Weight Loss and Body Fat

  • Have been at BFL for about 4 weeks now. Instaed of losing weight I have gained almost 10 lbs from eating six times a day (although it may be all muscle). I'm also at 26% body fat and have not dropped one percent in 30 days. Is this normal? What could I possibly be doing wrong?

  • yes people do tend to gain sometimes especially during the beginning but ten pounds seems excessive.  Please post one or two daily menus including quantities so we can give you some feedback.

    Also, how are you testing your bodyfat?

  • How is your waist measurement  compared to your start measurement?

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  • If you are gaining weight but your body fat percent is not going up then it might mean you are gaining some muscle mass. If you know your start weight and percent and your current weight and percent you can figure out how much muscle or fat you are gaining or losing depending on the accuracy of your body fat testing method.

    For example if you are 200 lbs and 26% body fat that is 52 lbs of fat and 148 lean body mass.

    If at week 4 you are at 210lbs and 26% body fat then its 54.6 lbs of fat and 155.4 lean body mass.

    This is just an example and your weight can fluctuate greatly depending on if you are retaining water and other biological matter. High sodium causes water retention.

    Can you give an example of your 6 meals a day?

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