• Day 4 of my first challenge and I just ate a Myoplex Lite Peanut Caramel Crisp Bar for my last meal.  This was way too good to be legal!!  I noticed that the label says it has 13 grams of sugar. YIKES!  If I am not supposed to be eating these wonderful little bars for a meal than what are they for?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


  • Most people utilize the bars in the event of an emergency. I don't utilize them for a normal part of my meal planning. I do plan on keeping some in my car for emergency the emergency I had last week and waited 4.25 hours to eat.

    They are good, aren't they? :0)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee,

    Darn!  I was hoping you were going to tell me to go for it! :-)  OK, so my next question is if I am not a shake drinker (and believe me, I am not) am I supposed to eat 6 "real" meals a day?  It seems like a lot of food.  I know they are small portions but when I look at sample menus they all incorporate shakes into the equation.  Thanks for the help!


  • Gina-I agree with Renee...EMERGENCY only. I recently got out my old BFL Success Journal and looked back at my meals (this was back in 2005 then again in 2007-I didn't finish either challenge, lasted about 4 wks) and I had a bar every day...I thought it was okay, but obviously it didn't work for me.

    I keep a couple in my purse and one at school where I work just in case...but they are very good!! :0)

    I use the Pure Protein brand which has 20g protein and I think 17 carbs with only 2g sugar. I get them at Target or Wal-Mart...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • G-

    I don't care so much for shakes either. However, adding a little water to the shake mix/protein powder and making a thick pudding is something I can do, just be sure to drink lots of water after. The 6 meals was tricky for me at first cuz I wasn't used to eating so often.It became easier after a week. The beauty of eating every few hours is you never get hungry, you never over-eat and you have the mindset to make really healthy choices. Write down your menu each day so you learn what works best for you, then go back and have the same meals. I prefer real food, not bars or shakes. Also, check out the forum where people write down what they eat everyday to get ideas from. You will find out what works best for you, just experiment and learn as you go. Kat


  • genarena ~

    I am not a texture person. Can't do the powder. It makes me gag. I probably could more likely do it now. Anyways, I buy the AdvantEdge carb control shakes. A 4 pack at my Wally world is $4.74. I add an apple, berries, cantaloupe or yogurt for a full, balanced meal. Whole foods for every meal is definitely a healthy option...just probably not a convenient option. I cook up about 30-40 chicken br*east tenderloins on Sundays for the week.  Cottage cheese is a convenient protein. Just trying to throw out some suggestions. Hope it helps!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Gina, I had to smile when I read "this is way too good to be legal!"  Yup, we seem to have a 6th sense about sugar!  

    Personally, I rely on a Myoplex Lite pre-made shake once a day when I am swamped at work and don't have time to eat (1 minute in between clients doesn't allow for much chewing!).   I'm not eating for taste then...just need the energy--quick.  Yes, I have been known to eat a bar and while in maintenace phase, I might enjoy one or two a week.  The danger for me lies in spiking my insulin from the sugar which leads me to craving more.  Guess we need to put 'CAUTION-USE SPARINGLY' stickers on them!

    Like Renee said, keeping the frig and pantry stocked and packing insulated bags with healthy options is our best bet.  

    Gina, rather than thinking you 'cheated', I'd just chalk this up as a valuable learning experience.  The closer you follow the nutrition that is suggested in the original BFL book (which doesn't mention bars) the better results you will achieve.  Good for you for posting--no doubt,  there are challengers who need the benefit of your experience!

  • Thanks DebMo.  It sounds like the Pure Protein brand has much less sugar so I think I will get a few of those for my emergencies. Thanks again for the help!

  • Thanks everyone!  You all are so helpful!  I guess I just needed to hear that it is ok to not use the shakes and have 6 whole meals a day.  I am a stay at home mom and by the time I get the kids out the door to school and do my workout my first meal isn't until 8:45 am which makes it a little tough to eat 6 meals a day unless I eat every 2 hours.  But I will assume that is ok and hope for the best.  Again, thanks for all the help!

  • The Pure Protein Peanut Butter chocolate is one of the better tasting bars.  But I have noticed in the past, which is why I am back on BFL, that eating bars daily is no good for me.

  • I keep a Myoplex Lite bar in my bag in case of emergencies also. Like, when I'm stuck on a train or something but I agree with everyone else: it's just too much like candy and typically avoid all brands,

    Pure Protein cans of shake is an excellent alternative. I am not sure that's all whey protein but nonetheless, most (if not all) flavors have 35 grams of protein and low sugar and all are under 200 calories. Always a good choice.

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