• I am new to BFL and am curious about the lack of salad conversation.  Normally, on "programs" salads are a big thing.  Do a lot of people eat salads and if yes, what kind ....if not is it because of the protein /  carb grams criteria?  (what I mean is it because a salad doesn't really offer you at least 20 grams of each?()

  • I eat a big salad at lunchtime, usually it's made out of romaine lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, pea pods - I forget what they are called but they are thin and usually in Chinese stirfrys - what I am trying to say is they are more vegetable than a starch, jicima sp? but it's pronouced hickima, shredded carrot, and cucumber.  

    I put chicken or tuna on it and have an apple for my carb portion or cut up the apple into the salad.

    I never count the salad as my carb.

    I eat the same big salad at dinner time too or before bed if I am hungry.

    I never add seeds, feta, crutons, chickpeas, cheese, or the other stuff I used to add to my salads before BFL.

    I make my own sesame ginger dressing or I use no fat Italian.

    I always ate a big salad everyday, I love salad.  I eat it twice at day in the summer because veggies are so cheap in the winter less :(

  • I eat salad but I usually do a grilled chicken salad and put an apple or some fresh peaches in it. dressing on the side-I use paul newman light raspberry dressing. if I eat a salad that has lots of veggies in it I eat a piece of fruit on the side

  • I love salads and eat them often!!!

    I use the Red leaf lettuce and add lots of extras (ALL ORGANIC) !!! You can add beans/chicken for more protein, but I usually just eat the salad as a side!

    God bless!


  • I am assuming the fruit on the side is to get the carbs in.  That makes sense - thanks!

  • Just keep in mind that you want your salad to be classified as veggies so skip the cheeses, croutons and fatty dressings.  Opt instead for either some fresh squeezed lemon juice or olive oil and vinegar on the side so you control the fat content.

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