What Time Is IT?

  • Just noticed my post time????A.M.? In the beautiful Pacific Northwest it is 8:42 P.M. cybertime? I'm confused


  • Yeah mine does that too. Not sure whats up with that. Im at 9:02pm in Sacramento and look at the post time... Kookie.

  • Hey Kat got this figured out... The system starts you out in Greenwhich Meantime which is smart because we all live there... not!! (no offense to the British folks that might be on this site) to fix this go to your profile page. the fastest way I have figured out how to get there is click on your avatar in this string. Then edit profile then go to settings at the top then go to the site options tab scroll down a little bit and you can change the default time zone there. I changed mine to PST and the date/times are showing up correctly for me now. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Kat - You need to go into your settings an pick the right time for your location.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!