6/28 starters; what did you eat on FREE DAY??

  • Hi

    I began my day with a hot coffee and a mallasadas (doughboy) they make fresh every Sunday at a bakery here.

    Through-out the day I had 2 bowls cereal, Mc. Donalds' small hamburger and small fries.

     And a couple of beers while watching the fireworks.

    I didn't go crazy, didn't want to.

  • Hmm..I had 2 rootbeers, a burger, some potato salad, a pickle, salad, and some other stuff I cant remember..I forgot to write it all down..It wasnt my cheat day, but it seemed like it..will work on my diet a bit harder this week.

  • No offense to the starter of this thread but in all honestly please be mindful of the folks that struggle with eating disorders.  Specifics about free day food are referred to as "food porn" and are best left for private food journals.  

    Most people are unaware that specifically listing free food fare can trigger binge behavior in someone with an eating disorder.  

    It's better to simply state "free day was over the top or free day wasn't too bad" as opposed to sharing the specifics in detail.

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  • Good point Champster.  I steer clear of any thread where "free" food is the major subject.  I just peeked here to see what you were writing. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thank you Champ:)

    I am not getting any younger so I need to be my BEST TODAY!

  • My apologies..good point Champster..I hadnt thought about that...