this site confuses me, help!

  • Hi, I am just starting week 4 and want to transfer my own blog/diary from my word doc to my profile here, but i can't figure out how to add a blog post under my profile!

    Also just a few minutes ago as I was browsing the forums, I found a thread at the top somewhere that was for newbies and where to start and now I can't find that thread to save my life.

    No offense BFL but the usability on this site is terrible. :/ Can someone point me in the right direction on how to create blog posts in my own profile?


    Thank you!!

  • Oh and how do I get to my own profile (the bio/blog) part without finding a forum post I've created and clicking on my own profile? Going to Edit Profile just seems to allow me to edit my name and newsletter settings and nothing else. Am I missing something?

  • When you log in to the forum you will see your screen name in the top right hand corner.  Just click on that to access your profile.  You should then be able to update your bio.

    As to the site being terrible, that's relative to whether you visited the site when we could only have our name and email address and one ongoing thread that maintained 30 pages before topics would fall off.  

    You'll find the topic headings at the top of the Forum page, Crossing the Abyss, Getting Started, My Transformation, In the Gym and In the Kitchen.  Did you know is where the folks at EAS/ABBOTT post information.

    Simply click on whichever topic heading fits your subject matter then start your thread.

    Welcome to the new forum.

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  • Thanks Michelle,

    I can now get to my bio, that makes sense. Sorry if I offended anyone about the site being terrible, I just find it extremely frustrating to find my way around.

    I have been able to update my bio, but at the top of the bio, there is a tab next to "Profile" that says "Blogs." When I click on that it says something about this user not having any blog posts yet. Yet there is no button that says "Add a new post" or something to that effect. In clicking around other people's profiles, it seems that no one has any blog posts, so maybe that is something that just does not work on this site. Oh well...i'll just stick to my private Word docs. ;)

    Has anyone had any luck with adding new blog posts here?

  • I don't know that they allow any of us to post blogs yet.  If you don't mind, go over to the Did you Know section and start a thread on blogs asking the EAS/Abbott folks about it.  They may not even know that it doesn't work.  You can always start your own accountability thread under My Transformation as well.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I agree with Michelle~it was so hard to find where I could write/type a message in somewhere to get help~I found this~so happy.  Just to let you know~I like the old community forum better~it wasn't as confusing as this.  There NEEDS to be instructions as to where one can type in a message for help and to ask questions~there is something on here, but the website peeps NEED put instructions of how to post these things.  They might think it's real easy~but a beginner~they will get frustrated & give up on this.

  • They launched the new site in March and I also notice the blogs feature has yet to work. Just use the forum to post what you write in your word docs.


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  • what do you mean by word docs?  I don't have that. Actually I don't know what it is.

  • why is the date & time wrong on this thing~this is a lot of work which I don't have a lot of!!!!  Why can't this be easy~like the old guestbook!!!!  THIS SUCKS!!!!

  • Welcome to the Body-for-Life challenge and to the site, marianney!

    Sorry for the frustrations you're experiencing. As it sounds like you discovered, the Blogs feature is currently serving a different purpose on this site. We realize it is confusing and are working on a better way to address questions like yours. Please stay tuned for that in the coming months!  As Bryan suggested, we hope you'll use the forum to share your journey with others on here.

    If you can describe the beginner thread you found useful, we'd be glad to help direct you back to it.


    The BFL Team

  • Hi Kathleen017, thanks for sharing your frustration. We are working on providing something to help new site users. One great thing about the folks in this community is how willing to help each other they are, so we hope you'll continue asking questions of those who've spent some time here.

    We're working on your question about the time zone in which posting times are shown.


    The BFL Team

  • Thanks for addressing my concerns. I don't think the site sucks, it just needs a usability review ;) and a couple of improvements. I'm sure someone at BFL is taking note of the changes that will be implemented sooner or later. One other thing you might want to consider is sessioning logins so I don't have to log in every time I come to the site from an email to send a reply. (that is as long as I am using a private computer). Or at the very least, if I come to a thread from my email and then need to log in to reply, it would be nice if after I log in, it would take me back to where I was. As it is now, I have to log in, then go back to my email to get the link to go back to where I was to post a reply. It's too many steps and probably deters a lot of people from posting.

    That said, I am excited to see the upcoming changes, so thanks for listening!

    I found the thread I was looking for. I had seen the forum header topics at the top of a page somewhere but then couldn't find it again.

    kathleen017, I have been documenting my BFL challenge progress on Microsoft Word documents on my computer offline. I was interested in copying and pasting my progress into a sort of blog here on my profile for accountability, but it looks like that feature is not yet enabled. I will look into starting a new accountability thread under My Transformation like Champster09 suggested.

  • Thanks for the feedback, marianney! We're working with the technical team on what can be done with logins and redirects.


    The BFL Team

  • Hi Kathleen017, We have reset the time for the site to be the Eastern Time Zone (EST/EDT), and that is the time stamp you will see from now on. If you were in the Central Time Zone, for example, you would just need to subtract an hour from what you see on the site to figure out the the time where you are. This is because the date/time on all posts is the same, not specific to each member's computer.

    Hope this helps!

    The BFL Team