When did you start seeing a change?

  • I have done this program before but failed to listen to the diet and instead used a low cal diet.  The pound started to fall off with-in a few weeks.  I lost 67 lbs. in 12 Weeks but to be honest I felt terrible.  I was 5' 10" and weighed 180 lbs.  I looked great but my BMI was still at 27%.  I was weak and had no energy.  Soon as a altered my routine the pounds came back quicker than I got rid of them.  After reading Eating for Life, Body for Life and BLF Champions I realized where I had made my mistakes.  It's been almost 10 years since my first BFL challenge and I am ready for change.  I have been following the system for almost three weeks and I can feel that somethings different but the pounds are not falling as before.  I understand that will be the case when you do this correctly.  I have a much larger hill to climb than before and I'm pushing really hard to get back into shape.  Once the muscles start to work I know change will come quickly.  I feel great and my activity level has almost doubled and  I feel stronger.  However, once you pack on extra pound you don't notice the change.  When you are 40, 50 or more pounds over weight 10 pounds doesn't put a dent in the big picture.  For those of you who started with a major weight issue to over come when did you start to see the scales moving?  I'm looking for 2 to 3 pounds a week but currently my body weight can alter  +/- 6 lbs a day.  I weight every morning to try and get an idea.  It really hits you in the gut to go a week and not see a weight change.  I know it's most likely fluid related or even scale accuracy issues but it still feels like a set back.

  • Hello Waylon-LA!

    Sounds like you are doing just fine.  BELIEVE what you are feeling.  When following the eating and exercise per the BFL guidelines you will feel the changes before you really see the number on the scale fall.  During the first few weeks your weight will fluctuate.  It is best to use a tape measure to watch the inches shrink and weigh on the scale every 3-4 weeks.  Do not let the scale over rule the obvious in what you feel.  If you can handle knowing the scale is not your friend through this process then weigh more often otherwise hide it. :-)

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  • By the way, I started out needing to lose 60 lbs.  I now weigh 10lbs more wearing the same size I wore before I gained weight so at least for me, it quickly changed from goal weight to goal size.  I went from a tight fitting size 18 to currently size 6.  It took multiple challenges to get here but it happened and it will for you too. Hang in there. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Waylon I lost 35lbs in my first challenge, no one noticed I'd lost a single pound but me.  It takes time, not to mention that you've yo-yo'd and you are 10 years older now.  

    Be patient and recognize at this point two things.  

    You will need to be very consistent in eating properly, make sure you are getting veggies in at least two of your meals and that you are eating all six meals and drinking plenty of water.  

    The second thing is that it may take you more than one challenge to figure things out.  

    I would put the scales away and weigh no more than once every 2 weeks and weigh on the morning of free day.  Take your measurements and photos.  

    The scales are not what determines your success, it's how you feel, how much better you get with your workouts and how your clothes fit that determine whether you are making progress.  

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  • When you did BFL low carb you were losing muscle mass and fat. This is why you were 27% at the end. BFL is about gaining muscle while loosing fat. If you gain muscle and the same rate you loose fat the scale will not change but the body fat percent will go down. I first saw changes around week 6-8 and felt great by week 10. Week 11-12 were a mental and physical challenge. I ate bye the book and only missed 2 workouts. Your body uses carbs for fuels and when you have no carbs your body has to use fat or muscle for fuel. I tried to start BFL low carb and I was angry and hungry all the time. Champster advised me to add carbs and use the energy they give me to build muscle which would help me burn the fat. A goal of .8lbs to 2 pounds iS more realistic. Track how much fat you loose not how much weight you loose. Also take tape measurements and pictures every 4 weeks. Stay off the scale. I weigh every Thursday morning right after I wake up. Any other time I weight I think of it as unofficial. Good luck with your challenge.


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