When and what to eat???

  • Im just starting the challenge. I just started working a graveyard shift and I am having trouble getting started on a good meal plan. I'm not sure when and what I should be eating. My days and nights are all mixed up. I need help!!

  • You should schedule your meals around the times that you are awake and active. Since your days and nights are mixed up you should treat your days as nights and your nights as days.  Good luck

  • Do you have the Body For Life book? It's a great resource for getting started (and continuing!). It outlines how and what to eat. Good luck!

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  • Fit 6 meals into your awake time (eating every 2 1/2 - 3 hours)

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  • colbryq i am with you. I also work the graveyard shift. I am in my first week but I learned something right off. Plan, plan , plan. The champions preach it like a mantra and I could see real fast why. I was great until my days off which are in the middle of the week. My wife likes me to stay up and sleep in bed with her at night. I only ate 3 meals (small BFL meals) and was dragging. I will plan better so that doesn't happen again. Good luck to you.

  • Thank you for all your responses.  I definitely will start planning out all my meals. Good luck to you all.