quick intro and question

  • hello!

    my name is jenni, and i'm about to finish week 10 of my challenge!  i lurked on the gb, but found it hard to navigate!  i'm super excited about the new format! 

    my question/frustration is about the scales!  i KNOW from reading everyone's stories that i should not focus on it, but it's hard not to!  i started this challenge 30 lbs heavier than i was 4 years ago, so i know there is weight there that needs to come off.  i lost 6 lbs in the first 4 weeks, and have only lost 4 additional lbs (a total of 10 lbs).  i haven't taken any pictures along the way and am kicking myself now!  (i'll be taking pictures before, during and after challenge 2).  i started my measurements at the end of week 2.  since that point, i've lost:

    chest     -3 inches

    waist at belly button   -5.5 inches

    waist at curve   -3.25 inches

    hips    -2.5 inches

    right thigh   -1.5 inches

    left thigh   -2 inches

    i am THRILLED with inches lost, i'm just waiting for the pounds to come off!  i guess i'm feeling like this challenge is coming to an end and i'm not where i had hoped i'd be.  thoughts?  words of wisdom?


  • JENNI 

    That is an incredible amount of inches lost in 10 weeks!  Trust me I know.  You must be putting on some muscle too.  A pound of muscle takes up about a 1/3 of the space of a pound of fat.  So the inches will be falling off, but the scales not moving much.  I am 5'5" tall and have weighed 120# and wear a size 6 full cut skirt.  I have also weighed 130# and wore a very slim/straight cut size 4.  After one of my challenges last I was weighing 126# and fit in some size 2's.  I take the 126# and 130# scenario every time.  I have seen women who only lost 3# of scale weight and went from a size 10 to a size 4.   One of them was 2007 champ Suzanne Ihde.  You are doing great, just keep on doing what you are doing. 

  • Great job! Keep it up!  I am currently on day 26 of this challenge and I don't plan on stepping on a scale until day 84. I can just tell by how my clothes fit and which belt hole I am using as a guide to my progress. I did my first challenge a few years ago (my profile pic is the result of that challenge) so I know without a doubt that this program works. All the best!


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