BFL to reclaim my baby body as my own

  • Hi everyone! 

    I am a 40 year old mother of 2 (22 months and 5 week old).  I promised myself that once baby number two was born I would reclaim my body as my own.  I am planning to begin the challenge once my OB gives me the okay to increase the intensity of my workouts beyond walking (and lifting my nearly 2 year old).  I am wondering if there are any other mom's with toddlers/ infants that are doing the challenge, and if so, maybe we can support one another along the way! ) I am going to do my best given the additional challenge of lacking sleep and nursing.

    I unofficially did "the challenge" 10 years ago, and never felt better physically, mentally or energetically.  I am looking forward to embarking on the journey once again.

  • All of my little ones are grown, but I wanted to take a moment to welcome you back to BFL.  I'm sure you'll find several mothers of young ones.  Congrats on your decision!!

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  • karymari,

    i'm also 40 y/o with an almost 1 y/o (in 1 wk) and a 5 y/o.  Originally I wanted to be in the best shape of my life at my 40th bday and havin a baby kinda messed that one up.  so, I'm shooting for my 41st bday in November. It was hard for me to decide when to start b/c I felt that nursing took a lot out of me physically in addition to sleepless nights! I've been done with that for afew months now, so i'm ready. I also just started the challenge and just finished my 1st wk. It would be great to cheer each other on, if you can stand my one-handed typing! LOL!  (baby sleeping in the crook ofmy left arm)


  • I am the mommy of a six week old. I started the challenge today and boy that first workout was tough! I also am nursing and find eating 6 times a day great for keeping my energy up! I "sorta" started the food portion a couple weeks ago. I am in the military and have no choice but to get back in shape quick! I gained WAY more weight than I should have!

    I also have done BFL before, 4 yrs ago, and I agree that it was wonderful. I dream of looking and feeling that great again. Only this time i will have the addition of stretch marks in my b4/after photos :-)

    It would be great to complete this journey together! Its would be much easier having support of ppl that are going through the same things not only w/ diet/exercise but w/ a post partum body as well!

  • Hi ladies!  

    Thank you for replying!  Glad to know there are others working through the post partum body.  I see my OB tomorrow and am hoping to get the go ahead.  I can visualize my fit body, and I can imagine feeling my fit self, I know I have work to do.  I will have two (big) struggles, the first being the diet...I comfort my fatigued self with food, healthy foods (usually), but in greater quantity than I need, and the second is a diastasis recti.  My physical therapist self is going to have to monitor my work outs and make sure I do what I need to do for my core and not overdo.

    Happy work outs ladies!!

  • I commonly have a baby sleeping in my arms, typing one handed as well!!  (Or a toddler pushing the keys along with me!!)  My 41st is in January, and I share your goal!!  Must stay young and healthy and energetic for the little ones in my life....hoping to get my husband on board.

  • kary good luck at the ob! excited to find out when you can start! and the good thing about smaller portions is that even though you dont get to eat a ton you get to eat again soon! i am always full though when i finish a meal.

    i have def not mastered the typing w/ a baby. i usually give up and just wait, lol.

  • Hi ladies, I was given the go ahead by my OB!  I think I will "start" now, but officially start at the beginning of August, when Max will be 8 weeks and I can bring him to the gym day care.  For now I will work on core stablization exercises and walking the hills around my house.  AND, being disciplined about meals...self tough love!

  • good luck! i'm on day 5 now. i have been doing great w/ the meals and cardio but i'm finding its tough to get away from the baby to fully complete the weight training sessions. next week i'm going to start dropping him off w/ my sister while i go to the gym.

  • I also just had my 2nd baby 2mos ago (my oldest is 18  mos) and gained too much weight w this pregnancy, so time to lose it now.  I have never done BFL before, but I like the idea of intense but relatively short workouts given the limited time I have.  I have to do my workouts all at night though bc the morning is too unpredictable with the baby still waking all night and I went back to work recently too.  So after the toddlers bedtime is when I can do it, which is not when by the book they say to do cardio, but I have to hope timing isn't as important as just getting the workout done.  

    Karymari, what is the caution on diastasis and ab exercises?  I have that too and had hoped it would improve with exercise?

  • welcome sohappy! i dont do my workouts in the AM either.

    i wasnt perfect this week. i did all my cardio but missed two weight training sessions. i did very good w/ food but messed up one day. i still lost 4.2lbs.

  • Hey ladies! Glad to hear there are like-minded new mommies out there! I've done pretty well with the meals and workouts until the last 2 days :( Today is my daughter's 1st bday and planned to use yesterday as my free day as we went to a BBQ.  Unfortunately, became exhausted after work today and succombed to getting small pieces of cheesecake and takeout Thai food to celebrate the baby's bday tonight. Needless to say, I feel guilty but I know I just have to pick up and go on.  In the past, it has been this type of mishap that has caused me to throw up my hands and quit. But, oh no, not this time! I will do my cardio tomorrow and stick to a tight diet, but should I also try to fit in the LBW that I missed today  to catch up? Not sure if I just keep going with the schedule or not.  It's also the end of my 1st 2 wks and I told myself I would take pictures and measure every 2 wks to keep myself motivated. Haven't gotten on the scale since starting either b/c that usually trips me up too! Wish me luck!

      Keep up with the good work!!


    I started on June 21st. I had my second baby about 5 months ago. I had a c-section so I had to wait awhile before I felt ready to do this. I wanted to be fit on my  30th birthday-and was pregnant instead-similar to so many of your stories! So here I am.  I have huge babies and gain tons of weight and I'm ready to lose.  I'm having great results so far and am doing OK juggling life,bfl, baby, etc, although the babe is 5 months, my other daughter is 4 and they are both pretty easy. Make sure to EAT EAT EAT while you are nursing! I recently stopped nursing  for a completely different reason, but while I was BFLing and nursing, I was taking in 1800-2000 calories and still losing.

    LeanMnMMama-I'm taking my pics every 2 weeks, too. It is motivating! Good luck and way to go!

    I can say it is truly liberating to feel like I'm building my fit forever body and not thinking in the back of my mind-well I'm just going to get pregnant again, so what's the difference! I'm taking ownership of my body back and it feels great! I never thought there would be so much emotion wrapped up into the experience of your body changing during and after pregnancy but it has been really hard for me. Today, I weight 57 pounds less than I did when I gave birth, and I have 10 pounds to go before pre-pregnancy weight, and 40 more pounds to go until I hit my goal. Thanks for starting this thread! Have a wonderful day!


  • Hey karymari,  I am 46 and the mother of a 5 yr old (and two adult sons).  I am looking to do my second challenge (finished the first 2.5 weeks ago)  and would love to start with you. August should be perfect for me since all the visitors in my house will have gone home by then.  YEA.  I love the program and like you did the challenge unofficially back in the 97 or 98.  Also as I have said I did finished one 12 week program just 2 weeks ago, both times with excellent results. Anyway welcome and congratulations on making the decision to reclaim your body.  jill

  • I would love some support also, I am 35 and have 5 kids 14, 13, 6, 2, and a 4 month old, I am also nursing and I am struggling with eating sugar...mainly ice of my biggest struggles is when I get stressed with 2yr old winning and crying and 4 month old crying, ect...I mindless eat sweets, so I inhale a lot with out realizing it.  I started on the 30th of June and did really well with calorie intake, and I did have some sweets but it was measured and accounted for , but this last week went out the window, and I ate alot of sweets, and I struggling with getting going again, I may start over, take pics again and I might just keep going even with a week out the window.  Also morning workouts are hard for me because, my baby will wake up my husband and he wants the sleep so he can be productive at work, so for now I am working out in the evening, that is working out best for now.  Any way, I would love to tag along if that would be ok.