Tips on BFL and Business Travel??

  • I'm on Day two. Hitting all points. I'm really focused and determined to complete 12 weeks!

    I will be traveling frequently over the next few weeks. Any tips on how to stick to the plan and eat well while out on business?

  • hi! well i'm not a business traveler but i have been stressed about not having any time due to my 6 week old! i have been keeping lots of shakes, bars, and bottled water on hand. i find drinking 3 1L bottles the easiest way to do it ensure i get all my water in. i also have been using the calender on my phone to plan my meals and workout. its great cause i get a reminder. hopefully you were able to book a hotel w/ a nice gym so you can sneak away once all the work is done. if not i would grab a resistance cord and do a workout in your room. you can definately find a way to stay on track!

  • Plan ahead!

    I just had my first trip, only a two day-er, and it risked throwing things out - especially the 'business dinners/lunches'.

    Some tips I learnt:

    - buy a few ready made protein drinks and bars and carry around with you - and maybe a sandwich or two just to make sure you get solid food in sometimes

    -don't eat any bread if you're eating at  restaurants

    -stick to two courses maximum, make one a salad, and neither of the two courses should be dessert

    -stay somewhere with a good gym, or where you can get access to one

    -remember that if you do go slightly askew, it's not the end of the world - it doesn't mean you have to blow the rest of the day, promise you'll re-start next week, etc etc - just forgive yourself and get straight back on the wagon.

    I am keeping a daily blog of my journey (currently in week 6). If you look back to last week you'll see my comments on the business trip, and what I learnt.

    Good luck. Remember: "obstacles are what you see when you look away from your goals"

  • I've had to do a couple day trips for business, and the only way I've found to make it really work is to pack a cooler, and all of my meals for the day.

    if you absolutely can not avoid eating in a restaurant, order a salad with dressing on the side and skip the bread.

  • Most restaurants offer a fish option, just express clearly that you want it cooked plain with no butter and a sweet potato plain with steamed broccoli or whatever steamed veggie option they have.  For long term success it's imperative that you learn to be comfortable in expressing the desire for plain food.   A lot of hotels now have an omelet option for breakfast.   I ALWAYS pack a shaker bottle and protein in ziploc baggies premeasured.  You can also take an empty water bottle on the plane.  Pack protein seperately in a baggie and then have the flight attendant provide you with water.  

    As to the exercises, most hotels have stairs that you could run for cardio, there is always push-ups, dips, air squats, walking lunges down the hotel hallways will kick your fanny.  

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  • Here is an old post from the old guestbook from this website by Dana.  These are really great ideas on how she handles business traveling while doing BFL:

    "Travel and BFL - plan and prepare just as you would at home. BFL Meals should be quick and simple to prepare.

    Will you have a mini-fridge & microwave in your hotel room? That helps a lot! You can go to a local grocery store and stock up on your quick prep staples (enough for a day or two, so it fits in the fridge). Fruit, veggies, water, cooked chicken ***, cooked fish, cottage cheese, packets of tuna, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, liquid egg whites, etc, etc.

    I pack all of my supplements pre-measured into baggies (whey powder, betagen, etc) and I pack a silicone measuring cup set (folds flat) so I can measure oats, CC, berries, etc. I also take a knife, mini cutting board, fork, spoon & a bowl for microwaving (oats/egg whites)I take a small blender with me so I can prepare shakes with ice. Plenty of ice via the hotel vending area - I place a pillow over the blender so I don’t disturb everyone around me.

    I also make sure the hotel has a fitness center with cardio and weights (or there is a health club nearby) Travel and BFL are very doable! Just realize your ’BFL bag(s)’ will be as big as or bigger than your clothes/bathroom bag! Safe travels & don’t forget your workout clothes/shoes, gloves, workout journal and stop watch/timer!"

    I hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I should add, Dana travels with a "BFL" suitcase and a regular suitcase.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!