Starting BFL Monday July 5th. Would any Newbies like to join?

  • Hey gang.  Just thought I'd check in.  These last few weeks have been the hardest of the challenge for me, and I've really been struggling.  I did great with weight loss during the challenge, but when I got to the 18 lb mark it got really difficult.  I did manage to get to the 20 lb mark, but I haven't been able to hold on to it.  This past friday I got so frustrated that I had a binge day, and that turned into a binge 3-day weekend.  I'm now back at 18 lbs down, and struggling to keep things moving in the right direction.  I've been good on my diet again for the last two days, but I'm definately stuck in a plateau range here.  Just haven't been able to push past that 20 lb loss mark, no matter what I do.

    I'm still fighting, though, and with 1.5 weeks left on the challenge there's no way I'm going to quit.  A few weeks back I was hoping that I'd have a total weight loss at the end of the challenge of 25-7 lbs, but now I'm hoping for 21 lbs.  I just want to finish as strong as I can.

    I'm off to the gym for LBWO.  I hope you all have a great day!  Stay strong!


  • @ Steve - Sounds like a plateau for sure.  As a bonus challenge, try a new workout, diet, and cardio to mix things up these last few days.  Look up a new exercise, eat spinach instead of eggplant, kayak instead of run.  

    I have been on a bit of a plateau as well.  Unable to break out of the 189 mark.  I also am being hampered by the neck strain from a few weeks back.  I think I reinjured it this weekend while tossing my children in the pool (not a euphamism for anything, I swear - LOL).  I took an extra day off on Monday, but my LBWO just made it worse.  I plan to have a light UBWO at lunch and take it easy on the soccer field tonight with the kids.

    @Roo - I swear, if you don't get the award for most improved, I will be surprised.  Your commitment and efforts have got to be paying off.  I look forward to seeing the final numbers at the end.  GOOD JOB!

    And to the rest of you - congrats on getting this far.  We are soooo close to the end of the challenge.  three uppers, two lowers, a few more HIIT, then a justly deserved break before the next challenge. 

    Between challenges, I plan on continuing my healthy diet (6 out of the 7 days :-), reducing my protein intake a little, keep up cardio 3-4 days/week.  And reintroduce myself to Ben & Jerry - in moderation, of course...

    What are y'all's plans for after this?




  • It's almost Friday FIVERS!!!

    Iamsteve, 18 LBs down is NOTHING to sneeze at & I'm SURE you've dumped more than that in fat, having offset it with lean!!!

    Frick, unfortunately the numbers aren't anywhere near what I'd hoped for BUT the fitness capabilites in both cardio & lifting have improved immensely which leads into answerring your waht next quandry! I've already posted a Q4 2010 challenge, completing Christmas morning, in the "Getting Started" area. Pie Princess has already chimed in and she has her huby fired up to join in as well! Come on down!!!

    As for me / today, right out of the gate I want to thank all of you crazy pals in here! Moral support, accountability, & motivation is what makes BfL ROCK & if it weren’t for y’all today would’ve been a HORRID daytrip all the way back to “Fat Boy Rules!”

    So thanks to Murphy, today had already turned into a home “Precor cardio only” day then I walk into the break room this morning to make my mid morning protein shake & some “nice person” has baked a HUGE platter of several various kinds of cookies including my very favorite, peanut butter cookies with M&Ms!!! Just say NO! 8 OZ of ice, 12 OZs of water, just say NO, just walk away! Whew, made it!!!

    Then somebody decided our all afternoon meeting clear across town needed a kickoff lunch at that same “best BBQ buffet” in Memphis. GRRR! Smoked chicken, cabbage heart coleslaw, 1 piece of catfish & 1 yeast dinner roll for dessert, ONLY 1, I swear!!!

    Then the meeting goes way long & on the drive home I approach one of the coolest biker bars around! It sets immediately adjacent to one of the Mid-South’s largest Harley Dealers & right across the street from the only Victory / Triumph dealer for hours! WAIT!!! It’s Wednesday!!! That means its BIKE NIGHT!!! “Fat Boy Rules” kicked in & the commuter-mobile is parked before I remember even hitting the turn signal. Hmmm!!! How’d that happen?!?!?

    So, the lot is just starting to fill up with bikes, the band is just tuning up, my favorite stage side patio table is still open (I used to be a REAL regular), back to the wall (aces & eights you know!) beer & bourbon flowing like Niagara Falls, life is good! Okay, WAKE UP!!! “Unsweetened Iced Tea” I hear myself order! Whew! Okay, look at the menu dummy! YEP! It’s still there! The house special!!! Smoked 8 Oz Prime Rib Hoagie…MMM! NO!!! Just say NO!!! The “Biker Burger!” MMM 2/3 LB of ground prime beef slathered in melted cheddar & pepper jack w/ beer battered onion rings! Mmm!!! NO NO NO!!! Ahhh!!! The bike night special! SALVATION!!! Mesquite smoked Ahi Tuna Steak, Caesar side salad & a cup of Cajun gumbo! Bingo! Whew, dodged yet another bullet!

    Been there for an hour now, tunes are cranking, bikes & roaring in & out, scenery is amazing…life is good! Here comes the waitress with the dessert tray…No No No!!! “Thanks anyhow, check please” I hear myself mutter without even a mental battle! You guys & gals ROCK!!! There’s NO WAY I’d have made it through this day without all of you setting on my shoulders kicking that lil flame skinned, pitchfork wielding, buzzard off to the side! THANKS!!!

    Got home, hopped on the upright bike & pedaled off 6.3 miles @ 18.0 MPH, burning off 243 calories @ 11.6 Cal/Min so all in all a successful endeavor! Y’all have an OUTSTANDING day!

  • Hope you were at least able to put your harley vest on while you rode the cardio you have the monkey bars and tassels on it as well?  :-)  

    I think I would have caved by the second set.  Good job.

  • Frick, it was a tough day but fun none the less LOL!

    Now today on the other just happens doesn’t it?!?!? Found out last night that we’ve got some family schiznit I’ve gotten volunteered to take care of back home in Indiana this weekend so tomorrow actually bailing work a couple hours early to round the troops & hit the blacktop for 11 hours of legal road time, plus stops along the way, in order to spend Saturday & Sunday morning taking care of business then Sunday afternoon, evening, & night driving back in time to hit it bright & early Monday morning head screwed back on straight. GRRR!!!

    So, all that being said, since last night’s LBWO got screwed & tomorrow night’s LBWO won’t happen, combined with the fact I’ll need at least one eye lid functional at all times until the wee hours of Saturday morning on the road, means today is “it” for week 11 so I decided on a hybrid approach.

    I did my usual 3 prong HIIT cardio biking, pedaling away 7.0 miles total @ 20.0 MPH average while toasting 193 calories total @ 9.2 Cal/Min average so apparently aggravation can be harnessed effectively! I ground out 42,380 LBs of LBWO between legs 1 & 2, then between legs 2 & 3 cranked off 37,700 LBs of UBWO totaling 80,080 LBs of “total body” iron shuffled around tonight.

    See y’all Monday. Have an OUTSTANDING weekend!!! Go Razorbacks!

  • Hey Gang!  Hope all is well.  Roosed -- you are a workout machine!  I am always so impressed with you!

    I don't know what happened to me today, but I went on an eating binge.  I just couldn't control myself today.  All relatively healthy items, but about triple the normal portions I should be having.  Not good.

    Unfortunately for me, I'll be making up for it the hard way.  Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement.  For Yom Kippur one typically fasts, and so I'll be fasting from dinner tomorrow to dinner on Saturday.  It's not going to be fun, but hopefully the scale will be kind to me after.  :-)

    Hope you are all well!  Just over a week to go!  Stay strong (stronger than I was today)!

  • Happy Monday Fivers!!! This is it!!! Week 12!

    It was a VERY VERY VERY long weekend, not “extended” just LONG! 12 hours in the saddle, after work, Friday, all day Saturday & most of Sunday morning taking care of business up North, then another 12 hours in the saddle driving home yesterday. UGH!!! We left “Home” up there about noon in full blazing sunshine then 2 hours later rolled into a freaking monsoon in Indianapolis, then drove back into sun leaving Indy. I think God was cleaning Indy up, getting it ready for the Colts pummeling of little Eli & the Giants last evening LOL!

    Sorry gang. Being “back home” up North, Fat Boy Rules kicked in & we all ate horribly all weekend long. I’ll spare ya the details but since there are several “local favorites” we hadn’t been to in over 3 years, combined with “road food” going up & coming back, the diet was just plain BAD all weekend long. I stepped on the scale this AM & it only showed a couple LBs damage to the progress but I KNOW my body. The damage from this past weekend will be “creeping on” all week long so I’m going to have to REALLY work this week to finish my Body for Life challenge strong come Sunday.

    The Mrs is hell-bent I should just pull my 20 minute HIIT cardio bike fests daily instead of weight training & cardio for this last week to try and lean out as much as possible to save what ground I can but this is Body for LIFE not Body for Challenge so I’m not convinced the further disruption to the routine is worth it. I told her I’d seek your opinions! We haven’t made it 25 years by not listening to each others ideas LOL! What do y’all think?!?!?

  • Stick to the plan (sorry Mrs. Roos)  If this were a body building challenge, I would suggest HIIT for the last two weeks, and eliminating all fat and carbs (reducing diet by 1000 calories or so).  Good for a pose-off, but would only lead to binge eating next week.  This is a journey, not a roller coaster ride that takes you right back to where you started.  Stick to the program, enjoy the progress, reward yourself with some downtime, set new goals and jump back in.

    As for me, I continue to be hampered with this danged neck strain (first griped about it on 8/4) so have decided to preclude all weights for a while.  Gameplan is for low impact lower body aerobics for the next few days and reduced carb intake by 500 calories.  Kind of a bummer to get to this point on the final week, but I am tired of this nagging pain and know that only time can heal it.  Schlepping lead weights around is only making things worse.  

    Looking forward to the next challenge, but will probably start a little later than you guys.  You all have been such an inspiration and so motivational.  It has helped to keep me focused on my goals.  Thank you again.

    If you get a chance, watch the movie "Dodgeball".  I saw it last night and crack up at Ben Stiller's intimate Pizza scene.  What a great movie with insight to the Gym Rat philosophy.

  • Frick, even if you're a week or 2 behind 03 OCT 10 come on over!!! It's been a blast trudging through this thing together!!! Man, you wait an extra week you'll have Christmas in week 12 and 2 weeks will put Christmas in 11 and New Year's in week better just jump in with us and ease in along the way!

    Last Night: Legs, Legs & More Legs LOL!

    It would appear that the gurus have spoken LOL! You may be happy to know that the’ers all agreed with y’all as well! I had to nicely tell the Mrs that popular opinion was against her idea of skipping wt.s for week 12 so onward and upward, business as usual!

    So, on my way to the gym last night she sends me a text, “Knowing you’re a leg man, you’ll find something special waiting for you on the bed when you get home!” Now, knowing that she’s working 2nd shift right now this message had me truly puzzled as you may imagine!

    Last night was the first night on the slightly modified LBWO including it being a plate increase day, dropping the reps / set back to 10, so between my usual HIIT split cardio pedal fests there were 69,300 LBs of iron shuffled LBWO style then off to the house I went!

    Walk in the door and there, neatly displayed across the foot of the bed was a note on a bag of Kingsford charcoal! The note said they had a managers special on drumstick family packs which I would find waiting for my attention in the fridge. Not exactly what I had in mind but…what a woman LOL!

    Tonight will be UBWO night. I wonder if she’ll find a sale on chicken breasts somewhere today ROTFLMAO!!!

    Y’all have a GREAT day!!!

  • Happy Friday Fivers!

    Well, this Sunday is it & although I’ve made some decent progress & have increased my strength & cardio training abilities immensely I haven’t really accomplished anywhere near the weight loss or body composition goals I had set after having read “The Book!” Now, I realize the folks in the book are hand selected poster children but Grrr!!! Sunday I'll post the final B4 & After details.

    Just to paint the fitness picture, since July 5th my HIIT cardio performance (on my home upright Precor bike & the upright cardio bikes at the gym) has almost doubled, improving 84% when I average the improvement in MPH & Calories / Minute across the 20 minute sessions. My week 12 cardio pedaling has totaled 30.7 miles, burning off 963 cardio calories across 100 minutes total in my 5 sessions.

    Since July 5th my lifting volume / minute has almost tripled, improving 190% when I add the volume per initial LBWO & UBWO from week 1 & compare it to the volume lifted in this week’s final UBWO + LBWO. Another factor I’ve tracked is time lifting, which has varied wildly but mostly depending on the crowd at the gym. My July lifts took approximately 45 minutes each & this week’s lifts have all been right around 50 minutes so it’s a pretty fair comparison overall. My week 12 lifts totaled 392,900 LBs when I total the reps * weights for this week’s 5 sessions.

    Now I know one of the VERY first things I’m going to hear from y’all is, “DUH!!! BfL says 3 weight trainings + 3 cardio sessions weekly totaling less than 200 minutes so you’re not following the plan!” & I have to admit you’re exactly right. I’ve found that if I don’t hit the gym daily to keep it a ritual I have a horrendous time staying at it but I guess for C2 (WHICH BEGINS OCTOBER 3rd FOR ANYBODY WANTING TO PLAY!) I’m just going to have to find a way. Lately I’ve been doing 10 minutes of cardio for warm up then lifting (LBWO M-W-F & UBWO Tue-Thur) then pedaling my other 10 minutes for cool down, but my pulse is always between 70%-80% getting back on for the cool down so it’s almost like 70 minutes total of HIIT daily including the lifting & pedaling time.

    Diet is another thing I still find confounding! Some folks are SO rock solid at it but this is honestly where I struggle the most, IMHO.

    I finally got absolutely anal about diet this final week of C1 & tracked EVERYTHING to see where I’m messing it up. Being a 375-ish LB, 74” tall, 45 year old male, who’s very active about an hour a day, then flying a desk the rest of the day, everything I can find says I need between 3000-3600 calories for maintenance so I’ve been shooting for about a 1K daily deficit.

    This week I wound up intaking an average of 2236 calories daily, 143 GRs of carbs & 234 GRs of protein. My days ranged up & down about 15% total swing & I’ve been avoiding carbs after 7PM like the plague so we shall see how the scale behaves this final week but based upon this morning’s preview it’s nothing great.

    I’d greatly appreciate any constructive input you gurus may have since I know BfL has worked wonders for thousands of folks world wide but if “read the book” is the extent of your input, I’ve already done that & I already realize I need to read it again!

    Make sure you ALL chime in by Sunday night to let us know how your challenge panned out! If you're at all interested in giving it anohter shot check out my Q4 post in the "Getting Started" section to crank it up once again after a week of R&R!!!

  • Roosed -- first off, congratulations on your accomplishments!  Even if you had the total transformation you envisioned, you've completed the challenge!  That in and of itself is a big accomplishment!  Think how many people started off with us, and how few are left.  It will be interesting to see how many actually finished.  You should feel great about the fact that you did!  And this challenge was a learning experience for you -- the next one will be even easier with even better results.  :-)

    In response to your question about diet...  The only advice I can offer you is to cut calories even more.  I know that's not an easy thing to do, because you're a big guy and need energy to get through the day.  But that's my best guess for seeing the weight loss really start to move, and the scale really start to move.  I'm a smaller guy than you -- I'm 5'8", and when I started the challenge I was 197.  In the beginning I was probably taking in 1500-1700 calories a day, and when I was really grooving towards the middle of the challenge I was between 1200 and 1500, and many days closer to the 1200 side of things.  It sucks -- hard to eat so little, and the mental challenge of it was even tougher than the physical challenge of it.  But that's where I was at for most of the challenge.  Not saying you need to go to 1200 calories a day, but try to drop yourself under 2000 -- if you can shoot for the 1500 to 2000 range -- and see if that has an effect.  I know it won't be easy, but I also know that you can do it!

    Of course, please remember that I'm no expert -- i'm just some schmo who did the challenge -- so don't decide to eat so little based on my advice.  Talk to your doctor and see what he says.  Probably a good idea to ask a doctor before going onto a diet where you eat so little.

    As for the time of the workouts, I don't know how big an issue that really is.  I have a feeling that the book talks about the short workouts because it's easy to motivate people to go to the gym for a 45 minute workout instead of a 2 hour workout.  If you are going above and beyond what he suggests in the book (which I believe you are) I don't think that's a bad thing.

    I'll be posting tomorrow with my final results.  I just wanted to reply to you and let you know to keep your chin up!  You should be proud of what you accomplished!  And we have challenge 2 starting soon, and we'll both be accomplishing more!  Give yourself a pat on the back!

  • Iamsteve, other than posting in here is there someplace we're supposed to post our completion results? I did finally find the picture poster page and posted my before & after collage tonight but the site says it may take up to 24 hours to actually appear due to the site moderation.

    Well Fivers, here are my final / total C1 results:

    -12.0 LBs

    -6.0% Body Fat

    -16.0” (Bad Inches (Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Hips))

    +2.0” (Good Inches (Upper Arms, Forearms, Thighs, Calves))

    84% Cardio Performance Improvement (MPH & Cal/Min Total Average)

    190% Lifting Volume Improvement (Pounds / Minute during workouts)

    As I mentioned last night, I’m very pleased with the cardio & weight training improvements but certainly didn’t attain poster child status for weight loss or body fat reduction BUT at least they’re moving in the right direction!

    I’ve posted a Q4 Challenge Kickoff for October 3rd, setting graduation for Christmas morning; in the “Getting Started” section so, as I’ve said in previous posts, if you want to come along for the adventure…LET’S DO IT!!!

    Y'all jump in & post your results & have an OUTSTANDING weekend!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS to all who finished!

    My official result:  LOST 22 POUNDS!!!  Not too shabby!  I don't have inches or % of body-fat or anything like that to offer up, but my wife says I look really good and she's always wanting to touch me now, so that's a positive.  :-)

    I still have another 15 lbs that I'd like to lose, so I'm joining Roosed on a second challenge, starting next week.

    Anyone else out there finish the challenge?  Please post some results and let us know how it went!

    Congrats to all of us on what we accomplished.  Remember -- it's body for life, not body for 12 weeks, so let's all keep working hard and keep that weight off!


  • Congrats to everyone still posting/reading this thread.  My numbers are less dramatic, but I am happy just the same.  I will get the tapemeasure out to see if there are any changes to waist, chest, or stomach.

    Although I had to take the last few days off due to a neck strain (finally getting better), I post the following:

    Lost 5.6 lbs

    reduced BF% 1.8%

    6.2 workouts per week

    protein @ 1.31 gm/# of LBW

    Carbs @157 gm/day <== including days off, so kiss my grits, Ben&Jerry

    Reduced simplex carbs by 4% <==including days off

    My inspiration (besides you guys) was to be fit for a golf weekend with my college friends (from the 80's).  I think I met this objective but still feel I have some room for improvement - especially around the diet, so I will be joining y'all on the 3rd after pigging out this week. 

    Roos, I agree with Stevo on the calories, but also the mix.  I based calorie requirements on lean body mass.  Since you have the body fat numbers, you should be able to find your LBM.  I shoot for max calories as (1-body fat%) x 15  = calories based on LBM.  This gives you a dynamic number based on where you are.  Since this is my fourth full challenge, I reviewed my diet.  I had the most dramatic changes when I dropped my carbs t 120 and protein was just over 1 gm / lb of LBM which worked out to 148 gm/day with a LBM of 142.5.  On the next challenge, I will be targeting these numbers. 

    Enjoy the week off, reflect on the wins, learn from the challenges, and eat ice cream for breakfast.  Life's too short not to celebrate.

    See you all on the 3rd and thanks for the support.




    Wow great results all of you and bravo for sticking with it!

    I fell of about 7 weeks in, but no excuses for me! Joining with my hubby and Roosed on beg on OCT. going shopping to re-BFL my kitchen :))

    Hope to see you all in the new thread :)))))))))