New member, Introduction and Goals

  • Hello everyone, I have finally decided that I will complete and succeed at the Body-for-Life program.  I also anticipate that I will need the support of these forums, so I decided to introduce myself.  I am a 46 year old male that has slowly let myself go over the past 10-15 years.  I now weigh in at 245lbs, with about 36% body fat (no science on this number, just one of those BodyFat scales).  I leave in the DFW area and I have had the Body-for-Life book for about 10 years now and have read it a couple of times.  I finally got the right motivation to actually do something about how out of shape I am, have reread the book again, and plan to begin the program the first week of August.


    I am planning to spend this week working on my plans, figure out what I am going to be eating, what weights I should be lifting, and actually documenting my goals.  Right now my goals appear to be for the 1st challenge

    - Lose 20lbs of fat. 

    - Lose x inches off my waist.(currently 40 - don't know how quick it will shrink)

    - Lose 2+ inches off my neck.

    - Drop 2 coats sizes (currently at 48 - 50)

    These goals should help me support my life goals of looking better, feeling better, dressing better, and sleeping better (currently snore badly with mild sleep apnea) and my health goals of lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increased strength, increased aerobic stamina.


    I am sure I will have some questions this week, but the first is obviously, are these goals obtainable? Am I over or under reaching? I know that I need to write them out in a more positive way and post them on my mirror, but I thought I would check them with some other that have gone through this before documenting them.


    Thanks for listening and any help is appreciated.



  • Congrats on starting your challenge and welcome to the BFL forum.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hi Greg, if you click on my profile you will see we are at pretty much the same starting point. Your goals are your goals, there is no under or over shooting. If you get where you want to be with time to spare BONUS! By the end you will have surpassed your expectations.

    I would definitely suggest doing actual measurements before you get going. Pant size etc is great, as you can feel the pants getting loser but it was a real shocker to me to actually bust out the tape measure. I wear a "size 40" pant but the actual measurement of my waist is 48".

    Anyways my goals were as follows:

    Lose 30lbs of fat

    Increase my strength by 20%

    Sub 15% BF

    Size 34 pant

    Quit Smoking <- No point getting all fit and continue to pollute my body with cigarettes.

  • so does everyone have a blog spot? is that where i write my goals?