Starting BFL Challenge on 7/26/10. Who is with me???

  • I am a former BFL'er and I know that this program works!  I also know that it is a lot easier to succeed when you have the support and encouragement of others who are also reaching for the same goals.  I am looking for a group of people who are new to BFL and are planning to start their challenge next week, or has recently started....or is planning to start soon.  I will be your rock if you will be mine:)

    I have spent the whole last week preparing for the challenge and I am so excited to get started on Monday....I had my body fat analysis, weight and BMI recorded today.  SOBS!!!!! It was a lot worse that I had imagined.  I take my before pictures tomorrow.  Double SOBS!!!!! Can anyone else relate?

    Oh....and my refrigerator broke yesterday.  I need to hurry up and find a new one before Sunday or I am going to have to store my BFL foods in an ice cooler!!!!


  • Stacy, I too am a former BFL'er, having nearly completed 2 rounds. Those 2 rounds had some goal I was shooting for and as they drew closer and I was seeing results, I'd quit.... good enough. This time, there is no time goal, this is just because, just for me. So I'm with ya if it works for you. July 26th it is! Thank you for posting! Ponyd

  • I am into my second challenge, but if you need to ask questions, or want opinions or need a boost, fire away. We are stronger together.

    Oh, don't worry about your before picture. Use it for motivation and to track progress but think about the woman you want to be and will be!!! Hold that image in your mind and go for it!!!


  • Great!  My sister is also starting on July 26th....although, I don't think that she has created a profile...yet. (I will get on her to do so this weekend) So, that makes 3 of us so far:)


  • Thanks Orrin!!! I am planning on keeping those before pics to  I will post before and after in 12 weeks.

  • I thought I read on the starter kit that I ahvnt fille dout yet the nxt one wa sin septenber its next week? I dont know if I can get my stuff turned in by then, I havnt mailed anything off yet but Id love to not sure what im suppse to do with the kit yet I need to call the staff and find out how to start I guess

  • firebatongirl,

    I hear you about the pics. Mine are safely stored on my computer for now. It is a good thing to do though. I never took any for my first challenge and I wish I had.

    I hope you find a new refrigerator soon.


  • Firebatongirl,

    I too am starting.  Just finished my Paramedic training and always had an excuse about not having the 'time' to workout.  Now that its finished I have no more excuses!  Count me in

  • I started Jul. 19 - Just a few days ago. Started and quit after 2 weeks a couple of times in the past...this time its different. I am sick of starting things and not finishing and then being aggrivated I still havent lost the 20 lbs of baby weight from my third baby....she's now 2 and 1/2!!  I got the working out thing down, its the nutrition that always has stopped me. I eat healthy foods, have no problem there, I just eat randomly and tooo much!! So I am right there with ya.

    I did exactly what you did, prepared myself for a few days before a notebook, planned my meals, etc. I stocked the kitchen, took the pics and got myself excited.....this is the one thing I didn't do before when I started the challenge on other occasions. The notebook and planning really seems to help.

    Good luck with the fridge, we went thru that last year......ate out of a cooler for a week. Until the repair man could finally tell us he had no idea what was wrong.......

    Good luck to you! Let's keep in touch ....


  • I have done the BFL once before about 5 years ago.  I had a baby about 9 months ago, and although I am actually smaller now than I was before I got pregnant, I would love to have a healthier life style and to tone up.  I am starting another round of the BFL on July 25 and would love the added support.  Good luck to all of you!


  • So  am i right ins ayign this isnt the actual contest but just us starting out the program right?

  • I started my first BFL challenge July 21 so I am definately a newbie!  I am excited and energized by the program so far and would love to encourage and support other people who are on the same road I am on.  Wishing all of you success in the weeks to come!   We can do it!  

  • Stacy,

    I am 37 and just joined gym last week. The gym manager told me about the book. I am game if your ok with me being a newbie.

  • Count me in!!!!! I agree with Stacy that a great support group could mean the difference between success and failure! I have failed before but not this time!

  • Hi Stacy, I am starting tomorrow too!  Stocked up my kitchen, hit the local GNC and getting my notebook ready!  Would love to stay in touch and keep each other motivated!  I am ready to take myself to the next level!