Advice please for Flexitarian starting Body-for-Life

  • HI :)

    I have been thinking about doing this for about 18months and now is the right time! I am not overweight (5'6" and 130lbs) but would like to lose the body fat and definately put on muscle.

    I 'began' on Monday - and realised I couldn't use the gym near me without insurance! Have now sorted the insurance so good to go from tomorrow. As not done gym workouts, have been running/walking each day and today managed the 20 min cardio plan!! Felt amazing!!

    Guess will start the challenge properly (not that i can compete as live outside pf states, but you know what I mean) next week. Just pleased that have stuck with it as usually give up on myself after couple of days!

    It's now Thursday and this week, i've been following the diet plan. However:

    1) I only eat free range meat and struggle to buy it here (live in Germany)

    2) Prefer to eat a mainly vegan/veggie diet

    3) I have been eating tofu and sprouts instead of meat.

    4) Eating soya yoghurt and using soy/rice milk

    5) Waiting for my myoplex lite to arrive so been using my husband's Maximuscle cyclone for shakes once or twice per day.

    Can you tell me if this is ok?

    Thank you xxx


  • tommys mom-You can follow the plan in this manner; I can't remember their names but there are some vegans on here.

    Up in the upper right hand corner there is a search box, enter vegan and you should come up with some threads that have already been started on this subject.  Find someone who is doing a similar diet, click on their name and you can "start a conversation" with them or get their email off of their profile page.

    Hope this helps! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • and please aim to consume 20g of protein six times a day. There are non meat choices you can use and I bet the protein powder is going to be the key for you.

    I also only eat free range organic meat but that is so easy to get (though slightly pricey) here in california.  You absolutely modify your preferred WOE to comply with Body for Life.  

    Have you ever considered buying meat directly from a farmer? I know people that do this and it might work for you.

    Good luck!

  • Tommysmom, how are you doing? I started Aug 10 and am also vegan. Have ordered the soy powder and also looking at greens, beans, soy meats, tempeh, etc.

  • Hey! Thanks for your post. I am not a straight vegan, I just prefer to eat mainly that way.

    For simplicity, I have been eating some fish, white meat and dairy whilst on the challenge.

    I'm using myoplex diet powders, eating lots of tofu, soy meat, quorn and tons of veggies. I also have soy-rice milk and mainly eat soy yoghurt. I do eat low fat cottage cheese and low fat cheese. Cannot get tempeh or seitan here for love nor money!!

    What's the soy powder you are using? If you google vegan body builder you can get some great meal plans and supplement ideas. Stay in touch and let me know how you get on :)

  • I appreciate your quick, enthusiastic response. Even though I knew you weren't straight vegan, sounded like you were exploring the options.

    There's an EAS soy powder. Sometime it's listed as AdvantEdge. You'd probably have to mail order, which I know would likely be financially unattractive.

    Someone else listed and I've got Brendan Brazier's Thrive Diet book, which is also high raw, which I'm working toward.

    Are you pleased with your progress on the program? Being just 3 days in, my initial weight loss of a few pounds is motivating, but not unexpected. I think it's mostly water from cutting down on salt.

  • My wife, while not a vegan has a hard time digesting whey protein. She has been using a Brown Rice Protein powder. Not sure how readily available it is but she found it at our local health food store.

  • Belated thanks for the reminder on this, BCBill. I actually have some rice powder and will check it out as well as hemp. I do want to support EAS and their soy powder, but if soy is my only protein all day, that's probably too much.

  • I found the EAS soy chocolate protein powder at my Walmart.  Great price and perfect ratio. 20 carbs and 20 g protein.