Starting tomorrow-a crtique of my plan please

  • I will be starting my BFL challenge tomorrow

    I weigh 290lbs and have 30% bodyfat

    heres my plan

    7.15am strong cup of coffee and pint of water

    8.00 BFL workout

    9.20/9.45 meal1 myoplex original shake(I take this 1 hour after my workout ends because thats what it says to do in the original BFL book)

    12.15 meal2 portion of brown rice,portion of salmon,portion of green beans

    3.15 meal3 portion of lowfat cottage cheese and a lowfat/low sugar yogurt

    6.30 meal 4 myoplex original shake

    8.30 meal5 portion sized baked potato,portion of baked potato,portion of broccoli

    11.00 meal6 myoplex original shake (about 30 mins before bed)


    I am eating about 2000 calories a day, im not sure im eating enough for a guy of my size but I have alot of fat to lose and Its my goal to reach 7% bodyfat with 24 weeks(2xbacktoback BFL chalenges)


    One thing im concerned about is the freeday, I have decided not to touch alcohol even on the freeday, I have even considered forgoing it altogther but im not sure if that would be a good idea, there are different opinions on this of course.Bill Phillips says eat as much as you like while others such as Porter Freeman uregs people to try and keep it toned down, maybe a cheat meal would be a good option, I would like opions about this.


    anyway wish me luck


  • G'DAY 6packmission!  

    Meal 3 could be a little low on protein and carbs for your size, depending on what brands you use and what the labels say.  BFLMIKE has said in the past that you need to aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, or if obese, 1 gram per "lean body mass" - so if you are 290lb - thats 290grams or a little less, divided by 6 meals = almost 50 grams per meal - so meal 3 could be light on.

    Meal 5: You wrote potato twice, I'm assuming one of those was a protein portion.

    2000 calories - If you stick to the Palm, fist method, it should see you right, but when we talk about foods that you can't measure properly - Cottage Cheese, tins of tuna etc, looking at the labels is a good option. I'm certainly no expert, but I would think 2000 is on the low side for a big bloke - BFLMIKE will have input on that point.

    FREE DAY - Just put up a thread (double up, it timed out) - No alcohol is a FANTASTIC decision if you can do it - DO IT! - Will post a blog soon by BFLMIKE.  There is no doubt that eating "more calories" one day a week to stop the body from getting a "low setpoint" is a great idea.....  But you can simply eat a lot more of "good stuff" to get your calories up, achieve the goal of a higher count and not eat crap that will be stored as more fat...  your choice - what makes sense to you and what can you live with for 24 weeks........  I would er on the side of eating more of the good stuff and maybe a little treat if you are really craving, than feeding the monsters that got you here in the first place - my opinion only!



  • Hey Debs ---- spot on, as always!  ;-)

  • 6Pack- Welcome to the challenge! I'm starting Challenge 2 tomorrow as well!

    On the Meal 1 after Lifting days, you should be eating within 30 min. of your workout to fuel the muscles with protein.

    It's on CARDIO days you should wait an hour to eat.

    As for free days, I just take a free meal during the week, it's usually our one night going out to eat with the family.  It has worked for me...

    In previous failed attempts at the challenge I went all out on free days and paid for it the next day AND I didn't complete the challenge!!

    So, all my best to you on your challenge!! Sounds like you have a Plan!!! :0)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Welcome to the group 6Pack!  I am starting C2 tomorrow, glad we are in this together.  

    As for free days, I will tell you that during my last challenge the times that I went all out on free day caused me to only maintain my weight for that week.  For me it was not a great idea, I have a goal to keep that in check this challenge...maybe just doing a free meal.  Going all out on free day is not worth all of the effort and hardwork that is put into the rest of the week to only maintain.  


  • Aussie debs, Debbie and Alyson thanks for your support and advice

    Today was day one and I got my bro to take my before pics,front ,back and side

    here's the layout of what I did today

    9.15 meal1-myoplex

    12.15 meal2-whole wheat roll,portion of turkey,a little relish side salad

    3.30 meal 3 myoplex

    6.30 20 minute aerobic solution

    7.00 meal 4 myoplex

    9.00 meal 5 baked potato ,lean steak,veg

    11.00 meal 6 lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat yogurt

    I am going to do my upper body workout first thing in the morning at 8am, I meant to do the cardio in the morning this morning but the whether was too bad and I dont have a car at the moment

  • my mearsurments


    waist-51 inches

    tanita bodyfat-39

    maximuscle bodyfat-30.4

  • Love your name "6packmission"...that's great. You seem to have put a lot of thought and effort into your plan. That's one of the most important things you must do to succeed. Here are a couple thoughts/ideas that I have picked up along the way. If you have a lot of bodyfat to lose you might try eliminating your starchy carbs for your last one or two meals. Instead, you could have a protein and some mixed veggies but no potato/pasta or fruit. I would not recommend forgoing your free days entirely. You really do need a day that you can relax/recharge and enjoy a few foods that you don't eat during the week. I almost always have some type of pizza and some type of chocolate on my free day. It is not an all out pig out but I do enjoy what I want. It serves the purpose of helping me to re-focus my efforts for the next 6-7 days. Hope this helps....all the best.


    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • 6pack - I 100% agree with fit4life, having a plan is half the battle (GI Joes right!?!?) its corny but it true. Great plan and as you already saw on day 1 you need backup plans. Sounds like you hurdled the weather issue and adjusted like a pro. What I found in my first challenge was that my body went into SHOCK when I started my challenge. I decided to drink myoplex lite instead of myoplex regular and found I was starving all the time. I was also freaking out about not having all the sugar my body was used I was 230lb and 6' and a very unhealthy eater prior to the challenge. The freedays allowed me to avoid the pitfalls of cheating. If you dont allow yourself the indulgence on freedays you may be more likely to cheat. Also if you starve yourself and take in to few calories people may cheat especially late at night when your will power is low and your starving. I think my first freeday I ate a box of lucky charms, yes the whole box, a pint of ice cream and pretty much everything off the McDonalds menu and plenty more after that. Now my freedays may be one italian meal at a resteraunt for dinner or it may be fast food all day long. I let me cravings dictate but I dont go as overboard as a I used too or else my body gets sick, literally. I love the freeday approach and love the approach Porter has that your free not to use it. Just know yourself and what you need to do on your freeday to stay on task for the next 6 days. Also make sure you are getting enough calories to keep your hunger away for at least 2-3 hours. I switched to regular myoplex shortly into my first challenge, I needed the extra carlories so the muscles could build and zap my fat.

  • im starting back with this tomorro, I got derailed with a back injury and quite a few weeks ago,

  • Welcome back! Watch your form and don't overlift during your weight training. Want to make sure you are in this for the long haul :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Day 1

    9.30am eggwhites and oatmeal

    11.00 Upperbody workout

    12.00 myoplex shake original

    2.15 lean steak baked potato green beens

    5.15 myoplex original shake

    8.15 1 wholewheat bagutte roll ,4 slices of lowfat low salt ham, a little relish and a side salad

    11.15 myoplex orignal shake

  • just came back from my upper body  workout there, awesome workout feel great after it

  • I see you decided to add some complex carbs to your meal plan, nice job!

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  • Day 2

    10.00 myoplex original

    12.00 salmon,baked potato,green beens

    2.00 20 minute aerobic solution

    3.00 myoplex original

    5.30 wholewheat baggutte roll,4 slices of lean ham,side salad

    8.30 lowfat cottage cheese lowfat yogurt

    11.30 myoplex original