Afraid of failure?

  • Stacy x 2----I so know where you are coming from!  I have started and re-started this program over 5 times since I got the book AND the journal 3 years ago.  I, too, am prepping this week and trying things out and I start officially on July 26- the day after my birthday.  I am a Size 12/14 and feel and look best in a size 6/7.  

    Good luck... WE can do it!  


  • Hi Stacy,

    I know exactly how you feel, I was the same way, I started a few times then derailed, don't look at it as failing though, no one is perfect, you haven't you had a few false starts, that's ok. It was only when I completely relaxed about it  that I managed to keep going in the right direction, when I say relaxed I mean not obsessing every minute of the day, some days I plan some meals, especially lunch...for work...and dinner...and I get my exercising in...usually in the morning and get on with my day feeling really good about myself.

    Try to just relax about it, you know to do the exercises so make sure you get them done at a time that's good for you, soon you'll be looking forward to it and it'll just be part of your day, make it a priority, no excuses...not saying you'll find any!.....making it "your" time, no debating.

    I think we all know how difficult it can be starting and getting used to something new but soon it'll get easier, just keep telling yourself that.

    Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself, relax....and do this for feel better...good luck. :)

  • Well Im glad tos ee were not lk perfect here I know Im not! I need lots and lots of help so I hope we can all become god good friends. I just started,so Im sure you know more then I do.

  • Wow!  Thank you for the encouragement and support!  I really think that I have "restarted" the program for the last time.....It is so much easier when you have friends to help you through the difficult times.  I am so glad that I joined the forum!