week 6 challenge

  • Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for a mission trip to West Virginia, and will have difficulty following the guidelines next week.  I'll be ok when it comes to cardio, since there is a track outside the school we'll be staying at.  On the other hand  the closest thing I'll get to strength training is whatever work I'll be doing at my site.  My meals will be out of my control, with there only being breakfast and dinner at the school, and having a sandwich for lunch.  I bought some meal replacement bars in order to counter the food problem, but am worried that I'm forgetting something.

    Can I get some ideas for backup plans, or any advice?  Especially since I'll be going on vacation a week after I get back.



  • I have to be honest, I think you're in for a rough week if youp lan on sticking to BFL.

    My best advice is to take a bag of myoplex powder with you, and as many bars as you can fit into your suitcase.

    The big problem is going to be getting the upper and lower body workouts done.  

    Can you find out if there's a gym nearby ?  What type of mission project is it ?   When I was in high school, I did a mission trip in Australia, and my friends and I made a curl bar out of a tree branch and some cinder blocks,

    Good luck, I hope you make it through, and if you don't you can always start again when you get back.

    Keep us posted !


  • First off I sort of had your idea in mind when it comes to food.  I bought some of the meal replacement bars, and since I didn't have enough money to buy a lot of them, I rounded off my backpack with Quaker oatmeal rasin bars, since they're good on carbs, fiber, protein, etc.

    Second the type of mission project I'm working on is house repair, foundation work, and other things in that manner, so they'll be a lot of heavy lifting, or upper body.

    Last up where I'll be I probably won't have access tot he internet, but if I do get lucky I'll post daily about how the week goes.

    I don't expect to follow all of the BFL Guidelines, but I do know that the closer I can stick to it the better.

  • Well I'm using the trip up today as my free day, and it's already turning out interesting.  Since I knew I'd need something to drink to wake me up I bought a soda.  I learned nowwhat happens when you don't drink soda for 5 weeks.  I barley drank half, and I probably won't sleep a wink until it's time for bed tonight.  By the way, I'm writing this on my cell phone, and I it works up where I'm going I'll keep updating this.