maltodextrin in myoplex shake

  • The only supplement I am using right now is myoplex nutrition shakes, I take 3 daily ,they  help me fit in my 6 meals because they are very convenient,however one concern I have is that the carb source that myoplex contains is maltodextrin which is a very high glycemic carb, high glycemic carbs are are best avoided especially if one is looking for fatloss except for maybe post workout, can someone explain to me why the maltodexdrin in myoplex shakes is of very little concern?

  • Interesting point - Can you call EAS on that one? I can't, I'm in Australia.


  • 6pack: If you DO call EAS, please post their response here. I too am interested in their answer.

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  • I cant ring them either because im not in the US, perhaps someone from EAS could post here

  • I may be able to shed a little light on this, maybe!

    First of all, maltodextrin is not the ONLY carbohydrate source for the Myoplex. There are grain flours in it as well, though the insertion of the MD is intentional because of its GI rating. Myoplex really is designed as a relatively quickly digested meal overall. That's why most of the protein source is whey, which is the most quickly digested source of protein. And the sugary aspect of it is intentional as well, primarily because many people use it for a post workout meal.  Taken right after or right before a strenous workout, Myoplex is available to the body relatively quickly to begin replenishing glycogen supplies and to begin repairing and building muscle that was stressed in the workout.

    Even though it is especially useful post workout, keep in mind that the critical aspect of any meal is its overall GI ating,, not just the rating of one small part of it. And, since the Myoplex is a whole meal and has way more protein than most other meals, it does have an overall glycemic rating that is pretty good.  If you want something to worry about, check out the strength supplements. Phosphagen Elite has mostly sugar in it and no proteins at all. But, it is a specific purpose supplement and the sugar is actually necessary to the transporting of the creatine into the muscles, by raising the blood sugar and spiking the insulin.

    Trust me, EAS has reallly thought out carefully every ingredient that is in their products. They know what they are doing. Not that everyone will like them, but they are the most effective ones on the market, and they are marketed without hype or lies.

  • The articles listed below speak well of maltodextrin. I would be curious to find out the source of the maltodextrin that EAS uses for their products.

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