytime. As I live in Canada i am not able to create a profile on this site :(

  • Having a goal to shoot for is very important. All the best to you in your fitness journey.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Kia Ora to you all!  I'm another starter for tomorrow.  Monday 2nd of August is BODY FOR LIFE day, and for me it's been a long time coming.  You never know - it might be day that changes our lives forever!  

    So here's my 6 meal list for tomorrow:  4 egg whites + wholemeal toast for breakfast, protein shake mid morning, chicken lettuce/tomato sandwich for lunch, protein bar for mid afternoon, zesty chicken with wholemeal fettuccine for dinner, and cottage cheese/strawberries for late evening.  Plus working on upper body tomorrow at the gym.  Good luck everyone who is starting tomorrow.  

    I'M SCARED!  (But prepared!)


  • Fitnurse:

    I would love to be an e-mail buddy with you.  I am not sure how we can exchange e-mails but I am a 44 year old female, living in Washington State.  I am also a nurse!  I have two grown children, but am busy with working full time.  Now that my kids are out of college and working now, I need to find time for doing BFL.  I plan on officially starting tomorrow so if you want, we can get through this 1st challenge together.  I think this forum will also be a great help.  

  • Countdown!! BFL starts tomorrow for some of us!  Twelve weeks to a fitter, healthier, happier body!!

    NOTHING can get in our way!! Let's do this!!



    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips