Rob and Jen's weekly update!!!

  • Just got back from taking the kids to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are grabbing a bite and headed back to the YMCA for an upper body workout!!! Had a great lower body workout yesterday afternoon…first time doing lower body and felt good, although legs are sore this morning : )

    Awesome way to start out the weekend!!! Tomorrow we are planning a free day ‘free meal’ we like doing it on Sunday because this is when we go to the farmers market and get all kinds of ‘goodies’! Even so our free meals are never to rough, usually just MORE food, but still healthy food! If we are craving something though this is the day we’ll partake.

    Have a GREAT day!!!

    God bless!


  • So we are in the mist of week 2-challenge 1! Both Jen and I dropped significant weight the first week and things are going awesome. We are both starting to get into the groove of things and though there are struggles and daily issues that have to be overcome...they CAN be overcome...

    This is an AWESOME program and we are so excited about the changes that are coming!!!

    We have been posting most of our updates on the Q4 thread located in the getting started link. You can also follow us on our Body-for-Life blog here>

    Own the day-


  • Week 2 official stats-


    Weight- 162.4lbs  down 2lbs for the week and 11.8 total lbs for the first 2 weeks of challenge.


    Weight- 151.8lbs  down 2.8lbs for the week 9.8 total lbs for the first 2 weeks of the challenge. 

    Progress pictures posted on our blog:    

  • Okay, week 3 down and still going STRONG!!!

    Took measurements and Jen is down 5 inches in her waist and I’m down a big 4!!! YES!!!

    Jen lost another pound this week and I actually gained a pound, but no worries…it’s ALL muscle…least that’s what I’m telling myself!!! For reals though, I doubt I’ll loss much more ‘weight’ I’m starting to really burn off the body fat and I think the muscle I’m building will equal out the ‘total scale weight’ deal! The TRUTH is we are Feeling Amazing though and THAT is what really matters!!!

    Ladies and Gentleman…this works!!!

    I’m so very grateful…



    New progress pics posted on our blog…    

  • Challenge 1 is still going great! Life always throws you curve balls and we've had to face a few of our own, but the difference is this time...we WILL NOT QUIT! I use to think everytime I missed a workout or healthy meal I needed to start over, well, NO more start overs! This challenge we have learned to move foward despite the events that are happening around us. Results are there and still more to come, but the greatest results so far have been inward...the closeness with each other, God and others who are on the same journey to regain 'true' health and happiness!

    This journey is worth every minute! We still have a little less then 1 month to go on this challenge and then it's off to start another! Out life's are already changing SOOO much!

    I am truly thankful and blessed!



    New progress pics posted on our blog…



    Great week thus far! Jen has two more days at work and then the next 9 off!!! It couldn’t come at a better time! Our first challenge ends January 1st so the extra time to REALLY push hard and hit those 10’s will be


    We have already changed SO much, not just physically, but in every way! We have decided to make fitness a lifestyle and actually even incorporate it into our lives in a more meaningful way by becoming certified personal trainers and have started planning on how to one day own our own fitness center! When you find something you LOVE and are passionate about why not find a way to do it ALL the time and for a living!!! I love Body-for-Life and will ALWAYS promote this amazing program! As I learn and grow I have more and more tools in my arsenal that in the long run we hope to share with others. Our passion is to help others who struggle with health, and fitness is the key ingredient.

    We plan on doing challenges ALL year long and when this next year is over check us out…you will not be able to recognize us…we are going to astound the world!!!

    Thanks BFL!!!





  • Well, we finished our first initial-unofficial-foundational challenge on the 1st and I’ll be the first to admit that the last few weeks were rough! I guess the holidays and everything else that comes with life just overwhelmed us a bit. That being said, we did not give up and pushed through! Decided not to turn in official packet though as we both felt we COULD have and SHOULD have given more!!!

    So…here we go again and this time…it’s official : ) We started our 12 week challenge on the 3rd and just ended our first week. Jen, my wife is already down an AMAZING 8 pounds and I’m down 7, WhooooHooo!!! Feels GREAT to be giving a 110% again and I know that GREAT things are coming our way.

    I’m glad we did the first, initial challenge and have learned so much as for what works and doesn’t…we have grown so much and are primed to have the BEST results EVER!!!

     Posted week 1 progress pics on our blog and plan on having a wonderful week!!!

    NEVER give up!!!

    All the best!


  • Working hard and sleeping well! Nutrition is going Amazing and LIFE is GRAND!

    This is our year and this is the challenge that we are FINALLY going to put it ALL together and come out successful!!! I’m not taking even 1 day for granted…you do that and the next thing you know it turns into two or three days and before long you’ve wasted weeks instead of that 1 single day! Workout and eat like each day is the last day of the challenge and it will pay off…I just know it!

    All the support you’ll ever need is right here…use it!



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  • Alright…here we go AGAIN!!!

    Looking back over the last two weeks I realize that I haven’t worked out even ONCE and poor Jen has been even longer than that!!! After Jen fell the other day and dislocated her elbow it has really thrown us for a loop. She and I both became sick with some type of upper respiratory infection and she still is actually. Anyway, I understand the mindset of NOT re-starting, but pushing thru, but I also have to realize that a two week hiatus in a 12 week challenge is A LOT to overcome, sooooo, we are in fact starting over : )

    I know some will desire to give us flack about the re-start and that’s okay. I agree, if you miss a workout or two or have a slip up or two where nutrition is concerned then yeah, push thru, but TWO WEEKS is a lot and I don’t want to look back at the end of 12 weeks and think, if only I had those extra two weeks… 

    We are very dedicated and pumped for this challenge. I think we are Finally in the right place and have ALL the tools to have a successful challenge! Jen’s birthday was on the 7th and what a birthday present…starting on a journey to a brand new LIFE!!!

    If nothing else, check back in 12 weeks...May, 3rd, 2011 and see our AMazinG results!!! 

    All the best and make this YOUR year!!!




  • Welcome Back Again!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Just received our order from EAS/ABBOTT…WHHHOOOHooo…It’s on now!!!

  • After almost a year of trying to complete a challenge we are finally on track!!! This week has been phenomenal and I know the next 11 are going to be just as GREAT! The EAS Finish RTD shakes are amazing and help so much when in a rush and are the perfect meal after an intense workout!


    Going to take progress pictures Sunday and can't wait to see the changes!

    All I can say is, " NEVER GIVE UP"





  • love the happy before pics

  • Thank You! : )))


  •                Started Day 12 this morning and couldn't be happier!!!

    We took progress pics yesterday and really impressed with the progress thus far!

    Whooo Hoooo !

    Make it happen!