Eating/fat loss question

  • So....I have 2 weeks of Acupuncture work for my lower back remaining. I was originally told (2 weeks ago), to relax for 4 weeks from working out. I've kept the BFL eating habits and this is my 4th week on the challenge. With not being able to work's set me back a bit in regards to training. But anyways, I'm assuming if I continue to eat right..but not train for two more weeks... that the body still loses bodyfat? 

    4th week into it...and the feeling is amazing. Well, so are the cravings. I'm down a full size in my pants and I noticed a (female) co-worked glance back at my rear. Now..don't get me wrong I'm happily married...but she looked. And she knows she got caught  :)




  • Yes Big Joe if you continue to eat really clean with proper portions and drink your water, you should continue to lose bodyfat.  I have seen different ones who have done this due to injuries or illness.

  • Big Joe, yes, BFL eating is key even when you can not work out.  Keep your free day limited as well.

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