BFL to reclaim my baby body as my own

  • hey everyone! i havent done my w/o yet but today feels good! i love getting to eat every 2-3 hrs lol. i think i'll take pics every two weeks as well. thats a great idea.

    joyce, the book suggests not doing double workouts. i just keep going and try not to feel guilty or get discouraged.

    marisa, thanks for the advice. i had to up my calories cause i was only getting 1200 w/ the body for life program. i now do milk my very yummy protein shake and eat extra fruit. i agree w/ taking your body back. this is my first so i am completely horrified at how i look now. its embarrasing and i am so freaked about going back to work next week. i am gonna have another one eventually but i will def weigh less than i started this time.

    jill great job w/ finishing that challenge two weeks ago! so excited your here. even though a couple of us have complete them b4 many years ago, it will be great to get the advice and encouragement of someone who just finished!

    shauna, welcome! you should try to get your family to support you in not having the thing you crave in your home. you guys could always have ice cream together on your free days! i dont have other children so its easier for me to keep the junk outta my home so i dont go grab it in moments of weakness. the day i messed up last week is cause there were brownies here! i couldnt stop myself! but now theres nothing to snack on but cucumbers lol. so thats what i eat! and i would just keep going where your at. its okay that you mess up. everytime i've quit and said i'll just start over i end up quitting again. just keep going and lets all finish this the first time! but of course will be here whichever you decide.

    for you nursing mothers, what veggies gave your little ones gas? i've avoided broccoli and tomatoes but eat bell peppers cucumbers celery and of course lettuce. he was a lil upset yesterday so i'm just worried its cause of me :(

    sorry so long. keep up the amazing work. i'm so happy we have such a great crew here!

  • Hi ladies!  This is great!  I am excited about the number of us like minded momma's! SoHappy, re:  diastasis recti, be sure to be mindful of your core strength. splinted crunches are the way to start (ie tightly wrapping your mid section with your moby carrier to essentially bring the two sections of your abdominis recti together).  we all need o build the core of our bodies back up because of the overstretched abs and the postural changes due to the change in our center of gravity. (I could go on about this...)  Be sure that your core can support the amount of weight your arms or legs are lifting.  (for example, you maintain an erect posture, without your body leaning back and your back arching, this can create low back injury.)

    more later...crying baby in my arms


  • I'm 37, just had my third baby in April, and while I only need to lose 10 lbs to get back to pre pregnancy weight, my body has changed so much..ugh!!!  I did this challenge when my daughter was 2 (she's 10 now) and got in the best shape of my life and I've maintained ever since third baby has changed it's nice to know I am not alone.

  • only lost a pound this week. feeling kinda bummed. also took pictures to compare and i dont really see much change yet. i think its pretty tough for me cause i'm not used to this horribly overweight body since i just gained all this weight this year. i know it took 9 months to gain it all and it takes awhile to come off but its just depressing to go back to work feeling so huge. i go back to work tuesday and i'm going to have to go buy new uniforms or wear my pregnancy ones for awhile. :-(

    giving up or feeling sorry for myself isnt the answer. so really this should just give me more drive to continue. i've been reading the book all day trying to remotivate myself.

    i'm so disgusted that i really dont even want my free day. i plan to do a lil fun exercise to make myself feel better. but i am going to enjoy some of the food i've been craving so i dont end up cheating next week.

    welcome indy mom!

  • Hi Karymari

    I have 4 kids 8, 6, 3 & 1. Same story as everyone else. I put on way too much weight while pregnant. I have now finished having babies and feeding them so am here to reclaim my body too!

    I plan to start tomorrow. I am trying to get my head around eating 6 times a day and eating enough protein. I am also in New Zealand and it is the middle of winter!

    Anyways good luck to everyone ....


  • did you guys start? how are you doing??? i ended up w/ an injury and now plan to start again 2morrow. i have been working out, just not BFL, i've kinda fallen off the wagon completely in the past 2 weeks. i wanna take our first family photos in nov so i wanna kick it into gear!! i've still lost about 8-9 lbs since i last posted here.

    my life is busier than ever! i know everyone else struggles w/ time issues too!! i work full time, go to school full time, and have a 4 month old. i'm still nursing so i always gotta take that into consideration.

    let me know what you guys are doing..we still gotta reclaim our bodies :-)

  • Hey karymari

    Still at it?  I just had my second girl 9 weeks ago (I'm 41) and I have a 27 month old, so reading your story was like it was own.  How's it going?