UPDATE - Looking to start back up again but need a LOT of help.

  • guru,

    hopefully one of the guys can chime in on a man's needs.  I think it is 30-35gms, but I just can't remember for sure!

    Good luck.


  • Hey guru... I'm sorry if this is harsh... but it almost sounds like you're looking for reasons NOT to do this.  In my experience there are work arounds for everything you've brought up. Its just going to take some determination and some creativity. eggs, tuna, even decent whey protein powder are all affordable.  There IS room in your schedule, etc.  Its really about mindset.  Decide that you are doing this and finding the answers won't be difficult.

  • I knew somebody was going to come in with a comment like that sooner or later.  I've already dropped $75 that last two days on EAS products and some protein powder (my wife is not going to be happy about that already).  I am in here asking for help on how to keep things affordable for myself.  I am not looking for reasons not to do it.  I'm asking for as much help as I can get.

    My comment about cost was because of the fact I was planning on 25 grams of protein or less, not 40.

    I also just started the program yesterday so I am still in an adjustment phase.

  • For the record, I truly do appreciate all the advice I have received so far in this thread.  I hope it keeps coming.  I already have my workout schedule figured out as well as my eating schedule.  Now it is just figuring out a reasonably priced and simple menu since I won't be able to eat with my family.

  • Guru...

    I just typed in about 4 different meal ideas, but I hit something on my computer and lost it all- arrrgh. I have to get to bed so I can run in the morning :) but I promise to send them again tomorrow!  Good luck and congrats on starting again!!


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  • Thanks Jen, I look forward to it.  Enjoy that run!!!

  • OK, finally...

    I think no matter how you look at it, most small meals are going to run you about $2-$3.  That's about the cost of a frozen dinner on sale!  Of course, you are probably not used to having 6 of those a day!!  But still, count on $2meal anyway- some protein bars & shakes cost that.

    I take 3-4 meals with me every day to work because my commute is long and so are my hours, often.  I bring an insulated lunch bag with blue ice and it works ok for me. Here are some things I really like that work for the program and are relatively cheap and easy to carry:

    Cottage Cheese Pancakes by far the easiest!

    It was posted above, but for clarity...the recipe is 6 egg whites (crack the eggs yourself), 1 c fat free cottage cheese, and 1 c quick cooking oats (generic brand is fine).  Put them in blender and cook like you cook your pancakes.  1/2 the recipe is a serving.  I make 2-3 batches for the week and put the right portion size in ziploc bags and freeze.  Then I take them along and they defrost on their own.  Add cinnamon to the batter or blueberries if they are too plain for you, but they are a cheap and easy meal.

    Veggie Sausage links(I like Morningstar Farms- peppery and yummy) they are a little expensive and I need 4 of them to make a protein portion (8 to a box?), but you can cook them quickly in the microwave at home and put in a container and they are good cold and they keep for a while.  Pair with  baked potato!

    Potatoes!  Sweet or white, you can bake a bunch, keep them in your fridge in foil or a container and throw them into your food bag.  They keep and they are just fine luke warm or cold...at least I think!  Talk about cheap!

    Greek Yogurt- so much protein.  A little more expensive, but worth it.  I buy big tubs and bring some in a container.  I have as eparate bowl and I bring along instant plain oatmeal packets.  I dump the oatmeal in the separate bowl and cover with water...warm, cold, doesn't really matter.  Let that sit for a few minutes to absorb.  Then I add the yogurt and maybe a little apple sauce and/or cinnamon. It's pretty good for a quick meal.  You could also do the process of wetting the oats and then combine the yogurt BEFORE you pack it for work, but I don't like my oats quite that soggy, haha!

    I will post more if I think of them. I think the pancakes are the easiest and cheapest substitute for protein shakes and bars.

    Good luck.  How is it going so far?!


    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • Guru, what are your specific goals for the challenge? Lose wt, gain muscle or both? The reason I ask is because if you don't feed your muscles enough protein, there won't be growth...

    My husband decided to do the BFL program with me, we started the challenge on the 5th (this is my 3rd consecutive, his first), so before he started lifting, I had him on about 30g protein, 30g carbs per meal and he lost 10# in 3 wks. Now that he is lifting I've upped his protein to about 35g for protein.

    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but I will take the 3# of frozen chicken bre asts (from WalMart) and cook them up for the week along with a bunch of brown rice.

    Hope this helps!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • My specific goal is to drop anywhere from 30-45 pounds.  I don't care about looking muscular aka ripped at all.  

    I'm just trying to avoid the trap I fell in last time of eating the same things every day. That was partly what burned me out 10 years ago.  As I am surrounded by picky eaters so I am pretty much on my own in this.   So, for one meal a day, I eat whatever they are having and just try to pay attention to the carbs/protein/fat info for that meal and I'll add something I need to balance it out.  For the rest of the meals I don't want to be eating the same thing all the time.  i.e. chicken and tuna all week long.  Back then I did the same thing you are doing by cooking up a lot of one thing on a Sunday and eating it all week.  It just killed me to even lift the fork to my mouth by the end of the week.  Even though I knew it was working it was just burning me out completely.

    that is why I am looking for the simplest recipes that I can stomach this time around.  Things like a good cereal to mix with a protein drink or single serving meals that can be quick and simple.

    Currently, I am using a vanilla whey protein power, some EAS Myoplex Lite drink mixes and Myoplex Lite MRBs but I don't want to rely on those to where I am buying them monthly either.  I want to get to a point I can do this with standard food alone and no supplements.

    I have discovered that I cannot stomach cottage cheese at all so far.  lol

  • Jen.  I'm very focused on the exercise right now and it is going well.  Still struggling with the food as I mentioned in my previous post though.  I can't stand the cottage cheese but I haven't tried this pancake recipe yet either.  I haven't heard of Greek Yogurt until this thread and haven't seen it at my local grocery store, or I am just not looking at the right things.

    This is my typical day thus far.

    Wake up at 3pm

    Breakfast - 2 egg whites and 2 whole eggs with home pride split top wheat toast.

    Dinner at 6pm ish

    whatever I lack in this dinner with my family I try to supplement but I can't do much about fat content other than portion control here. vegetables here as well

    Snack at 9pm which is a Myoplex shake mix

    Snack at 12am which is an apple, protein shake or tuna

    lunch at 3am which is generally the frozen Healthy Choice Steamers I really like and then some extra protein to cover the difference.

    Snack at 6am which is a serving of vegetables, sometimes an apple and then either tuna or Myoplex bar.

    Its a rough start but I'm trying to make it work.

  • Guru,

    Just keep trying to improve your choices as the days go by.  I know there was a huge learning curve for me, and it really took me a few weeks to get it right.  Keep searching for the proper foods to fuel that body you are rebuilding!

    What are the label stats on the Healthy Choice Steamers?  I am thinking the carb content might be high, but I could be wrong!  I saw DebbieMo's post on this thread, she said her husband shoots for 30gms carbs per meal, and 30gms protein per meal.  Sounds like that is where you need to be.

    Get some greek yogurt.  It is right with all the other yogurts.  Look for names like Chobani, Fage or Oikos - those are greek yogurts, which have higher protein content, and lower carb content.  You can use the labels and figure out how much you need to eat to get your 30gms protein, then you may be able to add some berries to get the carbs up a little, to get carbs to 30gms.  If you buy the large containers of yogurt, then it will def. be cheaper.  Or you can use less yogurt and add protein powder to it.  Just figure out how much to get to your magic numbers...30gms protein and 30gms carbs.  

    Also,  I really hated the texture of cottage cheese when I started, so I use a hand blender and blend it smooth, like yogurt.  Then you can add cinnamon/stevia, and berries/apple.  I like it much better.  Or just use a regular blender and blend a bunch at once and refrigerate.  Someone was talking about blending the cottage cheese, adding berries and freezing it.  I am going to try that.  It sounds like a treat.

    Keep up the good work.  You are worth this Guru, and I know you can do it!!



  • Hey Guru..

    As I see it, you are doing what you can with what you have..just do your best to eat as well as you can and you will still get results..The fact that you are committing to the process as best you can by trying to eat right, and working out is the main thing.

    Once you start seeing results,  you can refine things as you go..Trying to eat 32.7 grams of protein or whatever your needs are and hitting a 10 EVERY time which is subjective, in your exercises is just going to drive you batty..

    While some are bound and determined to follow the plan perfectly, the reality is that they are not you, and you have to do what works for you in your situation..As a beginner, the fact that you have decided to get off your butt and do something about the way you look and feel is what is important here. For most people, the fact that they are changing what they eat and controlling the portion sizes, as well as exercising, is what is going to help the most in weight loss..

    In the end, the process of losing weight and getting in shape should be by doing what works for you and what you can live with..

    I am somewhat of an all or nothing type person..the planets have to be in alignment, and everything must go according to plan, or I am not happy. Needless to say, I end up disappointed more often than not, but I keep going because I want to..I am in C1W3D6 and have lost 9-10 lbs so far. Am I eating perfectly?..Hardly..am I giving up?..nope..Are my workouts as intense as they can possibly be?..not always..am I giving up?..no..I do what I can, and forget the rest..I dont care that Jim has lost an incredible 25lbs this week, or Jane eats beetle dung to get her 23.775 grams of protien per meal,,I do what works for me..This program is just one of 6bazillion ways to lose weight and get healthy, which is what we are all trying to do here..

    (I hope I got my point across..I know what I want to say, but seem to be rambling..lol)

  • After my first week I have lost 4lbs.

  • Just saw this- great news!!!!  Keep going!

    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • That's great, keep up the good work.